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Author Topic: Selina Knox  (Read 1830 times)

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Selina Knox
« on: July 25, 2012, 05:39:45 AM »

I am a child of the Divinity's Reach, but not one who would drink from its many epicurean pleasures. Rather, I am a daughter of the true face of the city, far beneath its front of bolstered extravagance. I live in a world that people choose to forget - a world of mold-ridden trenches, gritty tunnels and forgotten lanes.

My name is Selina Knox... at least that is what I am told by the man who raised me, a man commonly known as Two-Blade Pete. Ensuing a dispute with the Widowmakers, and the betrayal of two trusted members of his gang, the Seraphs faulted the only man I would name my father, and murdered him in cold blood. Needless to say I have little regard for the law, and Queen Jennah who sits at the helm. Someone who believes she is above the common man's station should not hope to speak for him.

I am a woman of means. A woman who does what she has to in order to survive the gutters of Divinity's Reach. Some might regard me as one lacking in loyalty, for I serve whomsoever offers the most coin; be they bandit or official. I care for none of them, while they care none for me. Ultimately business is business. No matter the honors embellished upon their names in the eyes of the public, I alone shall know the truth.

So call upon me, should you need my assistance. And be sure to make it worth my while.
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Re: Selina Knox
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 02:01:11 AM »
I decided to put Selina's abbreviated history onto the forum. I've had it on a little piece of paper all this time, and it's getting crumpled and possibly going to get lost so I think this will be safer. Moku, please check and see if the timeline is in order. Thanks.

Tentative Selina (and Aidan) Timeline

12970Selina is born to Thomas and Laura Knox, unfortunately, Laura perishes at childbirth, leaving a young father alone with his child
13025Selina gets abandoned in the middle of the night by her father, who'd spiraled into a deep state of depression following the death of his first wife. She is found and taken in by the notorious gangster Two-Blade Pete to be raised by him
13036Thomas spends a year searching for his lost daughter shortly after he'd left her to her own devices, steeped in regret, when he meets an agent of the Shining Blade (Anne), who helps him in his search and he falls in love with her.
13047Aidan is born to Thomas and Anne Knox. Both Thomas and Anne Knox are murdered a few months later by the White Mantle. Anise puts the child with the Brennans when he's just a few months old.
131316In an effort to impress Two-Blade Pete, Selina poisons the well in the wealthy part of Divinity's Reach. She's then caught, and the well drained for safety. The elites are appalled, but the trial drags on because Selina is a minor, even though the crime is an intended murder of many.
131518Selina manages to escape via a tunnel under the Seraph dungeons, just before the verdict to her trial is concluded and goes into hiding for the next year.
131619In order to avoid the heat in Divinity's Reach ensuing her escape, Two-Blade Pete sends Selina to Lion's Arch to do undercover work in the hopes of toppling their rival the Widowmakers, unfortunately Selina accidentally falls in love with one of their key personnel, Robert Brown, who's also given charge of their Fighting Pit operations.
131720Word gets out within months that she's a spy, and it ends badly for Robert and Selina when he's given the choice to end the life of the spy, or face the consequences of being a suspect for treachery himself. Rob chooses the former, bludgeoning Selina almost to the death before disposing her in one of the many canals in old Lion's Arch. Fortunately two asuras (Nicki and Mogu) chance upon the scene and fish her out of the canal to nurse her back to health. Rob manages to save his life and his career for what he'd done to satisfy his boss, much to the disgruntlement of his peers who still don't trust him. He soon earns himself the nickname Dirt Bob and is shunned by some within his ranks. Rob grows to hate this nickname. Selina returns to the Blades, but she isn't the same. Choosing to stay aloof from others, she indulges in ale constantly and is always drunk. She never wants to work in a team and gets into numerous fights with her peers.
131922Doc Howler begins rising in ranks and earning the favored eye of Two-Blade Pete. Pete, who would've previously staked everything on Selina; his beloved adopted daughter, was forced to consider adopting a new apprentice. He'd been let down several times by Selina's new unstable personality. Selina realises this and doesn't want to lose her hold on Pete. The two women are pit viciously against each other to impress Pete as to why they deserve to be his successor.
132023At the apex of the power struggle between Doc Howler and Selina Knox, Pete finally finds himself cornered by the Seraphs, intent to make him pay for all the crimes he'd committed over the years. He refuses to go down without a fight, and it tragically results in the taking of his life. Selina is distraught when she learns the news, and Doc Howler uses the opportunity to ascend to power in the Blades.
132124For a year, the Blades are divided over the two women. Some follow Doc Howler as the more qualified leader, and some follow Selina as the rightful leader. However, this internal struggle soon comes to a halt when Selina, in a desperate attempt to remove Doc Howler from the Blades, accuses her of a fatal crime against the Blades, based solely on a rumor. But this rumor ultimately is proven to be false, and Doc Howler is exonerated. In shame, Selina is made to leave the Blades forever, begrudgingly leaving her blessings with Doc Howler to lead from the gang then on out. However pleased Doc Howler is, she promises never to forget or forgive the great insult Selina had placed upon her on her departure.
132225Selina spends the next year on her own, half drunk, stealing and scrounging for food in order to survive. This is when she runs into Venia, Rian, Dahr and Kovenito, a group of travelers who take pity on her and decide to bring her along for the ride. Coincidentally, their travels take them to Lion's Arch where they have to free one of the fighters from the Fighter's Pit. This forces Selina to confront a much older Dirt Bob to request that he'd release the fighter. Even though it poses a risk to Bob's career, he says he regrets the choices he made in his youth and that he'd free that fighter solely in the name of their friendship. They gratefully take the fighter and Selina never looked back.
132326Dahr, the only norn in the group, takes Selina under her wing, coddling her like a child. In spite of all her protests, Selina grows to adore Dahr, right up to the moment Dahr is tragically kidnapped by the inquest, experimented on and turned into one of the wandering ghosts in the brand. Selina goes wild with rage, and can not be calmed by Venia or Rian. For two days, she goes on her own to track down the perpetrators, accompanied only by Kovenito. When discovered, she slaughters every single inquest in the lab, and the Charr who had drugged them in the first place. At the end of it all, drenched in emotion and the blood of her enemies, Selina ends up kissing Kovenito before she finally goes to sleep. Kovenito never gets over the abrupt kiss, and begins to pursue her from then on, swearing to help her get Dahr back, if it is at all possible. Selina accepts his proposal and companionship. Soon after, word gets out to Selina that Bob's releasing of the fighter has been found out by the Widowmakers, and the act of betrayal might cost him his life. Selina knows that whatever she feels for Bob should be secondary to him being alive. So together with Kovenito, who also has to put aside his feelings about the situation, and with the help of Mogu, they infiltrate the Widowmakers base and free Bob. For the next few weeks, Bob follows the team, till he finally gets himself together and leaves to explore new territory.
132528A new Captain in the Seraph calls for the sorting out of unsolved cases. This brings up Selina's name, for the crime of poisoning the well that she never did sit through her full sentence for. They find her in Queensdale, and even though she has a chance to escape, realises that if she did, her friends would be detained for questioning, and possibly get into trouble for lying. They'd come to mean something to her, and that alone causes her to return and surrender herself to the Seraph.
132730Kovenito visits Selina in prison for two years while she awaits her trial, Venia and Rian had moved on by then. She finally earns a meeting before Queen Jennah. Ilterendiel, Kovenito's sister, acts as her defense. She convinces Queen Jennah to be lenient, and Jennah decides to hand Selina over to a sponsor for a year to act as the rest of her sentence. Initially Ilterendiel is worried this may backfire as the sponsor has to be a noble, and none of them want to be stuck with the stigma of having housed the poisoner of their well. Nonetheless, one noble steps forward for the task, he is Aidan Brennan. For the next few weeks, Selina gets no answers as to what sprung on his generosity. But Aidan has a fiancee Camilla who wants to travel the world, and for a while, they travel together with Kovenito, whom Aidan deems to be good for Selina's rehabilitation.
132831While they're at the Priory, Selina starts to get strange visions of a man of power who might have the power to bring Dahr back to life. She's led to a poem written by a norn to lives in the Shiverpeaks. Out of sheer curiosity, Aidan agrees to visit this norn. The norn says she's met a man called the Wanderer, who lives with the kodans, folklore says he is a man with great power. True enough, they visit the kodan and find the Wanderer with them, Selina asks him to bring Dahr back from the brand. He agrees, but warns that one must die in her place. Aidan disagrees, but Selina incapacitates Aidan to get her way. Dahr is brought back to life, in the corpse of another norn. Selina is estatic, but Aidan cannot get over her irresponsible actions. He threatens to send her back to Divinity's Reach, even if that means she might never leave the dungeons again, not even with a sponsor. Desperately, she attempts over and over to convince him otherwise, and even makes leaps to escape, however she can't because they are spelled together for a year. Finally, Aidan makes the sudden revelation that he's her half brother and that this decision is as difficult for him as it is for her, because its his responsibility and he has a strong sense of morality. She finally convinces him to bring her to Hoelbrak to stand trial for the death of the norn (whose life was exchanged for Dahr's). In Hoelbrak, such a crime is met in glorious battle with their resident Jotun, while the perpetrator is chained to the ground. Most do not survive, but with a little ingenuity, and with Kovenito and Aidan's discreet help, they end up slaying the Jotun, thus setting Selina free. She spends the rest of the term in Aidan's home with Dahr.
132932However all is not well in the Brennan household as soon a power struggle occurs between Aidan and his aunt Andrea. At the same time, Dahr decides that it's time for her to hit the road because the body that she's carrying requires a constant feeding of souls, and she can't avoid harming people living in the middle of a city. At one point, Aidan breaks up with Camilla, and ends up marrying an eloquent mesmer named Makisi, instead. But when his wife mysteriously falls to her death on her wedding day and his mother shortly dies of her long term illness. Around this time, Selina is freed from her bond to Aidan, but she can't enjoy her moment of freedom because of what has happened to her brother. In a bar on her own, a shadowy figure spikes her drink and she's almost poisoned to death till a stranger, who introduces himself as Caden Mullins, appears on the scene and gives her a herb that negates the poison. She tells him she intends to find out who's poisoned her, and Caden follows her around when she picks up Brandon Turner, a friend of hers whom she thinks has accidentally sparked an old feud between herself and Doc Howler, who's now in Brisban. They travel towards Brisban together, facing assassins who've the sole intent of killing her when she decides it's too dangerous to bring the others into. So she slips away to settle the matter on her own. But the guys, decide to pursue her into Brisban. Only Caden gets deepest into the new bandit stronghold and he realises that Selina was already in the camp and that someone had completely wiped years off her memory, a wide enough gap to brainwash her to act in their interest. Even though Selina doesn't believe she's been brainwashed, Caden deceives her into revealing that the White Mantle have a plan to go into DR to free a prisoner. Caden rushes back early to engage the Shining Blade to intervene in the prison breakout. They can't stop the bandits from getting away, but they manage to subdue Selina, only after she severely damages Caden, giving him the massive scar he later carries on his face. Anise, Aidan and Caden try several times to return Selina's memory to limited success. She can remember everything except anything of Kovenito. When Kovenito visits to revive memories, she goes into a coma for a week, and in misery, he swears never to return because it might hurt her again. Selina shrinks from Caden after finding out that he's really a Shining Blade agent, and had been deceiving her from the very start. That the Shining Blade had initiated that encounter between her and Doc Howler in order to gain intel from the Brisban camp. Out of respect for Selina, Caden leaves the Shining Blade. Around this time, things get more heated between Aidan and aunt Andrea. She seizes an opportunity to force his father to disown Aidan as son, Aidan goes down a dark path and escapes into Shining Blade business. Selina hears about this and together with Caden, do their own investigation into Andrea Brennan, handing over the information to the Shining Blade. Around this time, Dirt Bob, now remade as Robert Brown, successful LA businessman, comes looking for her. After a drunken evening with him, she finds she's revealed too much to Rob. She tries to leave, but he insists that she come back to him in a month or that he would tell the world of her secrets. She begrudgingly agrees and returns to Caden, and doesn't tell him about any of this till the end of the month when she really begins to dread going back to Rob. In desperation, Selina decides to flirt with Caden in the hope that he would reciprocate and give her reason to stay. However the plan backfires when Caden suddenly shuts her out completely. She's bewildered by the response and in dismay, runs to Rob in fear that she'd unknowingly offended Caden with her antics.
133033Back in LA, Rob introduces her to his newly invigorated Pits that deals no longer with slavery or gangs, or so he promises - powered with the technology unearthed from the Auric Basin. To take her mind off the mistake she'd made with Caden, Selina bugs Rob to give her a shot at being a fighter. She ends up enjoying it - although through time, she notices that things are not as they seem with the running of the Pits. Rob starts to tire of her unwillingness to commit romantically to him and is on the verge of expelling her from his house, when she decides on whim to lie about her newfound love to him in order to continue her investigation into his business. He believes the lie. One afternoon, she uncovers a money laundering scam within the running of the Pits, and the possible exploitation of slaves. Around this time, the White Mantle, with the help of Andrea Brennan (liaison to the Separatists) launches a daring attack against Jennah. The action is thwarted, but Andrea manages to escape beforehand - even though eyewitnesses place her on the scene, and she becomes a fugitive of Divinity's Reach. Aidan is set on the path to recapture his aunt, and he engages the help of a Vanguard Diana, and her sylvari friend Sax, to help. But they prove to be ineffective, he sends a letter to his sister to engage her help. Caden receives this letter by mistake, and decides to bring it to her - chancing upon her with Rob while he does. They spend many awkward moments heading to Ebonhawke to meet up with Aidan, Selina anxious to reignite what they had before, while Caden keeps a distance, disappointed by what he'd seen in LA. After spending an uncomfortable night in Ebonhawke, they finally decide to put aside their differences for the sake of the greater good - ie. putting Andrea, and the Separatist leader; Alistar Goodman, permanently behind bars. During this time, the awkwardness between Selina and Caden evolve into a growing attraction for each other, even though they try desperately not to admit it, not even to themselves. When Andrea is finally apprehended, Selina gets into a fight with Aidan and contemplates going back to Rob. Caden intervenes in her decision and invites her instead to his home in Claypool. She follows, intending to spend just one or two nights there, but they discover that they're in love, she decides not to go back to Rob. This decision ultimately backfires when Rob manages to track her down (via Diana). He trashes the Mullinses' herb shop, beats Selina up and tries to kill Caden, but backs off just before the seraph get involved, and leaves them to pick up the pieces.
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