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Author Topic: 'Dracula bandit' gets 20-yr jail sentence  (Read 883 times)

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'Dracula bandit' gets 20-yr jail sentence
« on: April 17, 2009, 11:00:20 PM »
http://sg.news.yahoo.com/afp/20090409/t ... 2e412.html

WASHINGTON (AFP) - - A bank robber who masqueraded as Dracula was bitten with a 20-year prison sentence after he robbed the same Georgia bank twice.

Nathaniel Little Jr, 43, committed two robberies in 2006 at the same CDC Federal Credit Union bank in Atlanta, Georgia, each time while wearing the same ghoulish mask.

The 20-year sentence, said US attorney David Nahmias, "drives a stake into the heart of a simple yet dangerous crime: robbing banks.

"This 'Dracula' bandit will now spend many nights in the dark and confined cavern of a prison cell," he added.

"In this scary economy, robbing banks may seem like a quick way for criminals to get money, but the real horror begins once they caught."

In August 2006 Little, wearing the mask, walked into the bank brandishing a semi-automatic gun, and yelled at the tellers to fill up his bag with cash.

Just over a month later he did exactly the same thing.

During the second robbery he shouted at a teller: "Don't make me have to shoot you."

After getting the money, Little fled the bank. He was located after an investigation by the FBI and local police, and was found to have already been arrested on "unrelated state charges."

The Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington-based independent research organization that surveys local and state police, released a study in January that showed "44 percent of police departments reported increases in crimes they believed could be attributed to the economic crisis," US media reported.

The departments also reported a 39 percent increase in robberies, CNN.com said.
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