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Author Topic: Forged in Fire  (Read 1363 times)

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Forged in Fire
« on: August 23, 2017, 01:56:23 PM »
Arben walks into the bar of ebonhawke, looking around for any suspicious behavior as he always does in unfamiliar places. He sits signals to the bartender. Let me get a fresh cup of your finest nonalcoholic juice. He said getting stares from many of the patreons.

After reaching Ebonhawke fortress together with Tokkra Eryn looked at him. "What will you do now?" She asked, wondering if he had formed any sort of plan by now. Since the two priory scholars had left them conversation had sort of died down between the two a bit. So far Eryn had assumed Tokkra would search out Sarah, which would mean this was most likely farewell and it was probably polite to at least chat a bit before they parted ways.

The massive Charr had been on edge since he'd walked into the city. There'd been eyes on him the entire time, and not in a good way at the least. Even the Vanguard showed surprise. But he had been determined to say a final farewell to Sarah before he left for good, he figured he'd gather up enough courage to take that final walk through Ebonhawke. "I won't be here for long, that's for sure," he said through a lowered head.

"Are you going to see her now? It's already late" Eryn replied. "I know I could do with some rest in any case, Sarah's probably already gone to bed."

The Bartender laughed as he heared his new patreon ask for just juice in an establishment that sells mostly ale. "You sure there lad we have the finest ale and wine Tyria has to offer?" he says overly promoting his generic merchandise. Arben just looks up at him and responds "Yes im sure good sir."

"Perhaps but..." Tokkra began, but the two travelers were soon confronted by a man with a scruffy beard, and a gold ring dangling from his ear. He had on a hard, unforgiving face. "Hey," the man said in the direction of the bartender. "What are the rules here on bringing wild beasts into this establishment?"

"Eh beasts are sometimes considered family and any family of one of my patreons is ok with me." he smiles as he throws some left over meat  uder the bar to a sylvian wolf resting.

Eryn gave the man a hard look. "We won't cause any trouble if you don't" She said icily. "Lets just have a seat somewhere Tokkra. We'll find Sarah in the morning"

"Damn beasts," the man grumbled under his breath, even while he walked away.

Tokkra looked at Eryn sadly and moved to a corner far from the man, moving slowly onto the seat that was one size a little too small for him. He tried to get comfortable nonetheless.

Arben looks over his shoulder hearing the word trouble in the air. he sees a charr and a female trying to avoid problems and a angry man that has most likely had a bit too much to drink. He wanted to say something but notices that the two guest avoided a bigger situation by just walking away. He has been a bit more fustrated today since he has been traveling for a few days and still hasnt found what he been looking for. "refill on the juice there." he laughs.

After the bartender was done with the drink another man just ordered Eryn waved him over. "I'll have an ale please, Tokkra?..." She gave the charr a questioning look.

"Just a cup of water will do, thank you," replied Tokkra.

The Bartender smiles. "glady, I'll get those for you right away." walks towards the bar getting the ordered drinks.

Eryn dug into her purse and sighed when she found only a few coins left. High time she found another job she told herself. Never the less, she caught one of the coins between her fingers and took it out, placing it on the bar.

Tokkra caught Eryn's sigh and he put a paw on Eryn's hand. "Let me cover this," he said, pulling out a coin of his own from a pouch he carried in a pocket on his side. "Consider it payment for saving my life."(edited)

"Ah," She said, feeling slightly embarrassed as she put the coin back in her purse. "Been putting off working for too long" She said

"Do you have work to go back to?" he asked.

"I came to the summit hoping to find an assignment, instead I found a crying Sarah" Eryn said with a melancholic chuckle.

He smiled. "It was nice what you did for her. You and the others."

Arben's keen perception once again lead his ears to wonder to the conversation the Charr and the young lady were having. " i always do this." he muttered under his breath. he hated eavesdropping but it was something he was used to doing. "Bartender give everyone a drink on me." the bartender looks at Arben flaburgasted "So you dont drink but you want to buy drinks for everyone, Ok i think im gonna have to get coin upfront." Arben throws 2 gold coins on the bar top. "that should cover the drinks and then some have at it, the usual for me" he smiles and winks at the bartender.

"Yeah, sadly free jobs don't pay bills" she said. "I plan on going back there tomorrow to see if there's something good on the board." She went quiet for a while. "Actually, you should come with me" she finally said. "You have no plans on what to do after seeing Sarah do you?"

The Charr chuckled. "I'm an exile. It's all new to me. What board is this you speak of?"
Two drinks were sent their way by the bartender. They slid across the counter and landed gently against Tokkra's thick hide of fur. He felt it nonetheless and turned around in surprise.

"Ah, I forgot you don't know" she smiled. "I'm part of a group called the adventurers society. Basically we exist to help out anyone that has a job that regular authorities don't have time to help with. Every large settlement has a board to which these assignments can be posted to. There's one here too, but I've had enough of this city for a while I think"

The barkeep pointed at Arben in relation to the drinks, and Tokkra nodded gratefully at him, picking up the drinks, pushing them between Eryn and himself as he continued the conversation he was having with her. "Hmm... is this a new thing? I was in stationed in the Black Citadel for a while and this is all new to me. What are the requirements to joining such a group?"(edited)

"The society doesn't really have any requirements, it all depends on the jobs you want to pick up"

"So someone like myself would be welcome too?" he asked, starting to be intrigued by the idea.

"Oh definitely" Eryn said, looking to take a sip from her ale she suddenly noticed the new drink in front of her. "Where did that come from?" She asked with a confused look on her face, having completely missed the interaction between Tokkra and Arben.

"Erm..." The Charr turned to the man seated behind him. "We have that man to thank."

"Boards?" Arben to his surprise "why didnt i think of that." Arben makes his way to the Charr and Young lady. "Dont mind me eaves dropping, but can you tell me more about these Boards, i have always had people come to me for needs but i never knew there was other methods. The names Arben Ashfor how are you today"

"Eryn, well met" Eryn said, extending a hand.

"Tokkra RockCrusher," said Tokkra, giving him a nod of appreciation. "Thank you for your drink."

"Oh yes, thank you so much" Eryn said with a smile.

"No problem, so what brings you to these parts of Tyria?" Arben asked while politly smiling.

The door to the bar swung open, a rather impish looking Sylvari standing in it. In their arms were a collection of papers and hides. They looked around the bar, and quickly shuffled to an open table, letting the papers fall onto it.

"The mentioned boards really" Eryn said. "I was just explaining to Tokkra that anyone who needs help with anything can leave an assignement there for an adventurer to pick up and complete."
Noise on the table near them drew Eryns attention and she turned to look at what was going on.

The Sylvari wore a mix of leather armor with metal flourishes, and spikier leaves on their shoulders, hands, and feet. They were very small, and seemed to be muttering at the pile of papers through narrowed eyes.

Tokkra turned to see the Sylvari entering. Being the second non-human in the bar, she made him feel a little less out of place.

Now that more than one person from the same table was looking at them, they turned their attention from the shuffling papers to the group. They smirked, and gave a two finger salute, "Yo."

"A sylvari and a charr walk into the bar, sounds like the beggining of a great joke." Arben laughs as he helps pick up some of the papers that fell.

They moved their hand to their bottom lip, tilting their head slightly, "Depends on how much alchohol gets involved, then it's the start of at least a decent story." They shrugged, and took the papers, nodding in thanks. The human would notice that on the papers were rather intracite drawings of various people and places.

Eryn only smiled at the seemingly odd sylvari and took a sip from her ale.

Arben laughs at the response the sylvari gave for his poorly executed joke.

Tokkra moved his own drink in Eryn's direction. "Would you like a second cup?"

"I already have two" She said with large eyes "Are you trying to get me drunk or what?"

The Sylvari smirked, pleased that the others seemed entertained by their comments. They turned most of their attention back to shuffling the papers back into order. They threw a glance and a subtle tilt of their head in the Charr's direction, "I'll take it if she doens't want it."

He laughed lightly. "I just don't want to have any alcohol on the breath when I go see to see Sarah. She's still a little fragile... if you know what I mean."
Tokkra picked up the drink and handed it to the Sylvari. "You're welcome to it,' he said.

They grinned, taking it, "Why thank you! Name's Quinn by the way." Between their name and their dress, aisde from their higher-pitched voice it was almost impossible to tell if they were male or female.

"You can call me Tokkra," he replied. "You're far from the Grove."

"And you're in an odd place for a Charr. You a diplomat?"

"Eryn" Eryn said with a small wave.

"Far from it," he replied, taking a sip of his water. "I'm a vagabond. It's a recent development."

"Names Arben, pleasure to meet you." his attention turning to Tokkra "How recent is this development?"

They nodded, "Well nice to meet'cha both. And, I know that feeling there Tokk." As they kept talking, it was easy to spot that they also lacked the traditional Sylvari accent, instead sounding much more like a human from the Divinity Commons.

"Very recent. What about yourself? You don't seem to be a local at Ebonhawke."

"No i'm not just passing through, I had a job that lead me to this place. I was on my way back home to Lions Arch." he replies while signilling for another drink.

Just quietly sipping her drink Eryn listened to the others rather than participating in the conversation.

"Ah... if you don't mind me asking, what work is it that you do?"

They moved the pieces of hide over the papers, covering them. "The Arch eh? 'S a nice place, through I honestly preffered it back before the Extortium got involved." They took a sip of their drink, a small smirk still on their face.

"I started an Investigation group people come to us with cases and we go do what needs to be done, sometimes it pays well sometimes it doesnt but people are always happy."

Sigrun entered the bar casually. Thankfully, the doorframe with high enough she didn't need to  lean down to enter, unlike most human establishments. She had dismissed her flesh golem before entering the city, knowing that the humans would not take kindly to a reanimated corpse stinking up the place. She glanced around for a moment before walking up to the counter, staff resting on her back. "Barkeep, do you have any good ale here? Preferably something that doesn't taste like water?"

Eryn finished her first drink and took up the second glass, her focus fully on Arben now. She was just short of staring at him while she pondered the possibilities his position offered.

Tokkra looked from Eryn to Arben and asked, "Is this the same group? The one with the message boards."
The man with the ring on his ear got up from his seat and said loudly in the direction of the barkeep, "It seems this bar is going to the dogs. Don't count on me coming back here again." He stormed out of the bar, bumping onto Sigrun on his way out.

"Someone's a racist~!" The Sylvari chimed from the back

"Oh no how will this establishment survive without your 4 coppers" Yelled the barkeep to the man who just left. "pay no mind to him everyone he is just a GRUMPY OLD MAN" followed by some laugther.
"No we have nothing to do with the boards we mostly have people come to us, these boards i believe would be another form of asking for help. " Arben responds to Tokkra.

"They could help you get more assignments though" Eryn said, breaking out of her thoughts(edited)

"Then it's a coincidence. Seems to be lots of independent groups these days working the cities. I suppose it's inevitable, what with all those impending attacks." Tokkra turned to Sigrun with a smile. "It seems we're just missing an Asura now."

The young Norn barely moved and didn't even glance at the human as he left. She took the mug of ale the barkeep handed to her. She smelled it, swished it around and took a small sip. A smile formed on her face.

"Hmm, not bad. Almost as good as Hunter's Ale." She paid the barkeep and walked over to a small empty table. She sat down and pulled out a couple of recipe sheets, casually sipping the alcohol as she read.(edited)

The Sylvari tilted their head at the mug of alchohol in her hand, almost as good as hunter's ale? They narrowed their eyes, and took another sip. They frowned, no it wasn't. "That's false praise," they mumbled at the mug. They then looked up at the group before them, "I know how to find one if you want. An Asura, I mean."

"Ha yes, it seems so the cities have been rather calm with cases lately. Which is why these boards will be able to keep me busy till something comes by the office. " He glaces over at the norn. "Hey there how you do?" Arben raises his cup to kindly cheer.

Tokkra gave it another thought, and spoke to Eryn. "Regarding that... I'd be glad to explore the idea of taking work from boards. I do have nothing else to occupy my time once I say goodbye to Sarah. Would you give me a little push in the right direction?"

"I would welcome your company, We'd be able to pick up some of the bigger, better paying requests" Eryn said, offering Tokkra a smile.

The Charr looked at her in surprise. "You're proposing a partnership?"

The norn didn't go out of her way to look in the human's direction, though she did raise her mug slightly, as if inspecting it. "I'm drinking ale that doesn't taste like water in a human establishment. Can't complain, I suppose. Do you always strike up conversations with random people?"

Eryn nodded, "Are you accepting?" She asked

She finally glanced at the human when he gave her strange look and smiled. Half her face was covered by her dark hair. "I mean no offense, of course. My people do all the time. I just find it amusing."

Enthusiastically he raised a paw and grabbed her hand in a firm shake. "I love the idea!" he said at the prospect of not spending his exile alone.

"Partners it is then" Eryn said, grinning at his enthusiasm as she shook his paw.

Quinn noticed that the others in the room had moved in their conversations, the human and the Charr onto more private matters, so they sat at the table with their papers and took one out. They took a sip of their drink, and took out a pencil, looking about the room for a couple seconds before looking down and... writing?

"I really appreciate the opportunity Eryn," Tokkra said. "Thank you for your faith in me."

"I Sense there is alot more to this story than meets the eye. Mind if i ask whats the story." Arben smiles trying to be the social butterfly.
Talia - Today at 9:24 PM

The Norn chuckled a bit and took another sip of the ale. "I'm not a social person by any means. Of course, being a Necromancer will either bring people to you or push them away. Such is the way."

Arben thinks about a recent case that he could have used the help of a necromancer. "Yes indeed but those are small minded people. I see nothing in it. Names Arben how you do." he extends his hand out

"Small-minded, eh? I like that." She placed her recipe sheets on the table and took Arben's hand. "Sigrun Nightlore. You may not know of me now, but you will. One day my legend with be known to all, and my people will talk and sing of my victories for generations to come."(edited)

"I'm happy to have the company, really" Eryn said "Being alone all the time does get lonely"

"I'll drink to that" Arben says as he takes another sip of his drink. "Nothing wrong with having a goal, im sure with time you will accomplish such things." he turns his attention to Tokkra and Eryn. "Hey I dont mean to intrude but would you mind if i tagged along, the roads do get lonely and i always in the mood to help.

"No sure, of course, the more the merrier" Eryn said with a smile, quietly glad to be able to learn a bit more about Arben.

Tokkra grinned, glad that the team was already growing. He never really liked working for the Iron Legion, but he did like working closely with other Charr. He hoped this experience would be similar.

Sigrun's gaze focused on the Charr. She finished the rest of her ale in one gulp and set the mug on the table. "If your merry band is going to fight more than just simple bandits, then perhaps a Necromancer of my expertise would prove useful to you?"

Thinking that Sigrun might have mistaken him for the leader, he explained, "I'm just learning about the Adventurer's Society myself, and trying to adjust to life outside my warband. But if Eryn is fine with more coming along, then I'll stand by her decision."

"Why not" Eryn's smile got even brighter. This might even be fun she figured. At least she wouldn't be camping out alone anymore.

"That's the spirit." Sigrun replied. "A hunting party will be fun. I haven't been in one of those since... I won the Great Hunt actually."

"What is the Great Hunt? If you don't mind me asking," asked Tokkra.

Arben thinks to himself that this cannot be any better. "who would have thought one moment we are walking down the dusty road and walk into this place. Im grateful for our paths to cross today."
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Re: Forged in Fire
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2017, 04:51:31 PM »
Sigrun smiled proudly. "The Great Hunt is a tradition that has existed among my people for generations. It occurs once every year as a rite of passage for young Norn to prove their worth against a powerful beast. Those who win the Great Hunt earn a title and start their legends. I got mine by slaying a great Minotaur we called Gunnar."

"So am I Arben" Eryn said with a smile.

Tokkra grinned. "I know a couple of Charr who would like that tradition very much... well... I knew..." he corrected himself. "Congratulations on the title."

"Thanks. 'Slayer of Gunnar' is a unique title that only I hold, and I am very proud of it." Sigrun rubbed her chin. "Maybe one day we could introduce the Great Hunt to your people. I would be interested to see how the Charr approach it."

"Perhaps," he laughed. "If you can find those willing to listen. The Charr are quite a proud race, sad to say. They don't often mingle well. But I know they would like your Great Hunt if they stopped to listen."

Then Tokkra turned to Eryn and yawned. "It's been an exciting day, but I think I'll have to retire for the night. I still have fur stuck in my teeth from... erh... earlier," he said shamefully. "I'd like to go take another rinse of my mouth before I go to sleep. Thank you again for everything." Then he turned to face the others. "It was a pleasure to meet you all. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead of us. Goodnight."
Tokkra rose from his seat, paid the barkeep for a room, and headed upstairs.

"Good night Tokkra' Eryn told him as he got up.

"goodnight Eryn may your dreams bright brightful bliss" Arben looks around whos left " i guess we can meet back her at midday to go about this andventure."

"If that's how you want to approach it." Sigrun replied as she stood up. "As for me, I'm going to leave Ebonhawke and camp outside near the Siege Plains. My Flesh Golem will protect me if need be."

"Good night Sigrun, be safe" Eryn said, before finishing her drink.

Quinn looked up from their table, and looked at her empty mug. Eh? What can you do. They looked to the two humans, "So it seems that everyone decided to go follow the racist after making a happy band of adventurers." They then looked to the empty mugs about the tavern, "And that only took... what five, six drinks spread out between us all? I think that's a new record."

"Must be" Eryn said. "What about you, not looking for any adventure?"

"Oh I'm always looking for adventures, but I'm just back form one... ah... squabble?" They flick the top of their hide-covered stack of papers, "See this is normally pretty organized, had to get away from some people with some pretty ruffled feathers."

"Oh dear, nothing serious I hope?" Eryn looked at the papers who were indeed pretty disorganized.

"Well it wasn't a mix of branded and Courtiers so I think it was pretty alright." They looked at the door, "Besides, most people don't think to check the gate records for the Reach. Let alone the taverns after that." They then looked at the empty mug, "Especially one with mediocre alchohol." They lowered their voice, whispering, "It's not nearly as good as Hunter's Ale the norn was lying, lyyyyyying." They then sat up and smirked agian, "But, what brought you here?"

"Ah, that's a long story" Eryn said, maybe not for tonight. Slightly worried she felt her purse again. There was probably enough there to pay for a room right? She wondered.

"Mm, I've still got to sort these so I've got time." They closed their eyes for a second and raised their palms to the sides of their face, hands opened outwards, "And, I know I might look shady but, promise   I didn't take anything."

"Oh, it's not that" Eryn said, letting go of her purse. "Nevermind"
"Perhaps it's better if I get some rest, sorry Quinn, but I've been walking all day." She gave them a smile and started to get up from her seat.

They nodded, "Hey you're fine." They smiled a second, "Was nice to meet'cha."

"Nice meeting you too" She said with a small wave before she made her way over to the barkeep to see if she could negotiate a cheap room.  In the end she had to part with more cash than she would've liked but a bed was a bed right? She found an empty bed in one of the larger rooms and looked around, spotting mostly sleeping people. Quiet as she could she took off her pack and sat down, hoping not to wake anyone up. From her pack she took a notepad and a pen and set to writing. After some time she was finally done and she carefully took the page out of the book and folded it shut. She then added it to another stack of folded sheets that was tied together with string. After carefully placing everything back into her pack she finally took her boots off and laid down to sleep.
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Re: Forged in Fire
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2017, 09:11:21 PM »
The Day started off like any other, gloomy with the sun forcing its way through the clouds to reveal the light. People making their way around town getting their affairs started. Arben walks out the Inn towards a small empty space across the bar where he made acquaintances with a few others and waits for them. He stretches and proceeds to pose in lotus form, relaxing his mind and soul before taking another day by storm.

Tokkra emerged from the inn, all dressed and ready to leave when he spotted Arben across the bar. Giving him a little wave, the charr walked over.

Arben waves back "Good Morning there Tokkra" he gets up from his early meditation "How did these human beds held up for a charr?" he jokingly asks. "Hope you rested well"

Tokkra rubbed his back. "It was a little small, but its fine just for a night," he said. "How was your sleep?"

"Just like any one would expect from Ebonhawke, good and excited for the next day." he chuckles "So you nervous about seeing your lady friend? Sarah was it?" he asked

He shook his head. "I'm never nervous around her. We might've been parted for a while, but it's like we never left. I am excited to see her again, although it does feel like we might not be able to see each other for at least another long while."

"Seems like she has her hand around your heart nothing wrong with that, and if there is one thing i learned in my years is that true emotions are indeed rare. I don’t know you yet friend but i sense you feel deeply about her, and that puts a smile on my face." He puts the biggest grin on his face trying to make the Charr comfortable with basically a total stranger.

Tokkra grinned widely. "Thank you for the kind words, my friend. It hasn't been an easy road, but I'm glad that she's finally safe."

Being woken by the sound of other people rummaging around in room Eryn rubbed her face and slowly sat up. As she did her stomach growled at her and she pulled a face. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and proceeded to pull on her boots while she tried to calculate how many days her last few coins would last.

"Safe?" Arben asked confused "So your lover was in harm’s way, there’s more to this story I presume." he doesn’t seem to know the full story and thus decides to follow his next few questions with ease as to not bother Tokkra on what seems to be a special day for him.

Tokkra's eyes opened wide. "Oh I see that I've given you the wrong idea. Sarah is not my lover. She's an old friend from my past. We've known each other since she was a child and I, a cub."

"Oh Sorry for the misunderstanding, it was my fault really." Arben starts to feel a bit embarrassed "Well if your friend can make you feel this way, I can’t wait to put a face to the name. So is it just us or you think the others will be joining us soon."

The charr looked back at the inn. It was mostly silent, apart from the innkeeper's wife going about the place tidying with her broom. "I appreciate that you're interested to come with me," he said. "But I don't think my little trip is important enough to get the others up early for. Perhaps it'll be better for me to head off quickly so I can be back before they're done with breakfast."

"Non-sense this seems very important to you. I don’t mind tagging along. Plus I don’t even know when the others will be up. I'll just be sitting here. I can use the walk if you don’t mind." Arben grabs his bag and flings it over his shoulder not quite taking No for an answer.

Eryn grabbed her pack to make sure everything was in order before slinging it across her back. She got up from the bed and folded back her sheets before making her way downstairs to find out if anyone else was up yet.

"Alright then. It isn't far," said Tokkra, taking a step west of the inn. It was then that he noticed Eryn just coming out of the inn. He stopped to look at her, wondering if she meant to follow.

Spotting Tokkra and Arben Eryn waved at them and approached. "Good morning" She greeted the pair.

"Good Day beautiful!" Arben replied with a gentle smile "glad to have you with us. We were just on our way for Tokkra to say his farewell to his good friend Sarah, join us then we can come back for a decent breakfast."

"Would you like to join us Eryn?"

"Do you want me to come along?" She asked.

"If not for him, atleast for me." Arben replied "I dont wanna impose on Tokkra as it might be an emotional farewell."

"I've no objections," Tokkra smiled. "And you've already met Sarah."

"I have" She smiled. "I should like to see her happy in a safe environment."

"Do come then. I'd love to have you along," he said.

Arben notices what Eryn said how she would like to see her in a happy and safe environment taking a mental note as to Sarah had been previously in a harmful situation. "How about we do this, we go get Sarah and bring her to one of the few good eating establishments have ourselves a proper send off for us and a good time for Sarah, to enjoy time with her good friend Tokkra and it gives us more time to know each other before our journey, my treat." Arben smiles while looking at Eryn and Tokkra.

Tokkra started walking towards Sarah's house as he continued talking, "That's very thoughtful of you Arben. Unfortunately I'm a charr moving about Ebonhawke. That hardly ends well. I don't want to cause Sarah any problems."

Half disappointed about missing out on a free breakfast Eryn nodded to agree with Tokkra.

It didn't take them long to be at the Goodman household. Already they were getting stares. A young man poked his head out his window on the second floor just to spit out of it. Tokkra paid him no mind, and went ahead to knock on the door. The door opened and Marion stood at it. There was a half-smile on her face, more nervous than anything. "Get in, quickly."

Arben immediately feels disgust seeing how people are treating Tokkra, not only someone he is accompanying but a living being. "I guess these people still live in the times of King Adelbern." Arben says about the rude people around Ebonhawke. "Sorry if I offend" Arben says towards Marion.

Tokkra filed into the house quickly, and waited till all were in before shutting the door. "You have to understand. There's a lot of animosity between the humans in Ebonhawke particularly, and the charr that live outside it. It didn't end with King Adelbern, but each man or woman to this day is related to someone else who suffered under the charr." She turned to Tokkra. "Or vice versa. It will take a few generations more for relations to get any better. I admit I was a Charr hater myself... till Tokkra's friendship with my daughter shook away all my convictions. It isn't easy, but it is possible. It also helps that Tokkra is one of the kindest most patient charr that I've ever met."

Tokkra looked down, and even though his fur remained as wood brown as before, it was clear that the massive charr was blushing. "You think too highly of me Ms. Goodman."

The older woman laughed and turned to the stairs where her teen daughter was descending. Sarah had her long golden hair tied up in a plait behind her neck, freckles on her face aglow with delight that her friend had finally ended up in her home. "Tokky!" she cried, running into his arms. He caught her in an all-encompassing grip, twirling her around like a doll. She giggled as she spun.

Eryn remained by the door and smiled as she watched Sarah's reaction.

Arben’s Heart filled with joy after seeing Sarah embraced Tokkra. "I Understand Ms. Goodman, I just see the world threw different lenses, this is what the world should be like" He points to Tokkra and Sarah. "This is the world in its purest form." He smiles taking in the sight. "Where are my manners, I’m Arben Ashfor." he extends his hand out to Ms. Goodman

Marion took Arben's hand and shook it. "You must be Tokkra's friend."

Tokkra put her down gently. He'd grown so much larger than her, even though once upon a time they'd been almost the same size. It felt strange to be able to lift her so easily now. "I'm sorry," he said just remembering Eryn and Arben. "This is Eryn and Arben." Then to Ms. Goodman. "This is Marion Goodman, and Sarah." "Tokky, are we going to play? Please play?" asked Sarah eagerly, her eyes sparkling with a child-like quality. It was endearing, though Tokkra wouldn't allow himself to think too deeply about what had brought her to that point, or how she would've been like if they hadn't tampered with her thoughts. "I'm sorry Sarah, I can't stay," he gave Marion a glance, and the older lady nodded. It'd been decided beforehand that he would stay just long enough to tell her goodbye. "What about tomorrow?" Sarah asked. He shook his face, even as he pulled out a small cloth doll from his pack and put it into her hands. "Mikki will keep you company though."

"Mikki!" Sarah cried with delight. That doll had been with her since she was a child, but she'd had to leave it behind when her father sent her away. It felt good to hold Mikki again.

"You take care of yourself, alright?"

"Oh!" Sarah said, clapping her hands together. "I have something for you." She reached into a basket, pulled out a bright blue knitted scarf and handed it to him. "Put it on!" she cried excitedly.

He took it from her and wound it around his neck. It fit just nicely, and he tied it around his neck like a bib. "It's lovely Sarah! I won't take this off," he promised.

Eryn gave Ms Goodman a short wave. "Nice to meet you"

"Where will you go?" asked Ms Goodman. "I'm not exactly sure," he answered, giving Eryn a questioning glance. "I suppose it will be a number of places." "Will we be able to contact you?" "I'll try to write," said Tokkra. "Send me letters!" said Sarah. "Lots of letters." Tokkra nodded. "Alright."

Eryn smiled. "We'll probably travel around quite a bit. I normally visit Lion's Arch frequently though. Perhaps we can somehow manage an address there for them to write to."

Arben can't help but to smile at young Sarah. He started to feel emotional towards the reunion or rather farewell. "If i may interject here. I just met Tokkra but i have a feeling me and he will become good friends. Anyone able to break any human’s belief against Charr is good in my book. If you like you can write to Ashfor Investigations in Lions Arch and I’ll make sure he gets any letters and if you would ever need anything. Don’t hesitate to reach out." Arben passes a small bag with coins. "Please, I will not take no for an answer."

Tokkra turned around in surprise. He'd only known the man for a while and already he was offering so much. "That's very kind of you Arben. I don't know what to say."

"I suppose that works" Eryn said with a smile.

Marion handed Arben a slip of paper. "Perhaps you can scribble the address here. We appreciate it."

"Not much to say there Tokkra. Just glad I can help out. if nothing else happens today i have already accomplished what i set out to be on a daily basis." He genuinely smiles at him as he grabs the slip of paper and writes his post address for Lions Arch. "I'll send word to my associate in Lions Arch to be expecting anything from you."

"Alright," Marion turned back to Tokkra. He smiled at her, and as awkward as she still was with him, she managed to pat him on the side. "Don't die out there," she said. "I'll try not to," he replied. "Why is Tokkra leaving? We haven't played," grumbled Sarah, and her mother took her by the hand. "Tokkra will write you letters. Do you want letters from him?" asked Marion. Sarah nodded. "Then he must leave in order to write, mustn't he?" Sarah looked down sadly and nodded again. Marion motioned for Tokkra to leave quickly in order not to make things worse for Sarah. Tokkra took the hint and headed out the door.

Arben looked at Sarah. "I promise to keep a good eye on Tokkra for you, thats an Ashfor promise" he nods his head at Marion "May our paths cross soon my lady I bid you farewell." Arben followed Tokkra to not leave him alone in this ruthless place.

Eryn waved at Sarah "Bye bye Sarah, it was nice to see you again" She said smiling at the girl even though the whole situation dampened her mood. Saying goodbye was always sad she thought, but at least they had the chance to see each other and say goodbye.... realizing where she was headed she cut that train of thought off instantly. "So, what about breakfast?" She asked as cheerful as she could muster.

Arben looked back at Eryn. Noticing how she was trying to change the mood and he felt he should help for Tokkra's sake. "Well you don't look like the kitchen type so how about we go for a hearty meal and fill up with treats for our journey." Arben added with a slight joke to ease the sadness that was felt overall.

"Can we eat outside the city gates?" suggested Tokkra, noticing that some people were coming out of their homes. He assumed they were coming out for him. But he was mistaken, for the vast majority merely walked past him. There was a commotion at the street a slight distance from them. It sounded like the bleating of horns, and talking among the crowd. The people walking past him added to the crowd.

"If it makes you feel comfortable we sure can my friend" Arben replies then turning his head towards Eryn "Eryn how’s about you and Tokkra wait outside of town, I have to write to my office about Ms. Marion and Sarah, and I’ll bring us all a good meal."

Tokkra had intended to ignore the crowd and head off in the other direction, but he heard some whispers among a group of people near them that sounded like something about an attack.

Sigrun sat casually beneath a tree next to a rocky fixture in the Siege Plains. She had been awake since just before sunrise. She was never one to sleep much. Not that it mattered either way, since her flesh golem was on guard the whole time. A few of the charr Renegades had mistaken her for one of the human Separatists and learned very quickly to leave her alone, if the corpses on the ground were any indication. About mid-morning, she heard a commotion and looked up from her recipe sheets to see a group Vanguard soldiers coming from the direction of Warrior's Crown. At first it seemed like nothing was amiss but as they drew closer, she noticed some were injured. Curiosity got the better of her. She stood up and approached them as they passed. "You all look pretty rough. Mind if I ask what happened?"

"I wonder what's going on" Eryn mused, too focussed on the crowd to realize Arben was talking to her.

Two Vanguard soldiers stopped by Sigrun. One of them had a concussion of some kind, his hair matted with blood, looking a little disoriented. The other had an arm under is shoulder, bringing him back to the city. "An attack... the separatists..." said the Vanguard between breaths.

For a moment, Sigrun's thoughts went to the Sons of Svanir, how they willingly attack their own people for flawed beliefs and ideals. Renegades, Separatists, Inquest... they were all the same. "Try not to overexert yourself, soldier. Can you tell me where these Separatists attacked? Do you have any reinforcements?"

The Vanguard nodded. "The reinforcements are fighting in our place now. The separatists though, they came out of nowhere. They must've been planning this for a while."

Tokkra took his eyes away from the crowd for just a moment, remembering they'd left Sigrun in the Siege Plains. "The norn," he began. "I think she said she was headed north for the night."

Sigrun looked behind the Vanguard soldiers in the direction of Warrior's Crown. "Is this battle near Warrior's Crown, or elsewhere?"

"Further north," said the soldier. "They came to take back Highden caves."

"Than no time for food, let’s move." Arben hops as high as he can twice limbering himself for the run. He looks back at Tokkra and Eryn "We run now." His demeanor changed from the charismatic person he was, to a very serious look.

The norn nodded and thanked the soldier, then sent them on their way back to Ebonhawke. She narrowed her eyes as she glanced north for a moment, thinking about how to approach this new development. Her flesh golem packed a punch but with also not that durable. It may not last long if there is a large group to content with. She sighed and decided it was best to try to find her new companions from the other night.

Eryn cringed as she gave up on the idea of breakfast alltogether and with a sigh she started to follow after Arben.

Tokkra followed after Arben, moving as fast as he was able through the crowds. But it became a bit hard to do without bumping into someone. Soon, he was getting shoved about by members of the crowd who'd turned from curiosity to anger at his presence. "What's this beast doing in the city?" came a voice. "Seems to be pretty out of place."

When Eryn looked over her shoulder she noticed Tokkra was starting to lag behind. "Arben wait up!" she called, slowing down to stay with Tokkra.

There were sounds of bottles being broken as several men began to close in on Tokkra. "I was just on my way out," he said. But they weren't listening. "You a spy?" came another voice. "Bet you beasts are planning to take over the city, aren't you?" A voice came from the back. "I bet they were the ones who attacked the Vanguard!"

Arben turned as he heard Eryn call out for him. He let out a slight growl as he turned and ran back to Tokkra "He is with me!" Arben Shouted "and i would think twice about using those on my friend here. We mean no harm we were just on our way." He looks over at Tokkra and Eryn releasing a small grin turned back to the people looking for trouble "But if it’s a problem you want... I'll gladly solve it for you." He opens his arms as if protecting Tokkra.

"Filthy scum! A Charr Lover indeed" was heard somewhere in the crowd referring to Arben.
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Re: Forged in Fire
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Across the sky flew a ripe tomato. It swooped right over Tokkra and Arben's heads, landing directly on the heads of one of those surrounding them. The guy yelped angrily, wiping the tomato from his face. "Who did that?!" he shouted. A potato flew in the other direction, and the crowd parted quickly to avoid the flying vegetable. However this caused a collision among the individuals in the crowd, and as agitated as they were then, fists began to fly. Very soon, it turn into a free-for-all, with fists flying, hair getting pulled, items getting thrown. They weren't letting Arben or Tokkra off the hook either. A man lunged directly in Tokkra's direction. The charr caught the man.

Eryn cursed under her breath and put a hand on her sword.

As Sigrun made her way into Ebonhawke, she noticed there was quite the crowd of people. They likely now knew about the injured Vanguard. Being the tallest person currently in the city, she could see over the humans' heads with ease and her allies surrounded by rather agressive crowd. No doubt thinking the Charr was to blame. She firmly held her golden staff and, not one to take dishonour lightly, slammed the base of her staff against the ground. The sound was loud enough to make most of the humans turn towards her, many whose faces were shocked to see a Norn in their presence. "Your Vanguard was attacked by those filthy Separatists," she began. Her voice was loud and firm, reaching every ear in the crowd. "And if you intend to put the blame on an innocent against who you have NO evidence of guilt, then you are as dishonourable as the Separatists themselves. Such dishonour would be my pleasure to dispel in single combat!"

Arben is taken aback from the rumbling from the ground. Looks up to see that Sigrun was indeed safe and in town. "I guess now that my worries are handled, i can take on that fight one of you was so foolish to ask for..." Arben stands his gaurd next to Tokkra not letting anyone else get close.

Unfortunately the norn's sane reasoning was drowned out in the massive commotion of maddness growing on the streets. Man vs man, and men out for the only Charr in the middle of the crowd, plainly sticking out like a sore thumb. Horns started to blare in an urgent manner as the injured Vanguard attempted to dissipate the angry mob.

Growling, the Norn pushed her way through the crowd towards her companions, knocking over anyone stupid enough to get in her way as if they merely a vase on a table. "Now might be a good time to leave. These humans have clearly lost all sense of reason and I have no desire to deal with such excess of stupidity."

The man in Tokkra's grasp tried to claw at him. Tokkra tried to hold him as far away from his body as possible. Thankfully the man was smaller than he was, and he was only able to slap Tokkra's arms. Three more came behind him, picking up stones from the ground, throwing them at the back of his head.
"Break it up! Break it up!" yelled some of the more able bodied Vanguard, shooting into the sky. Some of the crowd were frightened off by this and began to split up.

"Sigrun is right, we should get out of here" Eryn called. She was hesitant to draw her sword, but she had taken her shield from her back, using it to defend herself from items that were thrown at them.

"Tokkra!" Selina yelled, jumping into the fray. She only had the use of one good hand, but she put it to good use, punching people out of the way.

Arben quickly saw the rocks being flung to Tokkra, he grabbed what appeared to be a 24inch wood stick from his waist hitting one of the rocks down towards the floor and pressing a button that made the stick expand to a full staff hitting another rock into the air, and Arben had no choice but to take a hit from the third stone.

Tokkra pushed the assaulting man away as he backed off from the crowd with those around him. He thought he heard his name being called, but couldn't be sure.

Arben was momentarily dazed.
Hearing Tokkra's name called Eryn looked over to see a woman rushing towards them with a man close on her heels. "Tokkra, look over there" She called, pointing at Selina and Caden "Do you know those people?".

When Arben took the hit from the stone, Tokkra noticed that he'd stopped moving. "Arben?" he called, and when he didn't get a response, decided to pick up the man and sling him over his shoulder before he got hurt again. Stones were being thrown more vigorously now. Some made contact on Tokkra's arms and torso, he felt their impact, but he figured they didn't hurt as much as they would on a man like Arben. When Eryn spoke to him, he turned around. Out of the crowd he was surprised to see two members of his former party approach, the same ones that had taken down Sarah's father, Alistar Goodman. He nodded quickly, and waved to them as he went on pushing his way out of the crowd. There would be time for re-introductions, once they were safe.

Sigrun bent over slightly as an object was smashed over her back. Pursing her lips, she turned to see a young man, who appeared to be no more than 17 or 18 years of age, was holding a broken plank of softwood with a look of shock on his face. "Do you want a fight?" she asked. "N-n-n-no," came his reply. "Then I suggest you leave, pup." The young man nodded and quickly ran off, accidently knocking people over as he went. Sigrun stretched her back and neck to relieve the pain and turned back to her companions.

Everything was fuzzy Arben hadn't been hit like that in some time, he noticed how he was now on Tokkra’s shoulder slung on like a Bow on a back he begins to laugh Hysterically. "Oh this will be fun, Tokkra launch me up.

Selina soon made her way over completely and pulled out her sword. She wasn't left handed, but she figured waving it about would scare enough people to keep the crowds away. Another shot rang into the air from the Vanguards. More of the crowd scattered. Enough room was cleared for the entire team to get away, and Tokkra quickened his steps. Hearing Arben talking gave him that much more confidence that his friend was not badly hurt.

Since Tokkra wasn't trying to release Arben into the crowd he casually started swinging his staff around hitting people who would try to attack Tokkra as he was moving past the crowd. "This is fun" he muttered as he was bouncing on Tokkra’s shoulder. "On your left" Tokkra turned to his left giving Arben a clear shot at a few men trying to hit Tokkra. He swung hitting a few of them enough to daze them to give Tokkra the clear way pass them.

They soon found themselves back on the Siege Plains, where Sigrun had been for the night, leaving the city and the crazy mob behind. The stream of injured Vanguard had stopped. Selina assumed that the others were still fighting at the Highden caves. Perhaps they hadn't completely lost yet.

"Well, so much for breakfast" Eryn said as they finally managed to get away from the crowds. She placed her shield back on her back and let herself sink to the floor, sitting down with her legs crossed.

Selina pulled out a round loaf of bread from her pocket, and tossed it over in Eryn's direction. "Eat that," she said. "It's prison food, but beggars can't be choosers."
Tokkra settled Arben down on the ground, checking him carefully for injuries. "Are you alright, Arben?"

"Oh, you haven't eaten? Why didn't you say so!" Sigrun smiled as she pulled out a wood box from her backpack. She opened it up and inside were several griffon egg omelettes, still warm.

Catching the bread Eryn grinned at Selina. "Thanks" She said, "Should I ask how you came by prison food?" She asked with a frown.

Selina slipped Caden a discreet glance. "You don't want to know," she replied Eryn.

Caden made his way over to Arben, kneeling down next to him. "His name is Arben?" He asked Tokkra as he gave Arben a concerned look.

Tokkra nodded. "Yes, Arben Ashfor," he said. "He took a blow on the head I think."

Sigrun placed the box of omelettes on the ground in the middle of the group. "Feel free to eat as you please. I made far too many of these this morning."

"Alright, Arben, I'm going to take a look at your head if you don't mind." Caden said, getting to his feet again so he could actually see the top of Arben's head to check for any injuries.

Arben smiles at Tokkra "You are as humble as Lady Sarah sees you" He chuckles "I’m good my friend thank you, are you alright... and not physically..." His attention now on Caden "Sure thing there Doc. have at it tough luck but the dreads must have absorbed most of the impact.“ He says while slowly dripping blood from the side where dreads weren’t present. "Everything is a tad fuzzy if I’m being honest"

"Too many?" Selina laughed lightly. There was something about the Norn that reminded her fondly of her friend Dahr. She reached out her one good hand to her, "My name's Selina Knox. Thank you for the eggs."

"Wow, thanks" Eryn exclaimed as she tore a piece of the bread and placed an omelet on top of it. "I'm Eryn" She said to Selina. "Thanks for your help back there in the city."

The Norn accepted Selina's hand. "Sigrun, and it's no problem. I'm used to cooking for moots... Norn dinner parties... so I have a habit of making too much food."

Selina smiled. "You seem to be the sort of person I'd be glad to hang out with. How did all the four of you end up together? You seem to know each other. I know Tokky, but you lot weren't with him when I saw him last."

Sigrun's eyes went wide for a moment. "I don't know them that well, really. I just met them yesterday and they seem like nice enough people. Plus, any adventure has the opportunity to grow my legend, so I'm always up for the challenge."

"We met last night believe it or not." Arben answers followed by a laugh as he just lays flat on the ground "Ah can't never fall asleep right after a hit to the head like that." he quickly sat back up. "hows it looking Doc?"

"It would help if you sat still" Caden said with a chuckle, relieved to see that the man was at least lively enough. After a while he managed to locate the wound. He set his pack down on the floor and took out his waterskin and a clean piece of cloth. "I'm just gonna clean this a little to see how deep it is. " He said as he uncorked the skin.

"Eryn suggested we join the Adventurer's Society. I've got nowhere else to go, so it sounds like a good way to earn a living at the moment," said Tokkra. "What happened to Sarah?" Selina asked. "Had to leave her in Ebonhawke," he answered. Selina nodded knowingly.

"Tokkra trust you, I’m not worried clean away." He then Sits perfectly still in a lotus position meditating as Caden goes to work on his head.

Caden set to work on cleaning the wound realizing quickly that it was not very deep. "It's not deep" Caden told Arben. "But you gotta be careful, since it's on your head I can't really bandage it effectively but you don't want any dirt getting in there. “Probably shouldn't get your hair wet for the next two days or so." He carefully padded off any water left around the wound. "Did you lose consciousness at all when you were hit?"

Tokkra went silent, and Selina noticed that his fur was riddled by crushed fruit and stone fragments. "Hey," she said, "There's a small body of water near here. Want to go get washed up?" He looked up and nodded at her. She turned to the others, "I'm going to go with Tokkra to get clean. Don't finish the eggs without us, alright?"
As soon as the others had acknowledged what she'd said, she excused herself from the group and headed off with Tokkra.

Arben couldn't help but see Tokkra’s face silent yet strong emotion. He knew there was something special about that Charr.

"Yes it was slight was just a bit dazed and confused but i knew where i was can't be a concussion, but then again I’m not the professional. What do you think?" he looks up at Caden.

"You could still have a concussion. If you start to notice any signs of dizzyness, severe headache or nausea you should probably go and see a doctor"
He placed his water skin back in his pack .

"Will do Doc, how much i owe you for your services?" Arben asks while looking for his coin purse.

"I'm only a herbalist" Caden replied. "And please don't think you have to pay me for splashing some water on your head."
Happy to finally be eating Eryn took bite after bite. "These are great Sigrun" she told the norn.

Sigrun nodded, also stuffing her face with an omelette.

"An Herbalist and a scholar, thank you Caden this will not go un-noticed." Arben gets up to stretch but is feeling rather unwell and moves and sits next to Eryn "mind if i join u." With a friendly smile to match

"No of course, how're you feeling?" Before eating the last piece of her omelette.
"Happy to help" Caden replied with a smile as he sat down with Eryn and Arben.

"I'm Feeling just fine, just a little light headed, maybe a bite of an omelette will fix that." Arben looks at Sigrun "have any left there?"

Sigrun glanced over to the box. "No more omelettes, but..." She pulled out another box and opened it. "How about some mango pies?"

"Wow! You're full of surprises" Eryn exclaimed with a grin.
Caden meanwhile opened his pack again and pulled out some dried meat for himself.

"Are those the Kind with the Mango chunks?" His Mouth watering

"Oh yeah. The best kind," Sigrun replied with a grin.

"Oh Please, let me have a slice...maybe two? its been a while since i had a Mango Pie Slice.

"Heck, you can eat all of them if you want. It's easy to make more." She glanced over at everyone else. "Can you tell I like cooking?"

Arben Begins to chow down on the pie while everyone stares at him "Pfft I LOVE YOUR COOKING"

"Well, now I'm definitely glad you're coming along with us" Eryn said.
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Re: Forged in Fire
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Tokkra and Selina stopped by a little pond not too far from the Siege Plains. The water was a little cloudy, but Selina figured it was better than nothing. She bent down to take off her boots, and Tokkra followed suit, taking off not just his boots but his armor as well, and removing the rifle on his back before slipping his feet into the cold muddy water.  Selina considered removing the protective armor on her body before doing the same, but she figured it'd be too much of a hassle with one arm still in a sling, so she dipped in while fully clothed.

"Would you like some help?" Tokkra offered, noticing that Selina had stepped into waist deep water with all her clothes on.

"Nah, I've got a change of clothes in my bag. I'll be fine," she replied, subtly checking out a spot on Tokkra's arm that was matted with blood. She cleared her throat before pointing it out. "Seems like one of the rocks got you there."

"Where..." he looked down, not having noticed it before. Then "Oh" when he noticed it too, and began splashing water on the wound. It wasn't a very deep cut, just enough to draw blood.

Selina watched him. She had a question, but didn't know the best way to present it without sounding ignorant. She'd had her exchanges with Charr, but they'd always been opponents, or enemies. It felt strange to find herself face to face in a muddy pool with a friendly Charr. "Erm... Tokkra?"


"When you... erm... when you have such a wound... how do you bandage it up? I mean with all the fur in the way."
He grinned at her. She supposed he wasn't offended at her question. "It depends on the severity of the wound. If it's grave and requires a lot of attention, then the best idea is to shave around the area till it's completely healed." He surveyed the wound on his arm as the wet fur dripped around the edges like raindrops. The blood had mostly washed off. "This one though, is just fine the way it is." He then motioned towards her sling. "Seems like you got into a scuffle yourself. Does it hurt?"

She shook her head. She didn't plan to elaborate on how the sling had come to being. Instead, she pointed to the bits of gravel and fruit hanging on his back. "Do you mind if I help you with that?"

He turned around, realising he couldn't see what Selina was pointing at. "Give me a minute..." He held his breath, and lowered himself into the water till he was almost completely covered. But the water wasn't nearly deep enough to wash over his face without him needing to splash some over his head. Once that was done, he rose to his feet again, his entire body of fur spilling water into the pool below him. "Is it gone?" he asked, referring to the gravel Selina had noticed before.

She waded over and plucked out the last few stubborn bits of dirt off the many layers of fur on his back. "Got it."
"Thank you." He ran his claws through the areas of his fur he was able to reach and combed out any snags, then proceeded to emerge from the pool. Selina was following behind him when he turned to her and said, "Selina, you might want to step back a little bit."

She looked at him questioningly, but took two steps back anyway.

"A little further," he asked. And she retreated to the other side of the pool, watching him curiously.  He remembered when Sarah had been in his company. She'd always ask to be close to him when he had to dry off. She said it felt like being rained on. He wasn't sure how Selina would take to it though, he didn't want to upset her. Bending at the waist, he gave himself a vigorous shake to remove all the droplets of water still hanging on his fur. It sent a large spray of water into the air, surrounding him in a misty bubble, then dissipated when he stopped. He turned around to see Selina staring back with some measure of awe.

She'd never seen a Charr dry off at such a close proximity. She'd seen little cats, foxes and dogs dry off in such a manner - but a massive Charr doing the exact same thing... she didn't know what made her think they'd be drying off in the same manner as a human.
"Did I get any on you?"

"No," she replied, even though some of the spray did touch a corner of her face. Not enough to be a bother. Selina emerged from the pool, noting how Tokkra's fur was now fluffed up and a little frizzy. He busied himself putting back his armor, boots and weapon. "You didn't use your rifle," she stated.

"Back in Ebonhawke?"

She nodded.

"I wasn't looking for any trouble. Still am not," he replied.

"You probably could've cleared the crowd with one loud shot into the air."

He smiled. "I don't want the humans to fear me. There's too much fear as it is. Fear breeds misunderstanding. Misunderstanding breeds hate."

Selina fell silent. The crowd back in Ebonhawke was dangerously riled up and potentially violent, yet Tokkra had decided that sunshine and rainbows was the way to go. He was either very naive or a complete fool. She had to respect the innocence in the thought though, so she decided to hold her tongue in regards to the manner. "Let's head back, shall we?"

He nodded, and followed after her.

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Re: Forged in Fire
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Selina and Tokkra trudged back to camp, Tokkra looking a little cleaner and fluffier than before he left, and Selina, soaked from the waist down.

Sigrun turned to look at the Charr and Human, before holding up a box of mango pies. "Want some?"

Selina's face lighted up. "Did I miss something?Where did these come from?" And even as she asked, she walked over to pick one up. Tokkra followed her and helped himself to one as well, thanking Sigrun as he did.

The Norn smiled. "I just happen to love cooking. I always keep a good stock of food and cooking ingredients with me wherever I go."

Selina was already stuffing her face with pie. She spoke through a full mouth "Dis ish good." Tokkra nodded in agreement.

Caden smiled at Selina and got to his feet. He walked over to Selina and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Surprised by the sudden act of affection, she smiled shyly at him. "You still owe me a story."

"Hmm true, do you want to hear it now or on our way home?"

She shrugged. "I guess I'm just curious." She put a hand on the side of his face. "I owed you one now I owe you two."

"You owe me nothing love" he took her hand in his own and kissed it. "Sit down, I'll tell you"

She put the final piece of pie in her mouth, and dusted her hand off. "Let me get my pants changed first."

He nodded. "Are you going to be alright with that sling?" He asked.

She looked down in annoyance at the sling, and tugged on it. "Can I take this thing out? I can't get anything done."

"You can take it off to get changed" Caden said with a frown. "Just be very carefull and don't move your arm in any strange positions. Gran will have my guts if you injure it"

Selina snickered. "Strange positions..." she mumbled in jest as she pulled the sling off, and stretched her arm slowly.

"No overstretching it" Caden warned, taking the sling from her hands.

She turned her attention to him, intentionally using that hand to pat the side of his cheek. "Look, it's just fine. I'll be back shortly," she said, excusing herself as she picked up her pack.

"No handstands" He called after her before sitting back down with the rest.

She laughed out loud as she walked away.

Eryn looked at Sigrun, "Who taught you to cook like that?"

"I taught myself before I began building my legend so I could go to moots and hear stories from other Norn heroes. It's easy to get a Norn talking when their eating and drinking." She shrugged. "It just so happens to be a good skill to have while adventuring, too."

"Cooking is a useful trait," Tokkra said to Sigrun. "Everyone needs a chef."

"This is way beyond useful" Eryn exclaimed

Arben walked out from the trees fixing his belt "Ah your back, your alright Tokkra? As he continued to make sure his belt it tight enough.

"Yes I am Arben," Tokkra said with a smile. "And how are you?"

"Good to hear my friend, me ... well I feel lighter for sure after that great pie" Arben chuckled "You guys might wanna avoid going in that direction anytime soon" As he pointed from where he came from, turning his chuckle to a full laugh.

Tokkra spotted a solder's coat in the dirt some distance away. He stood up to walk over.

Tokkra returned with the coat. It was stained with blood and ash. He held it in his hands as he stood in front of the others.

"What's that?" Eryn asked, looking up to the charr.

"I guess it belonged to one of the Vanguard," he replied.

"This is interesting, to say the least" Arben walked up towards the jacket "Did any of you notice if the other Vanguard had ash on them? I didn't notice."

"I was a bit too busy to be noticing details like that" Eryn sighed.

"The Vanguard that retreated from Highden caves were fairly injured and dirty. Most likely due to their encounter with the Separatists," Sigrun said in reply.

"Should we help?"  Tokkra asked after a while.

"Sorry I'm normally one to questions everything" He continued to inspect the jacket and found a letter in one of the pockets. It seemed as it was read time and time again. "Should I open it?"

Tokkra shrugged. "At least to find out who it belongs to."

"Well pardon me, you were hitching a ride, I actually had to push my way through that crowd" Eryn said with a frown.

Arben laughed hysterically "trust me my dear it was involuntarily, not that I'm complaining Tokkra it was nice."

"I don't think we should open the letter though," Caden involved himself in the conversation. "We're headed towards the Asura gate in Ebonhawke.  I'll drop it off at the Vanguards. "It's one of their coats, they can sort it out"

"But what if this has something to do with the attack?" Arben asked "One can never know with such things, why would the jacket be left all the way out here"

"They were passing this way, I assume," said Tokkra, pointing to the footprints in the dirt.

"Perhaps someone just dropped it" Eryn suggested. "Would you go back for your jacket if you had just gotten injured badly?"

"Indeed it can be true but what if they were just trying to hide something? I understand your points but wouldn't hurt to just see to whom it may belong too."

"It's a breach of privacy if you ask me" Caden said. "But do as you see fit I suppose, can't really stop you, can I?"

"Or we can just hand the jacket to the Vanguard who're at Highden caves and see how else we can help?" suggested Tokkra. "There could always be more injured up north."

"Ok you guys are right, I can admit I was a bit hasty, and I agree Tokkra. Highden is where we must go. we must make haste who knows if they need more hands."
Arben grabbed the letter and put it back in the jacket pocket.

Eryn sighed, realizing she would most likely be doing work for free again.

Sigrun stood up and stretched. She grabbed her staff, and steadied her backpack. "Reputation can get you many things. And if this helps to build my own, I'm all for it."

Just then, Selina returned, smoothing out her dry pants. She noticed that everyone was particularly interested in a jacket that Tokkra was holding. "What's up?" she asked

"Tokkra found a Vanguard jacket over there" Caden said, getting up and handing her the sling again.

She grinned at Caden and didn't take it from him. "I think I'll do fine without it."

"I think not. You know gran and ma won't let me live it down" He hung the sling around her neck.

Her smile fell, but she didn't object and let him put the sling back on.

"We were thinking of going up north to offer some help," said Tokkra.

Selina perked up at this. She had her own purposes for going up north. "Sure, I'm down for helping."

"Sel" Caden frowned. "You are still injured and we're supposed to be going home, we have our own problems to worry about there."

Selina wanted to tell Caden that this would help with their problems back home, but she didn't know how to explain it, especially with all the others around. "We'll just go have a look-see Caden. It won't take long at all."

"The caves just got attacked and you've only got one arm to use. It's a bad idea Sel, and I left my family in a hurry, we shouldn't linger"

"But, Caden..." her voice trailed.

Just then Tokkra spotted another troop of Vanguard soldiers approaching them. There were the injured among them, but this group seemed to be of much better health than the previous. "Look... they're coming again."

Tokkra walked towards them, holding out the jacket to them. One of the Vanguard stopped to take a closer look. "We found this," he said, handing the jacket to the Vanguard. "We don't know who it belongs to."

The Vanguard looked at the rest of the team, noticing at once the strange composition. "What are all of you doing here?"

"Resting, We were resting before heading north to give aid to the Vanguard, if it was needed." Arben added as he walked up to stand next to Tokkra. "My friend here noticed this jacket on the ground from what appears to be from the platoon of soldiers that came through here earlier."

"We should really just go home Sel, the two of us can't mean much here, but it means a lot to my family" Caden said softly while Tokkra and Arben spoke to the Vanguard.

"You don't have to go up north, we won the battle," said the Vanguard, though to little fanfare.  "As for the jacket, I'll hand it to my captain." He turned around to call on his captain who was approaching.

Selina frowned, she was about to give up on the idea of the bloodstone when she found herself looking directly at Capt Diana, who moved out from behind the crowd.

"Oh hey, it's Captain Diana" Caden said, noticing her as well.

The captain stood right in front of Caden and Selina, surprise on her face. "I assume there's a good reason for her being out."

"Wait... Is there something I'm missing here?" Arben turned to looks at Selina and Caden.

"She was released earlier on authority of Major Greg Gibbons m'am" Caden said.

Confused Eryn listened to the conversation, presuming the woman had been in jail. She couldn't help but wonder why.

The captain audibly sighed, "Alright, fine."

The Vanguard handed her the jacket, "These guys found this here. They don't know who it belongs to."

Capt Diana took a hold of the jacket. The truth was she didn't want to deal with a missing jacket. She was tired and a little disappointed. All she wanted was to go back and roll into bed.

"Capt theres also a letter inside, we didn't open it. Might have a name to whom it belongs to as well." Arben added.

Without even thinking much about it, she opened the pockets and found the envelope, holding it up to the light. She noticed right away it was addressed to a woman.

"Barnes," she called to the Vanguard who spoke to her. "Do you know this person?"

The Vanguard came beside her and took a look at the envelope. "Oh... I think I have an idea who it might belong to. He left the caves in very poor condition though, I don't know if he made it."

"Will you hurry this letter back and see if that person is still alive?" said Diana, handing the letter to him.

He nodded his head.

She turned to the travelers. "Are you invested in this letter? You can follow Barnes back if you want."

"I'm more interested in what's going on out at the Highden caves," Sigrun commented. "I understand there's a huge battle against Separatists there."

"It's ended. We managed to push them out from the cave. But there're just two men guarding it right now. We'll have to see about getting more to secure the area," replied Diana.

Selina didn't feel comfortable around Capt Diana. She took a corner of Caden's sleeve and whispered to him, "I'm ready to go, if you are."

"We should really, there's still a day's journey ahead of us, perhaps we should rest in the Reach and travel the rest of the way tomorrow" Caden replied.

"It sounds like your soldiers had a tough time pushing them out and, from what I've seen of those who came back, you don't have a whole lot to work with." The Norn tilted her head back towards Ebonhawke, her eyes holding steady on the captain. "Unfortunately, your soldiers may have their hands full trying to calm down a riot due to a... misunderstanding. We would like to go in their stead."

Diana looked at the fellow norn, and then at the others. "And you are?"

"We are merely just a group of people looking to help out in what we can" said Arben.

She looked again at Selina. "Friends of yours?"

"Kind of... it's a long story," Selina replied.

"The finger twisting kind?" she asked specifically.

"Oh no.. no no..." said Selina. "Not that kind. Completely unrelated."

Diana nodded her head.

"I should like to be doing work I get paid for though" Eryn said softly.

Selina turned to Eryn the moment she heard what she'd said. She thought about saying something about the bloodstone, but didn't know if she trusted her enough to. Instead, she just stared.

"Alright, go ahead and see what you can do. Just tell them you've offered Capt Diana some help," Diana told Arben.

Eryn opened her mouth to ask whether or not they'd be paid for their efforts but then shut it again. It was probably inappropriate to ask she told herself.

"Will do Captain, we will do what we can to help while your troops get some well deserved rest"

"Good luck," Diana said as she turned to leave. Barnes had already run ahead, and she had every intention of following him back.

Caden was keen to head out, and Selina took two steps away from the team before she decided on whim to turn around and grab Eryn's arm, pulling her away from Diana.

"Eh?" Confused Eryn almost tumbled over when someone suddenly pulled her arm. Involuntarily she followed after Selina.

Wondering what Selina is up to now Caden followed the pair.

Selina checked to see Diana leaving, making sure she wasn't turning around any longer. When she was sure, she turned back to Eryn. "Your name is Eryn?" she asked quickly.

"Yeah" Still confused she pulled her arm back from Selina's grasp.

"Want to make a quick coin?"

Suddenly Selina had Eryn's full attention, "I could definitely use some money" She replied.

"Let me tell you something they're hiding up in that cave. When I say 'they' I mean the Separatists. I assume the Vanguard haven't thought to look. But it's worth quite a bit, and I expect a cut from having told you this. Do we have a deal?"

Tokkra moved to Arben's side. "Maybe we can pay a visit to the Vanguard after we check on the caves. Maybe we'll find the owner of the letter then."

"That sounds like a plan Tokkra." Arben turned to everyone else "Lets get a move on everyone, daylight is wasting." Arben grabbed his staff, closed it and placed it on his belt. "Whenever you are ready."

Selina looked up from Eryn for a bit and said to Arben, "Give me just a moment with Eryn. Caden and I will be on our way once we're done."

"You aren't staying?" Tokkra asked Caden.

"Perfect, take your time," said Arben.

"I uh" Caden looked at Selina again, confused at what she was telling Eryn and then looked back at Tokkra. "No, we need to get back home, besides, Sel is injured, we'd be no use in a fight."

"Maybe... what's this about?" Eryn asked, giving Selina a suspicious look.

"Two barrels of bloodstone crystals, hidden in a nook behind the waterfall. Get them out of there, sell them. I know buyers if you don't. Whatever you do, don't leave it where I mentioned because the Separatists will come back for their goods before long," whispered Selina.

"What! I don't deal in those kinds of things." Shocked, Eryn looked at Selina.

Selina's expression changed quickly, suddenly she looked angry. "You were the one wanting to make the quick coin. Forget I said anything. But if you go behind our backs and sell everything for yourself then you have me to answer to."

"There're ways to make money without selling black market items" Eryn sighed "Don't worry, I won't touch it, and I won't tell."

"You'd better not." Selina repeated, and went with Caden. Raising her voice for the others, she said, "Alright, we're leaving now. Goodbye."

Tokkra waved a paw at them.

Without a word Eryn turned and walked back to the rest.

Caden waved at the group. "Take care of that headwound Arben" He called.

"Farewell, and again thanks for the clean up Doc." Arben replied.

After watching Selina and Caden leave, Tokkra turned north.  "Shall we then?"

"We shall." Arben turned north and began to walk.

Quickly picking up her shield Eryn slung it accross her back and walked after Arben. Still mulling over the conversation she just had with Selina.

Sigrun nodded, a smile returning to her face. She started walking with Tokkra and the rest of the group towards their next destination.

By the time the team arrived at Highden caves, night was beginning to fall. The caves seemed mostly empty, but a voice rang out from a perch above. "Who goes there?"

"We are a group of Adventurers we had spoke to Captain Diana about coming to assist here." Arben replies. "Im Arben, my charr friend is Tokkra the lovely lady here is Eryn and the great Norn Sigrun, we come in peace I assure you."

The Vanguard climbed down from his perch via a ladder. When he landed on the ground, he reached out his hand to shake theirs. "That's a relief. Kyle and I thought we were going to be alone the entire night. We welcome any help. My name is Alaric."

"Pleasure Alaric, what can you report of the battle and the aftermath." Arben shook his hand.

"We had about ten men paroling the area. Hostiles created an explosion, and shot through the smoke as the men attempted to rescue those who were injured by the blast. It was a pretty messy situation. The three that were left had to hold the fort till Capt Diana and the others were able to arrive. Kyle and myself came from the headquarters. The capt sent everybody else back to the city."

"Ok and since then have you seen other people besides us come around here?"

"It's been eerily quiet since the others have left. You're welcome to help patrol the area," he replied.

"Did the attackers flee?" Eryn asked, looking around to get a feel for the area.

Alaric nodded. "Backed off just in the last hour or two ago."

"So for all we know they might be returning any moment."

"That's our fear. Kyle is still guarding the other side of the cave."

Tokkra was silent for most of it, sniffing the air carefully. "Gunpowder..." he mumbled. "Everywhere."

Alaric responded to him. "Yes, the explosion involved gunpowder."

"We should probably split up then, two on patrol on this side, and two near Kyle." Eryn said, looking at the rest.

Tokkra stopped sniffing. "Where should I go?" he asked.

"You and Sigrun take the north east, Eryn and I can manage the North West we meet up here if anything goes arwy. Don't bite more than you can handle," instructed Arben.

"Sure, we'll set up camp on the other side of the cave," he said, heading off with Sigrun. "Goodnight Arben and Eryn."

"Take care you two, be safe" Eryn said as they walked away.

"Alaric we will reconvene soon stay alert." He patted him on his back and started to walk northwest. "So Eryn tell me more about yourself." He added to make the patrol more amusing.

"There's really not much to tell" She said quietly. "I just travel around and work where I can." She looked at him. "What about you? You seem to have an interesting business set up for yourself"

"Well a business means making money and the way I run my business... I tend to spend or even give away more than I make." He chuckled "In reality, none have never been a factor for me but seeing people happy and safe is enough... you know what I mean?"

"Hm" She nodded and fell silent again.

"You're not much for words, are ya?"

She shrugged. "What kind of investigating do you do?"

"Mainly anything that can help, Missing persons, stolen items, undercover work, even sadly murder cases. We have done some bounty work as well. I lean more towards the bringing in people rather then kill them those deadly bounties can hold a weight on ones conscious which is why I tend to avoid them"

"Probably for the best. Taking a life is never easy" Eryn commented.

Arben puts his head down "Sadly this is true, i have taken a few myself not intentionally but... " he went quiet.

Eryn looked around, observing their surroundings carefully.

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The area seemed calm, quiet, almost too quiet for what transpired hours ago. "So whats the story behind Eryn" Arben asks Eryn still trying to figure her out. She is not as shyt as she seems yet has so much hidden layers and much like any great case full of mystery.

"Like I said, not much to tell. " She sighed. "Sorry Arben, I'm not one for elaborate stories about ones self."

"Sorry if I’m persistent, I just like to know more about the people that I surround myself. I mean you don't give me the murder type but I have been fooled before." He keeps his attention to the shaded woods surrounding them. "But if you wish I will try my best to not figure you out." a lie he told her, knowing in every inch of his being that he wanted to know more.

"I was trained by the Seraph if that'll put your mind at rest" She frowned at him. "Besides, right now keeping you alive is much more to my advantage" She added with a grin.

His eyebrow raises as he heard her quick comment " I guess we all have our part to play don't we" He smiles gently "i guess we should turn back this is already too far out for our own safety"

"Hmm.. You're probably right" She said, her face returning to a serious expression. She stopped and looked around, listening intently to pick up any sounds.

A rustling of leaves crackled quietly, detectable only to the very observant

Silently she unsheathed her sword while turning to look in the direction the rustling came from.

The rustling stopped, and the evening wind blew gently against Eryn. There was not a sound to be heard but the sound of crickets.

"Who's there?" Eryn called. "Show yourself"

"Too quiet." Arben whispered to Eryn. he drew his stick-staff and just as if one with the shadow disappered into the mist of darkness. "i got your back"

Eryn peered into the darkness hoping to spot anything that would tell her what was out there.... or who

Up from the slopes above, several metallic balls rolled down, bouncing on rocks and slopes till they came to a halt near the cave.

Unsure what they were Eryn dodged backwards and raised her shield.

All of a sudden, the balls exploded in little fiery orbs, emitting greenish plumes of smoke. Most likely poisonous.

Eryn kept treading backwards her shield and sword raised in front of her defensively. As soon as she spotted the smoke she held in her breath

"DONT BREATH THAT IN!!!" Arben yells as he jumps in the center of the smoke with a rag wrapped around his nose and mouth, he presses the mechanism on the stick opening the full range of the staff and he starts to twirl the staff over his head manipulating the smoke to his discretion. Pulling much smoke from Eryn away from her.

All of a sudden four attackers rolled into the scene, much in the same manner that the metallic balls did. They had gas masks on, therefore unaffected by the gas. They pulled out swords, shields and daggers, well-armed to attack Eryn and Arben at any moment.

She appreciated Arben's gesture and nodded at him though she struggled to suppres a mental eyeroll at his bravoure. As if she hadn't seen the smoke herself she thought. Her train of thought was abrubtly cut to an end however when 4 attackers entered the scene and without hesitation she teleported to the nearest foe striking him with her sword. Below them a shining symbol appeared on the floor.

The attacker that she was before was pushed backwards, and the one behind swung wildly.

Arben twirls the smoke towards 2 of the attackers while they could still breath in it. But it must have been hard for them to see. He drops to the ground where the smoke was less and thus easier to see he draws his revolvers and aims to the legs of one of the attackers and lets a couple shots to the knee. BAM one shot off by a few inches must be the poison disorienting him BAM a hit where the attacker drops to one knee. Arben rolls to a clear area without smoke unwraps quickly and gasp for some fresh air before jumping back into the fight

As the one before her stumbled back Eryn took a step forwards and kicked him in the knees hard after which she made half a turn to keep an eye on the attacker behind her, raising her shield in his direction.

Arrows start flying in from behind the four attackers as more enemies start to stream in

Holding her breath was slowly becoming impossible however and as the man behind her stumbled backwards she reached up with her swordhand and tugged at her collar, pulling a part of the fabric up to cover her mouth and nose. She prayed the cloth would be enough to keep her safe from the poison as an arrow dug itself into her shield with a loud thud.

With a loud roar, about ten more attackers start down the hill.

"Arben" She yelled. "There's too many" She swung her sword at the man in front of her again hitting him in the shoulder this time.

Arben shadowsteps behind the attacker who hasnt been hit and puts 2 bullets to each his legs and 1 in the shoulder of his sword hand. He holsters one of his guns and does a cartwheel over to grab his staff as he lands he sees the other attacker on his knee he swings his staff to slap him clear accross the face. He hears Eryn yelling at him he replies "we need to get the others that way we will have a chance move out".

More arrows fly in their direction as the enemies push in.
The man in front of Eryn rolled away with a yelp, revealing the other attackers coming from behind him
she glanced at Arben to see if he was retreating while she stepped backwards, creating some distance between herself and the attackers.

Arben started to make his way to Eryn.

Alaric and another Vanguard appeared behind him, he waved quickly to the pair. "This way!" he said, leading them deeper into the cave.

After taking a final swing at one of the attackers Eryn started to run towards Arben.

The two Vanguard led Eryn and Arben to an area fortified by a heap of sandbags. There were rifles on the safer side of the sandbags.

"Take these!" yelled the Vanguard with Alaric, most likely Kyle. He threw rifles to Eryn and Arben as Alaric moved quickly to release a net from the ceiling when five enemies came into view. For a moment, they were distracted by the net, and two got trapped by it.(edited)

Catching a rifle Eryn knealed behind the sandbags placing the rifle on top of them before taking aim at one of the attackers.

More arrows were shot, some embedded into the sandbags not far from Eryn's face. Alaric tried to dodge behind the sandbags after releasing the net, but an arrow caught him in the back, and he fell on the ground instead.

After firing two shots Eryn looked over at Alaric. "Alaric" She called, seeing whether he's still alive.

He lifted up his head, but did not reply, it became clear that he was in a state of shock and could not move behind the fortification by himself.

Letting her rifle lie on the sandbags Eryn stayed low as she moved towards where Alaric was. When she got as close to him as she could inside the sandbag fortification she yelled at Arben. "Cover me!"

Kyle did his bit to cover Eryn's movement, firing in a constant stream at the attackers.

In one smooth motion she leaped over the sandbags grabbing Alaric under his shoulders, dragging him towards the fortification.

The two who were trapped in the net got hit by bullets from both Arben and Kyle, and a third fell to the ground as well. More metallic balls were thrown, and they too popped and emitted the gas they'd seen before.

She dragged Alaric until they reached the sandbags. She struggled to get him up higher.(edited)

Arben grabs a bag of caltrops and launches it into the smoky floors even with there gas mask it should make it difficult for them to walk past them. He drops the rifle and draws his revolvers. He feels as he can do more cover fire with them and begins to unload onto the attackers the empty shells falling on the ground almost as if everything slowed down for arben he studdies hus next shot carefully. He notices a bag where the smoke pellets are being grabbed from he points his direction there releasing several shots into it.

A man went down with Arben's shots. From behind Arben and Eryn, a loud roar was heard as Tokkra came bounding towards them on all fours. Sigrun was not at his side.
The attackers seemed a little taken aback by the loudness of the roar, echoing off the walls of the cave. Tokkra smelt the poison in the air, and immediately stopped to wrap a cloth around his muzzle.

After several minutes Eryn finally managed to get Alaric over the wall of bags. As soon as they were over she returned to her rifle.

A bullet whizzed just an inch over Arben's head.(edited)

"OH SNAP" Arben ducks as the bullet passes really close. "Now this is a party!" He screams as he sees Tokkra finally here "took you long enough" arben adds to Tokkras arrival

After Tokkra had put the cloth over his face, he reached into his pack, pulled out an egg shaped grenade. "Cover your ears!" he warned the others. And with a quick flick of his wrist, sent it rolling between the enemy's feet.

Ducking down Eryn covered her ears with her hand when Tokkra called. Though she kept her eyes firmly on the attackers in front of her.

Arben already ducked covered his ears and waited for the blast...

The explosion burst rubble through the cave, tearing stone from the walls and ceiling, throwing the attackers off their feet. Blue smoke shot over the sand wall, and as it settled, all became calm and quiet.

As soon as the worst was over Eryn grabbed her rifle again aiming it at whatever moved across from her.

As Tokkra stood up from his position, he faced a number of icicles jutting rudely from the sand wall, and all around. The enemies frozen in place, dressed in a bluish hue.

Arben with both guns loaded and ready to shoot gets up and slowly studies the area. "Could it have been that easy?" He asked himself loud enough for everyone near to hear.

"They won't stay that way for long," warned Tokkra.

Taking her rifle Eryn started to shoot the frozen attackers.

"Noted" Arben jumps ontop of the sand bags and unloads as much ammo as he can into the icy attackers legs.

Tokkra looked Alaric over. He didn't seem to be doing too good with the arrow still protruding from his back, and moaning incoherrently. "I should bring this one to someone who can help him," suggested Tokkra.

"Yea Tokkra you might be the fastest of the group. Take Alaric and see if they'll send reinforcements. Seem whatever they are after they wont let off anytime soon."

"Careful, there may still be more outside" Eryn said as she looked around the cave.

With a single heave, Tokkra put Alaric onto his shoulder. "Safe journey," wished Kyle. Tokkra nodded. "Sigrun is still on the other side of the cave, guarding the entrance. If you need help, you can call on her."

Arben goes and tries to salvage some of the gas mask.

Tokkra withdrew his own rifle and readied it as he headed towards the entrance of the cave.

"I'll see you off safely" Eryn said readying her rifle and following Tokkra outside.

"Thank you Eryn," said Tokkra, accepting the help. They carried on till they were just outside, and noticed a scruffle of bootprints in the mud. They appeared distressed and hurried, headed into the woods beyond. Tokkra stopped before the tracks and went ahead to sniff the air.
The air smelt like sweat and... human. The trails of scent had departed, all save for one. Tokkra turned west, and up a tree. There was a female up that tree, a gas mask in her hand, dressed very much like the other attackers. But there was genuine fear on her face as they discovered her in the branches.

The female dropped the gas mask and shuddered in fear. "I did nothing! I'm not responsible!"

A shot is heard from behind Eryn and Tokkra as they turned to see what it was. They saw Arben standing there with smoke coming out his revolver. And the female dropped from the tree. "I guess if your not responsible you will lead me to the person who is." She was shot in the leg she took more damage from the fall

The female fell like a stone, and landed with a crunch. Tokkra jolted backwards in surprise. It was likely that she had broken ribs. She lay sobbing on the ground, clearly afraid.

Shocked Eryn looked over her shoulder to see Arben.

Arben walks up to the female "the way i see it you have two choices you either talk and we get you help or you can litterly die here." He begins to reload his gun giving her a chance to talk.

"Don't hurt me please..." she sobbed. Tokkra had a pained look on his face, he worried Arben was going to torture the female human.

Eryn frowned as she looked at him. This was definitely different from the Arben she'd been talking to earlier. Worried she glanced at Tokkra. "You should get a move on" She said softly.

"I give you my word, no harm..." he pauses and continues "well, no more harm will be done. as long as you talk."

"She might need some medical attention too," Tokkra pointed out, noting that the female had not gotten to her feet since her fall.

"No point in saving her life it costs Alaric's." She sighed. "She made her choice when she joined them. Go"
"Send help when you get there"

With a little bit of reluctance, he decided to heed Eryn's advise and save Alaric first. "Thank you for the help. I'll be back as soon as I can," he said.

"Be safe" She told him as he left.

"Help for who this girl, nah she is fine trust me." he grabs a few unused pellets that fell from her bag. " I'm gonna assume if i take these pellets and activate them right i make you swollow them. What will accur?"

"I'm going to check inside. Will you be alright by yourself?" She called out to Arben.

"Yea, ill be fine" Arben answered

She frowned again and glanced at the girl one more time before turning and walking back to the cave.

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Arben looks at his surrounding seeing Eryn slowly vanish deeper into the cave. He looks at the fallen girl. “I'm guessing you seem better days.” Arben slightly chuckles as a faint sound of bushes rattling and a small jagged horror creeps up from a pile of bushes and slightly stretches. Arben turns to the girl “I guess you have back up, or someone's watching this outta be fun.” the girl begins to yell “Go run leave me to die, Grenth welcomes me!!!” Arben grabs his revolver and shoots her 3 times in the stomach. Leaving behind a pool of blood, in the distance he can hear few scattered footsteps, muttering and putting the distance from the cave. He simply sits next to the body and calls over the jagged horror and begins to pet it… Sometime has now past and Arben looks over to the body of the girl. “This can't be worst then that time in wildlands with the bandits can it?” the girl slightly opening her eyes. “You would bring that up… wouldn't you.” she replies as she sits up. “Next time try not to shoot me too much, ok love”

He looks at her with a big smile. “Gotta make it look convincing or you want a repeat of... may i say it again, The Wildlands.” he gets up and helps her up. “these new ammunition really are coming in handy for these kind of jobs. Don't you say” he looks at her and where the bullets hit her skin “Well it's easy to say that when you're the one NOT getting shot at.” she replies while wiping some of the blood off of herself. “Let me get a few shots on you see how you like it.” Arben quickly looks at her “Umm no, i think I'm just fine on this end of the gun.” He opens the bag on his back and takes out a smaller sack containing some cloths and other amenities. “So how was Molly feeling about the whole thing?” he says as he passes her the sack. “Well love she seemed relieved, almost happy. Maybe now she can finally focus on herself and get that life she was talking about away from the separatist and their disgusting antics.” she break the necklace around her neck throws it in the ground and the jagged horror breaks it completely. A pink light emanates from it and the girl’s appearance starts to change. “There's the face i know and love.” Arben smiles at her. “oh by the gods stop your drooling, i know im beautiful dont need the constant reminder.” she adds while looking at him with a flirtatious smirk. “Yea ok there little miss let me fall from a tree, you scared me.” she steps towards him “Dont worry love, i'm fine plus you could have waited for me to get a bit closer before firing” - “Well i was with this group of people, i didn't want to risk the chance of them hurting you, plus that other girl that was with me she has a trigger finger on her. Can't be too careful.” Arben replies as he wipes some blood from her face. He continues to talk “But are you ok Athanasia?” his voice softening with his concern. “Love do in fact believe me i'm fine.” she gives him a small kiss on his cheek. “Now turn around so i can change.” - “nothing i haven't seen before.” he adds with a small laugh as he turns around. Athanasia changes and grabs her bag and only gets rid of most unnecessary junk from the separatist. “oh here's your cut from the job and a few letters that were at your office for you.” she hands him a few letter with a bag of coin. “Good, i'm gonna share this with the people i'm with, they seem like they can use it. Plus i probably wouldn't have been able to do it without them.” Arben says as he puts away the items. “Whatever love it's ur money, i got paid already.” she smiles “Well let me introduce you to Eryn she's the one that stayed behind. Tokkra is the Charr they just left but he’ll return.” he says while he starts making his way to the cave.

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Re: Forged in Fire
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Inside the cave Eryn found Kyle busy working on their sand bag fortification. The few bags she had knocked slightly out of place while trying to drag Alaric over them had been pushed back into line and he was currently checking all weapons, making sure the rifles were loaded. Looking around at the mess Eryn walked over to the the scattered bodies of the dead bandits.

One by one she started checking their pockets to see if any of them had anything useful on them. She found several more of the poisoned smoke bombs. She also took several of the gasmasks and placed them behind the fortification for future use. Although she hoped it wouldn't be necessary.

She considered dragging the bodies outside, but most of them would be too heavy for her to handle. Pondering the subject she sat down on one of the piles of sandbags. After a while she looked over at Kyle. "You alright? It must be awkward for you to be the only Vanguard left here." She asked him.

"We must all do our jobs, miss," Kyle replied as his eyes remained plastered on the fortification. "That is the least that is expected of us. I can consider all else when it's over."

"Aye, you're right" Eryn replied, getting up and moving inside the fortifications, placing the few bombs she found down in a safe spot.

"I have to say though... one casualty on our side against so many has been rather impressive," remarked Kyle.

Arben walks in with Athanasia by his side, different in appearance to the female outside but the same non the less. "Eryn my dear. I have something for you." Arben says as he gets closer to Eryn and Kyle.

"We have been very lu..." Stopping midsentence as Arben walked in she looked over in his direction. She frowned as she noticed the woman by his side, her hand moving towards her sword though she didn't take it.

Kyle noticed the woman by Arben's side as well, but could not recognize her. He noticed Eryn tense up.

Arben threw a small sack containing 2 gold & 20 silver pieces to Eryn. "I hope you don't think any little of me, let me introduce you to the woman from the tree, this is Athanasia. A very dear friend of mines." Athanasia slightly bows as her black hair fell over her shoulder, not like her blonde disguise she had on earlier. "How do you do?"

Catching the sack, Eryn's frown turned into confusion. "What's this for, and why is she here?" She asked, still ill at ease.

"Well its a long story, but to cut it short. I was on the job from the moment we first met at the tavern, I do recall i stated a case brought me to this side of Tyria." He replied "However I didnt know if i can trust you guys, i knew the numbers couldn't hurt having you guys around but i needed to fake a woman's death and i didn't want to put in risk the female asking for the job so I brought Athanasia here with me. Now the separatist think the woman is dead maybe now she can find peace and get away from the vile plague that is the separatist."
"Long story short that's your cut of the job my love." Athanasia added.

"Humm... an undercover agent. Could've used your help earlier," mentioned Kyle a little bitterly.

Eryn shrugged. "I did nothing to deserve it" She looked at the sack, tempted to throw it back, though, the money would be more than welcome. Judging by the weight there was more in there than she had had in weeks.

"In all honesty Eryn, you kept me alive, that to me means a lot more then a few coins in a sack. I couldn't have done this alone I can admit that. I just hope there is no hard feelings between us for my secrecy" Arben replies to Eryn with a slight smile.

"Well" She looked at the sack again. "If you insist."

Athanasia looked over at Kyle "I couldn't break my cover dear, what you guys do and what I do is 2 different things. I didn't shoot you guys that's all that matters."

"Easy Ath, he is one of the good guys." Arben turned to Athanasia, she became a bit harsh towards Kyle letting her past experience with the Vanguard get to her.

Shrugging again Eryn carefully tucked the sack away in her pack. "We should probably check on Sigrun" She said, as she closed up her pack. "She's been alone as far as I know and hasn't come this way at all."

Kyle unplugged himself from the conversation and returned to stacking sand bags, just to distract himself from the woman. She seemed pretentious enough to him, but he didn't know enough undercover agents to gauge if that was normal.

The last bandit fell lifelessly to the ground on the last hit from Sigrun's flesh golem. They weren't even a challenge, she thought. Numerous, yes, but foolish. Perhaps they were too cocky. She didn't even waste any magic to throw a spell their way. She sighed in disappointment and remembered that there were sounds of gunshot in the cave, back where the other were. Once she was certain the coast was clear, she made her way back to her allies.

"So no hard feelings?" Arben asked Eryn.

"Arben, I hardly know you, I cannot begrudge you for keeping secrets from a stranger" She said with a sigh. "Which direction was Sigrun in?"

"I was this way, in case you were wondering," the Norn replied as she entered the area, flesh golem still in tow. She glanced around. "Stupid separatists didn't know when to quit. Who's this?"

Arben smiled, as he was still trying to decipher Eryn. "I believe that way." he pointed at Sigrun as she appeared from the shadows.

"Sigrun! I"m glad you're alright" Eryn said, looking at her. "I was just about to come and find you"

Kyle did a half hearted wave at Sigrun. He was just about done with sand bags, but his mind continued to race through what else could be done to protect the cave. Those separatists had entered too easily.

"Athanasia meet Sigrun, another adventurer I been with for the last few hours." Arben introduced the two "Sigrun, Athanasia a friend and co-worker. Kyle need any help with those?" Arben ask noticing how rude he was for letting Kyle do all the work.

"I see." She glanced at Eryn, looking somewhat bored. "Of course I'm alright. I'm Norn... not that I don't appreciate your concern for me."

"I presume you were attacked as well?" Eryn asked, ignoring the norn's boast.

"Indeed. The separatists seemed a little overconfident in their ability. I made them see the error of their ways." She pointed down the tunnel, trying to hide a smirk. "Nice pile of corpses they left there. How rude."

"I don't need help," muttered Kyle, still looking around. "But I do need some ideas on how to better protect ourselves."

"You ever made a wall of bodies?" Arben walked towards Kyle "I know how that sounds, but have you?"

"Can't say that I have," replied Kyle, a little repulsed by the idea.

"It can hold if done properly, trust me Kyle one day you will see something worst." He walks up towards the corpses and looks around "Sigrun, Athanasia mind moving these bodies over to the main entrance?"

Eryn glanced at Kyle, probably equally repulsed by the idea but said nothing.

The Norn smirked and, without saying a word, began casting a spell. A few of the bodies stood up and began walking towards the entrance. When they arrived at their destination, Sigrun snapped her finger, dismissing the spell. The bodies collapsed in a neat pile. She then repeated the process.

Athanasia helped Sigrun moved a few of the corpses as well. "This outta work for a little while what you guys think?" Arben looks down and sees Athanasia's Shambling horror "Hey there Scooty." Arben beginning to play with the horror as it was a pet.

Kyle watched for a bit, held his nose, and attempted to help.

"That ought to keep more bandits out, even if it's just because they wouldn't crawl over their dead friends" Eryn said looking none too happy.

"Indeed it should... Ah nothing like a barracade to bring us together." Arben stops playing with the horror and sits out in the calm and opens up letters that Athanasia handed him, he starts reading away.

"I hope Tokkra can manage to find some reinforcements" Eryn said to Kyle as she sat down inside the barricade.

Sigrun smiled at the display but stood casually as if nothing was amiss.

"I hope that too. They're busy with the injured, but I'm sure they'll send some men." he replied

"Surely anyone they can muster will be a help" She replied.

...Hours past. Sounds of drum beating came towards the cave.

"What's that?" Eryn said, getting to her feet.

Kyle had just about fallen asleep on the sand bags when he heard the beating.

Arben grabbed his guns and stood up. "It can either be the Vanguard or some very very bad news."

A familiar furry face popped into the cave, looking eagerly at them. "Are you all alright?" asked Tokkra.

"HAHAAA!!! Tokkra your back! I never been so happy to see a fuzzy face." Arben hosltered his weapons "Took your sweet time too." Arben joked.

Tokkra grinned and turned around. Slowly, a number of readily armed Vanguard soldiers followed him into the cave. At the helm, was Capt Diana. "You lasted the night," she marvelled and looked at the corpses stacked up. "Survived an onslaught as well?"

"Yes ma'am" Eryn replied, before she stretched to get rid of the soreness from sitting on the floor.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Sigrun said in reply, smirking.

"I have to say, Tokkra wasn't joking about the number of separatists making that second attempt. But I had to see it to believe it. The Vanguard thanks you for your effort in ensuring the safety of Ebonhawke," she said, giving them a bow.

Athanasia just stood in the distance not trying to come in contact with anymore Vanguards. Arben walked up to Diana. "Yea wasn't easy neither, If it wasn't for us Kyle wouldn't have no longer be with us, you should have left more men, and what of the other guy? Did he make it?"

"Yes, Alaric gained consciousness along the way. The medics are seeing to him now. I would've placed more men, but we were nearly out of ammunition, and the men had not eaten. I'd had hoped the separatists wouldn't be so bold that they would try to attack again. I can't imagine this cave is worth all this effort," she looked down at the dead. "They must be hiding something here."

Eryn frowned and considered the conversation she had with Selina before she left, but she didn't speak up.

After the silence drew on, Diana continued, "I know all of you are tired, and you haven't slept well. I'd like to reimburse the non-Vanguard who have helped in the effort to secure the cave." She pulled out a sack of gold and offered four pieces to each. "Perhaps you might enjoy a drink and the comfort of a bed at our local tavern."

Rather pleased with that outcome Eryn accepted the coins. "Thank you Captain" She said before looking at the rest of her party.

When Diana dropped the four pieces of gold into Tokkra's paw, he felt bashful. "I spent half of the night far from the cave," he admitted.

Sigrun nodded in reply and took the coins, securing them safely in a pocket pouch.

Diana smiled and turned to Kyle. "Perhaps we shall let Kyle decide. Has anyone here not pulled their own weight?"

"No M'am," he responded immediately, though he discreetly took a glance in Athanasia's direction.

"Well, you have it," Diana said. "All of you non-Vanguards are relieved of duty. We'll take it from here."

Eryn glanced at Kyle before looking back at her party. "Should we be going back to Ebonhawke then?"

"I guess that's my cue" Athanasia muttered as she walked up to Arben. "Is there anything you need of me, my love for I must take my leave back to Lions arch, I can see it in your eye that you wish to stay with the rest of the non-Vanguard."

"You know me to well my dear I guess you can take these letters with you and disperse of them as needed." He hands her a few replies to the letters he was reading earlier. "Stay safe, stay alive always in my heart my dear." Arben kissed Athanasia's cheek and whispered in her ear "Intro Extint Fall"

"I will be seeing the rest of you again soon, I'm sure of it take care of this clown." Athanasia said to the group as she made her way out the cave.

"I just got here, but I'll go where my team goes," Tokkra said light heartedly, smiling gratefully at Eryn. He was beginning to get used to the idea of working with these humans and norn. It gave him a sense of belonging.

"Travel safely." Eryn told Athanasia. "On the other hand, Ebonhawke might not be the best place for a hot meal and a proper bed" Eryn said, suddenly remembering the last time they took Tokkra into Ebonhawke. "How about the summit then?"

"We could always go to Hoelbrak. Norn don't care who you are so long as you don't cause trouble," Sigrun suggested.

"I still have some business at the summit" Eryn said.

Tokkra shrugged. "I don't mind wherever we're going, as long as it doesn't cause any trouble."

"I too would like to stay together with the group." The horror rubbing its body on Arbens leg like a cat "Oh you little guy take care of your mommie I'll be seeing you soon." Arben pat the horror as it then followed Athanasia out the cave.

"Since we don't have particularly concrete plans yet, why don't we just do both? Summit on our way to Hoelbrak?" suggested Tokkra.

"I agree with Tokkra, we can do both." Arben adds "Oh by the way before I forget." Arben grabbed some sacks and passed one to Tokkra and one for Sigrun "These belong to you both, I'll explain later on once we hit the road."

"I'd be fine with that" Eryn said.

Tokkra received the sack and held on to it, wondering if he should open it.

"So Captain if that would be all, we should start making our way out of this region." Arben started to grab his stuff.

Capt Diana was already busy getting up to speed with Kyle while the others towed the deceased away. She hadn't heard Arben, but it was of the assumption that that was all.

"She must be busy, which means we should be in the clear." Arben signaled to the non-Vanguard group members "We move out."

Sigrun analysed the sack briefly before shoving it into her backpack. With a simple jerk of her head, the flesh golem willingly followed the group.

Shrugging Eryn checked if her pack was secure before making her way out of the cave.

Tokkra followed along, watching the birds that flew overhead.

Once the group was out of Vanguard ear shot Arben explained the contents of the small sacks "Those are your payments for a job you guys didn't know you were apart of. I didn't tell you guys but one can never be too safe with strangers."

"Fair enough," Sigrun replied.

"So... any more secrets we should know about?" Eryn asked Arben.

Arben started laughing. "There are always secrets, but any pertaining to you guys, none at the moment. I would ask you about secrets but I'd be devastated if you give me the silent treatment again."

She shrugged. "I don't know what you're getting at."

"I mean nothing about that except for the fact that we all have secrets its a natural thing and I don't expect other wise, I just recall our conversation from earlier and simply stated if I would ask about your secrets you will just simply stop speaking to me or do that bad girl shrug with your shoulders." He chuckled "I'm just being observant it's all."

"I'm just not comfortable discussing my life with strangers in the dark is all."

Arben made his way to walk next to Eryn, and he looked up. "It's a nice bright day, don't see any darkness. I'm only kidding I know you were speaking about earlier in the cave also I told you I wont push. Do you wanna know a secret of mine?"

"As long as you can guarantee that these secrets do not involve us or the situation we're in. I have no interest in hearing your secrets."

"No but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I love apples, SHHHHH dont tell nobody" Arben couldn't help but to laugh "Come on loosen up we going to be on the road for a lil while i just want to see you smile. If you can do such a thing since i met you i dont think i seen you smile at least not for me. Let me guess i try too hard?"

"I laugh..."  She replied, "When something's funny."

"So what your saying is that im not funny?" He cleared his throat "That's hurtful."

"Oh, I'm sorry" she said with a grin.

"No need friend! I guess ill just have to try harder." He thought for a brief moment. "What did the Golem say to the Asuran Engineer?" he paused for dramatic effect. "You turn me on... Get it?" he laughed.

She frowned. "Perhaps it would be funnier over a drink."

Arben looked at her while she was unimpressed with his charismatic charm. "Perhaps, so you're inviting? I guess I can make time of my busy schedule to have a drink with you." He was being obviously sarcastic since they were traveling together.

"Oh no, just advice for when you try that joke again in the future."

"I like you Eryn, not in a sleezy way, but I do in fact find your...charm to be quite intoxicating. You leave me wondering more about you." He smiled and stopped his playfulness.

"Now you are being funny" She said with a chuckle.

"I'll take that, so what business are we getting ourselves involved at the summit?" Arben smiled.

"I need to speak with the warden there. It won't take long." She sighed. "I actually planned to go there to look for work, but with Tokkra with us perhaps it's better to do that elsewhere."

"Indeed I must agree, and i wanna put enough distance from this place as I can." Arben replied.

"If you'd rather take the rest ahead to Hoelbrak first I have no objections" She said, turning her head to look at him. "I'm used to travelling on my own anyway."

Arben gently smiled at Eryn "Those were the old days, you got us now plus, WHOS GONNA KEEP TOKKRA OUT OF TROUBLE!" he laughed "But seriously we stick together, its the best way."

"I'm not sure Tokkra is the one that needs to be kept out of trouble" Eryn replied dryly as she raised one eyebrow.

"The details are not important, we travel together." Arben replied. "Anyone ever say you look adorable with your eyebrow raised?"

She rolled her eyes at him and turned her gaze back forward, making sure they were still headed in the right direction.

Tokkra had lagged behind, lost in his thoughts, and just as he snapped to, hurried ahead to join Eryn and Arben.

"Was it something I said?" Arben looks back hearing footsteps getting louder. "Tokkra we were just talking about you."

"You ok there Tokkra?" Eryn asked, completely ignoring Arben's question.

"About me?" Tokkra looked surprised. "Nothing bad I hope?"

"Of course not, I was just pulling Eryn's leg. So whats on your mind you seem distant."

"Oh it's nothing. I'm just appreciating the fact that I don't answer to a warband any longer. And... I guess it's as much an odd feeling as a freeing one. What does one do when he doesn't have to report to a superior?"

"Work for a living all the same" Eryn said with a chuckle. "I sort of know what you mean though, I felt the same when I left the Seraph"

"One simply lives to one own moral code my friend. Do whatever makes you happy." Arben patted Tokkra on the back. "You are your own superior."

Tokkra grinned. "So... my guess is that we'll be headed to one of those message boards to pick out a job for all of us soon?"

"I had planned to pick up a job at the summit, but I can totally understand you wanting to move on to an area where charr are more welcome"

"That's not to say the summit isn't welcoming of Charr..." Tokkra considered the Legionnaire who tricked him into being sent to the Black Citadel. "But I might stay around the sidelines if it's all the same to you."

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Re: Forged in Fire
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"I don't need long, just a quick talk" Eryn replied.

"I'll wait," Tokkra pointed to the Summit further up the incline. "Have a good talk."

It was a nice day at the summit, and they'd picked a place at the top of a nearby tree. People had already started filtering in, talking...

It provided quite a good view! They sat, still as they could, with a sketchbook in their lap. People almost never looked up, and whenever someone did spot them they just provided a small wave and wink.

It was, after all, expected for Sylvari to be odd.

"I'll just quickly check on the board and then talk to the warden. If you want, I'll show you where the board is so you know what to look for in other outposts and cities."

Tokkra nodded. "I'll take a look then while you're busy."

"I'll go with Tokkra, I need to looks at these boards myself" Arben added.

Eryn nodded and started to make her way towards the large central tent. On one side of slope the tent was located on stood a large wooden board. Near it was a smaller tent. Eryn glanced at the board and sighed. "Well this is it, I'll just be over there real quick" She said, pointing at the warden's tent.

Arben nodded "Perfect we'll be here" he turned and started to read the board.

Leaving the rest behind Eryn started to make her way over to the tent. She knocked on one of the wooden posts holding it up. "Markel it's Eryn, got a few?"

"What do you make of the posts Arben?" asked Tokkra, reading each one carefully.

"These look interesting. We should pick something that wont deviate us from route to Hoelbrak." He paused and moved one of the post to reveal the nearly faded post hiding behind the others.

They looked to the bounty board, and tilted their head as they thought they saw a familiar group of individuals. They flipped through their little book, looking up then down then up then down, followed by the sound of a book suddenly being snapped shut shortly piercing the crisp Ascalonian air.
Something interesting!

"Fang fury is along the way, and isn't too far from here," Tokkra suggested.

"Come in" Came a voice from inside the tent. Eryn opened the flap and entered, letting the fabric fall shut behind her again. She blinked a couple of times, still not understanding why Markel preferred to stay inside this dark tent when the weather outside was so pleasant. "Any word?" She asked, somehow still managing to look hopeful.
Markel shook his head "None. Surely Eryn, it's been years, do you still expect to find them?"

They placed the small book... somewhere, disappearing into their clothing. They then twisted themselves, hanging from the tree before launching themselves off of it, landing with a roll. They bounced up, taking a step towards the small gathering at the board.

Tokkra was focused on the board, he didn't notice the sylvari come up behind them.

"You know I can't give up Markel" She said with a sad smile. "Thank you though, I'll put up a new poster, the old one has faded too much."

Arben took the nearly faded note turned around to see a Sylvari that looked familiar. He then turned to Tokkra "Yea you're right i must have lost my sense of space. I am interested in the missing twins however. This note looks old and its haunting to know parents are out there looking for there kin, I mean its been four years." Arben stopped to catch himself "This right here is the reason I do what I do, Tokkra. Yes the money is good but sometimes it's more then the money. I should ask the Warden if he has heard anything about this once Eryn comes out I'll go see him for myself."

"Four years is a long time," Tokkra mused.

For just a fraction of a second, they seem disappointed. They then smiled, waved, and appeared much closer to the pair than they were before- about two feet away. "And there's not a whole lot on that one, but y'all are bounty hunters?"

"I knew you looked familiar, couple night ago you were at the Bar-inn at Ebonhawke right?" Arben's attention turned to the Sylvari.

Surprised by the interruption, Tokkra turned around. The sylvari behind him appeared to be familiar. Mentally, he had a picture of the sylvari sitting in a bar, but could not remember the name. "Hello there," he said, trying not to seem rude.

"Yup!" They pointed their thumb at their chest, "That was me."

"Eryn, leave it here" Markel said. "I'll put it up myself, I don't want any complaints about you reorganizing the board again." He spoke kindly as he held out his hand.

"What a coincidence!" remarked Tokkra. "What brings you to the summit?"

"I.....uh... y-yes" Eryn cringed slightly remembering the last time she was here. "Of course" She set her pack down and knelt besides it.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh" they tilted their head, "Well the actual reason is really convoluted so I'll just leave it at 'passing through and I saw a pretty picture'"

"If memory serves me well your Quinn?" Arben said as he tried hard to remember.

They nodded, "Yup! And you're detective man."

He laughed. "Well Arben, but yes the detective man, good to see you again." he smiled

Eryn opened the round case attached to her pack and pulled out a single sheet of paper. She checked it over twice before getting back up and handing it to Markel.

"Detective man." They repeat, as though that was his name whether he wanted it to be or not. "What're y'all doing out here? Or are you actually bounty hunters?"

"I don't know if we are bounty Hunters as of yet, but we are indeed in the business of helping. How about you, or do you just sit on trees or did you not think I didn't noticed. You know being a detective and all gotta know your surroundings."

They chuckled, "Oh I wasn't trying. And yea, most of the time I do sit in trees. Cliffs are also very popular."

"I suppose if the team deems the cause worthy of our attention, we could do a bounty or so. We're all still rather new to this," admitted Tokkra.

"Ooooh so y'all are adventurers."

Markel took the sheet and placed it on his desk. "Take care Eryn" he said. "I'll keep any news I may get until you come by again"

Eryn nodded. "Thank you" she said as she knelt to screw the lid of the case back on before slinging the pack on her back again.

Tokkra laughed awkwardly. "I suppose so. Anything that earns us a living, I suppose."

They nodded once, "I know the feeling."

"Gold makes the world go round" Arben added.

"Until next time Markel" She said as she grabbed the tent flap and pulled it open to exit the tent.

Quinn shrugs, "Meh? Depends on where you live."

As her gaze fell on the board she noticed Quinn. As she made her way over she pondered at their sudden appearance. Wasn't this the sylvari they met in the inn she wondered.

They looked at the human, "Oh hey! You're here too," they pointed a thumb at the pair, "Y'all a trio?"

Eryn pointed at Sigrun, who was sort of hanging around near them. "You missed one"

"Qua-" they frowned, "not a quadruped that's a type of animal... a quartet!"

Eryn frowned at the sylvari and shrugged. "Just say group, just as easy." She turned towards the rest. "Well, ready to go when you are"

"Quartet is more fun, and more precise." They tilted their head, "Y'all headed north?"

Arben looks at Eryn "Soon I saw this post, looks old im gonna ask the warden if he knows anything. I need to know more." Arben raised the faded note from his hand.

"From what I know it's a whole lot of nothing" said Quinn.

"What you mean? You tried heard something about this?" Arben asked.

"Oh, that's" Eryn's shoulders dropped slightly as she wondered what to say. She hadn't thought this through at all she realized. Should she tell them? They might be able to help, but then she didn't need their pity, nor did she want to talk about it.

"Oh I saw it and I talk to lots of people so I asked about em, that's been there for a long time."

Arben's attention turned to Eryn "That's? That's what? Is there something here I'm missing?"

"No one knows a whole lot about it other than someone keeps updating the posting to keep it, ya know, legible." They shrug, "That's all."

"Who signs it off?" asked Tokkra.

"I thought that was what the camp warden was for?"

"Well if anyone knows it would be the warden, why don't we go have a little chat with him then." Arben started to walk to the Wardens tent "You guys coming?"

"The warden doesn't know anything" Eryn said softly. "I just spoke to him."

One of their eyes twitched, detective men reminded them of a cross between the Order of jazzhands and the priory. "See? It's a sad story and there's not much more to it. Besides, what use would it be to know who put it up there? I'm sure if they knew more it'd be up there.

Eryn sighed. "Lets just go to Hoelbrak, I think we're boring Sigrun to death here" She glanced Sigrun, who was leaning against a small tree. It looked like the tree barely managed to support the weight of the large norn.

"I mean no disrespect to no one here, but do you guys know what its like to feel worried every moment of everyday not knowing if your loved ones are ok? I have solved cases that lead me to holding dead lifeless bodies and i have had to carry those corpse to the family members and that look in there eye..." Arben started to choke on his own words "I can't stand by and not do anything, no information is a lot of information under the right hand." he collected himself.

"I just told you, the warden doesn't know. I just asked him" Eryn said coolly before turning and starting to walk towards Sigrun. "Come, lets go to Hoelbrak" She said.

Quinn smiled at Eryn, "Oh y'all are on your way to Hoelbrak? Right! To have actual hunter's mead."

"Wanna come with?" She asked, returning the smile.

"Ah, maybe. I've gotta go check on a place first." They swing their weight back onto their heels, leaning back as they stood. "But now that I know where you'll be I might drop by and say hello." The smirked, "Hunter's mead is worth it."

"So I've been told" Eryn said. Hoping that by now Tokkra and Arben would be convinced to leave.

"I've gotta go later, but I'm fast and I've got time I can kill. If you'd like another just to walk with ya."

"You'd be welcome to walk along"

"Nice!" They gestured at the road, "Well I'm ready whenever ya are."

"Here too" Tokkra said, smiling.

"Why don't you guys go on ahead without me, i have business to attend too" he places the note in his pocket. "I'll catch up soon"

They tilt their head at Eyrn, "I'll let ya decide on that one."

"Whatever happened to "We travel together" Arben?" Eryn asked, still unsure of how to handle the situation.

"So you were listening, I thought you had just been entertaining me" he smiles "Lets be honest you can't live without me already"

Quinn looked from Arben to Eyrn, giving her a slightly worried look.

She sighed and looked at Quinn "I don't suppose you have any of that hunter's mead hidden in one of your pockets do you? I could really use some of that now"

"I've got nectar?"

"So are we headed to Hoelbrak? Because we might want to stock up on beverage to keep us warm," said Tokkra.

"...I... relying on alcohol to keep you warm is a very bad idea and I say that as someone who's tried."

"Doesn't your uh.... body work differently?" Eryn asked awkwardly

"That, is true. I've also run into priory researchers, and it worked best on the Norn and... I don't think that's quite fair."

Tokkra laughed. "I just take sips. It helps during the chilly nights... but I suppose being up in the snow and ice is quite a different thing."

"Warm clothes are much more reliable."

"Maybe I should buy a fur coat before we leave," said Eryn.

"I've been called a fur coat," said Tokkra with a sheepish smile.

"I'll sure be jealous of that coat of yours come winter" Erin said with a grin.

"Well... let me know if you need to share," he replied with a nod.

"Uh.. thanks, I'll buy my own" She said.

"So..." Tokkra pointed to the message board. "Are we taking any of these tasks?"

"I thought you wanted to go to Hoelbrak?"

"I do, but Arben suggested we take a job on the way to Hoelbrak." He shrugged. "I don't mind either way, but since we're here...."

"Ah" she glanced at Arben.

"Ready whenever you guys are."

"Do you want to take on a job on our way to Hoelbrek, Arben? Otherwise I think we should hit the road."

"Lets hit it then." Arben smiled at Tokkra.

"Alright." Tokkra turned to Eryn. "Shall we then?"

She nodded, starting to move again.

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Re: Forged in Fire
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The travellers wandered north into Blazeridge Steppes as the day drew on, the wind blowing through the trees and meadows that stretched into the branded area of the territory.

Eryn followed the group silently, mulling over the earlier events in her head.

Tokkra caught up with Eryn. He'd been watching her, lost deep in her thoughts for sometime, and decided finally to ask her about it. "Coin for those thoughts..." he said softly, so as not to scare her.

"Ah" she looked at him as they continued walking. "I was just thinking about what happened in the caves" she lied.

"You're not hurt, are you?" he asked, suddenly concerned.

"No, I'm not. I hope Alaric is going to be alright though"

"I think he's more shocked than hurt. The healers said that the arrow didn't pierce anything vital. He seemed well when I left him."

"Good, I'm glad" she said with a sigh

Arben was walking slightly behind thinking about his cold casesfiles. He was lost in thought, angry, disappointed, and feeling down that he can't help everyone, but thats part of the world they love in.

"We should start thinking about where to spend the night" Eryn said, looking around to estimate the time.

Arben snaps back with Eryns voice, he seemed really distracted. "oh yes that sounds like a plan my dear."

Eryn frowned at his choice of words but made no comment to it. "Any preferences?"

"If we can press on to Skara Braveus, I know someone there who might be sympathethic enough to offer us shelter for the night," suggested Tokkra.

"Would Uh..... your current status cause any issues?"

"Maybe... but it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm owed a favor and I haven't collected."

"I wouldn't mind a chance to wash up and a proper safe place to spend the night" she said with a grin
"I just hope you're right about this person"

"Charr..." Tokkra corrected. "I hope I'm right too."

Arben slightly laughs in the back of the group "well we'll never know till we try."

Tokkra grinned at Arben's response. "Then we really should press on. Skara Braveus is a few hours' walk away."

"that long, feels like we been walking for days already" Arben feeling emotionally drained  "Well lets put a pep on our steps we should be there by night break"

"Not used to walking much are you?" Eryn grinned

"If your legs are tired, I can carry you," said Tokkra with a smile.

Eryn sniggered at that.

Arben looks at both Eryn and Tokkra slightly red, embarassed really "Well i do walk alot just seems like too much today, and no i dont need a ride one time on a charrs back is more than enough for me." he laughs jokingly with his companions

"Your loss," joked Tokkra as he bent on all fours and began to bound ahead through the vast terrain, stopping every now and then to make sure his companions were behind him.

"Showoff!" Eryn called after him with a laugh.

Tokkra laughed in response. "Keep up if you can!" he called back to his companions as he leapt from side to side, his tail flicking about behind him.

"its going to be one of those days i see" Arben laughs as he starts to walk a bit faster to keep up with Tokkra

The moon was high in the sky when Tokkra finally stopped at a large metallic fortress, bearing the handiwork of the Iron Legion, no doubt.

"Here's to hoping we don't sleep by the side of the road after that march" Eryn said as they approached

"i so agree with you." Arben adds with a very exhausted look on his face

"Who goes there?" came a voice from above. Tokkra looked up at the sentry staring formidably at him.
"Tokkra Rockcrusher here to see Legionnaire Corrigar Bloodcurdle," he replied.

The sentry turned around, sent a runner to Corrigar, and waited for the response.

Arben sits on the ground to rest his feet as they wait for the return.

Before long, the runner returned, informed the sentry of Corrigar's response, and the sentry then moved over to open the large iron doors that lay before them. Within stood a fortress of reasonable size, encircling a large round cannon. Charr strolled through the fort, bearing gunpowder and tools. They looked questioningly at the strangers, especially at the humans and norn.

"You are to meet with Corrigar Bloodcurdle. he's down at the lower platform," instructed the sentry. "Do not stray from your path."

"Duely noted good sir, thank you." Arben bows his head in respect to the orders given.

Eryn said nothing and followed Tokkra

Tokkra continued ahead, occasionally checking on his team mates as he headed to the lower platform. An older charr covered in grey striped fur stood at the balustrade, overlooking the branded area.
Corrigar turned as soon as the others arrived and he received them with a warm smile. "Friends of Tokkra's I assume?" he asked the others.

"Name's Eryn" She said with a nod. "Thank you for letting us in"

Corrigar reached out to shake Eryn's hand. "And you?" he asked Arben.

"Hello, Names Arben Ashfor pleased to meet you." he replies with a gentle smile "And Thank you"

Corrigar turned back to Tokkra. "I heard what happened to you. I'm surprised to still see you here."

Tokkra nodded. "I was just on the way out of Ascalon. My companions and I were hoping to find a place to sleep for the night. I thought I might check in with you."

Corrigar smiled. "For the favor..."

"For the favor," Tokkra repeated.

"You could ask for a lot more than a place to lay your head."

"To be honest, I wasn't sure half the time if you'd even see us," admitted Tokkra.

Corrigar put his arm around Tokkra's shoulder. "For you, my brother. Anytime." He turned to the others. "We have some bunk beds. They aren't the most comfy, but this is what we have to deal with out here."

"anything is better then something, your houspitality is well appreciated." Adds Arben

"Better than the side of the road" Eryn said cheerfully. "Now if you have a bucket of water somewhere so I can wash my face I'll be the happiest girl in the world."

"Indeed." Corrigar sent a private to fetch the requested bucket of water, and proceeded to walk the team to the bunkers. It was in the basement, and the stench of rust was thick. But the beds themselves were relatively well kept, sheets well cleaned, each with its own woolen blanket and pillow. "We are busy here," Corrigar explained. "The war against the branded never ends."

Arben looks around and sees how well kept the area was in for the situation at hand. "How are things going with the war?" he asked curiously

Corrigar grimaced. "The same. Sometimes we don't know night from day living in this damned location."

"Someday they'll see the good you're doing, and move you to headquarters," consoled Tokkra.

"That's if the head knows what the tail is doing," grumbled Corrigar.

Eryn chucked her gear onto one of the bunks sighing as she finally took her backpack off and sat down. She listened to Corrigar and Arben with half an ear.

"It must be hard, stationed here wanting a break or to do something else with your time..." Arben sat down and continues speaking "Must be really tough i presume."

"The charr work hard. It's one of our ethics. I don't have a problem with that. What I do hope for is that our contributions at Skara be noticed and acknowledged."

She leaned her back against the bedpost and opened her pack, taking a notepad from it and a pen. As the others talked she started to write until the charr returned with a bucket of water.

"Im sure they noticed, but like all politics they refuse to aknowledge the hard workers like yourself, i see it happen all the time." Arbens says as he loosens the laces from his boots

There was a short growl from Corrigan, then a sigh of resignation. "Enough about me. Where are you all headed to? And for what business?"

Eryn made no reply and simply continued to write.

"Last discussed we are making our way to Hoelbrek." Arben replied as he looked over at Eryn who was being more quiet than usual, his attention now back to Corrigan.

"That's about two day's walk from here," Corrigan said.

"Good, glad to know. also do you know where we can perhaps get some warm garmets for our travels? unless anything has changed since i last been to Hoelbrek its still pretty cold up there." Slight laugh escaping arben

"I haven't been there, but I assume so. We have some old coats left by soldiers who've departed that you can help yourselves to. They're in the store room."

After some time Eryn finished up her writing and folded the letter closed. She wrote the recipients on the front before adding it to a small stack of paper and putting it back in her pack. She then let her head hang back against the bedpost as she closed her eyes for a few minutes.

"You are most Humble, we definitly thank you and appreciate everything you done for us today." Arben smiles " If you dont mind I would like to prepare for tommorow by getting a coat ready now."

Corrigan noticed Eryn closing her eyes and he stood up. "I've taken enough of your time. Take what you need from the store, and have a good rest. We have our breakfast before the sunrise if you wish to join us. Otherwise I wish you all the best if I don't see you before you leave." He reached over and patted Tokkra on the shoulder. "Thank you again for what you did. Have a good night."

"Thank you for the hospitality Corrigan" Eryn said, sitting back up straight.

"Have a good night yourself Corrigan. Thanks again for the room," replied Tokkra.

Arben doesnt waste much time going into the store room and looking at the garmets that were left behind he grabbed a few threw them over his shoulder and return to the room and dropped a few on the ground before grabbing one he likes and trying it on. "these all are too big" he adds as he goes into his back and brings out a sewing kit "always be prepared Arben..." he mumbled as making fun of a lesson that he was taught.
He continues to make adjustments and noticed Eryn sitting up. "Do you need me to make adjustments to yours?" He Politely asks

"I'll look at it later." Eryn said as she got up from the bed and took the bucket of water looking around for a place that looked sort of private.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Tokkra asked Eryn. He'd noticed how quiet she'd been the entire night, and wondered why.

"It was probably something i said" Arben added as he kept sewing without breaking his eyes from the fabric.

Tokkra raised a brow. He couldn't recall when the two had minced words. Then again, he'd little experience dealing with human conflict. He wondered if some of it had passed by him wordlessly.

"Huh, oh, no, I was just looking for a place to wash up" She said with an awkward grin

"If your looking for some where private the store room has a door you can lock" Arben looks up at her locking eyes for a quick second he points to where the door is. "Seemed pretty private to me."

"Oh, well that works out perfectly then, thank you" Eryn said throwing him a genuine smile this time. She placed the bucket inside the store room before returning to her bunk to grab a block of soap from her pack. "No peeking" She said jokingly before closing the door behind her.

As soon as Eryn had gone into the store room, Tokkra climbed onto a free bed and lay down. It felt good to rest on a charr sized bed, compared to the small human ones in Ebonhawke. Even the smell of rusty metal and gunpowder was a welcome scent to his nostrils.

Arben stayed up sewing his outfit, while Eryn washed up and Tokkra and Sigrun rested. he even started to sew together something for Eryn even tho she told him not to worry.

Inside the store room Eryn took off most of her armor before washing herself off. She stuck her hands in the bucket to rince off the soap. As she took them out she brushed a thumb over the marks on her wrists and sighed. After several seconds of staring she shrugged and got to her feet. Slowly she dressed herself again. The washing did very little to improve her mood, but at least she felt clean again. She brushed her wet hair behind her ears before wrapping up the bar of soap again and unlocking the door. Silently she walked over to her bunk and tossed the soap down before going back to the room to fetch the bucket.

"Hey Eryn" Arben whispers to not wake the others. "I hope we're ok, you been slightly distant since we left the summit"

"Don't worry about it" She sighed. "It's not anything you did if that's what you're worried about. I'm just a bit preoccupied" She sat down on her bunk and put her boots besides it on the ground, pulling her legs up.

Tokkra lay on his side as he listened to Arben talk to Eryn. He hoped they were doing alright, and hoped to hear more of an explanation about what Arben had spoken about.(edited)

Arben puts down the fur to rest his hands and looks over at Eryn " Honestly its not about if it was my fault or anything, i just..." he pauses as his eyes drop "I been a soilder of sorts as long as i remember and when the weight of the world is on your shoulders it starts to ooze out, in short its noticable." He gets up and walks towards her bed. "I know you told me not to worry about it but here." He drops a full fur outfit tailored almost to her exact size "that should fit almost perfect i did the best i could from memory. That should hold you untill we get to hoelbrek" he lets out a slight smile as he walks back to his bed and conitnues to finish his coat.

"I"ll be fine Arben, but thank you for the coat" She put the coat on the end of her bed and set her pack down on the floor next to her boots.  She crawled under the blankets and lay down, staring up as she did. "You're rather good with a needle"

As soon as Tokkra was sure that Arben and Eryn had no quarrel, he shut his eyes and waited for sleep.

"My mother taught me, she always said i never know when i might need it. She was right as per usual." He smiled while thinking of his mother.  "now rest we have alot more walking waiting for us in the morning." He smiled and hurried to finish his coat to get his much needed rest.

"hmm. Good night Arben" She mumbled. It took her a long time to fall asleep however.

Re: Forged in Fire
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Arben wakes up after several hours of sleep and sits up on his bed and goes into lotus position and begins his morning meditation session. Keeping quiet not to disturb the others he focuses and sits like this for another couple of hours till the rest of the members wake up.
The following morning Eryn found it hard to wake up. Sleep had not found her easily the night before, and she spent most of the night lying awake and worrying. While she'd normally wake around dawn she was sleeping too deeply to wake now.
Arben noticed Eryn was having trouble sleeping but didnt want to disturb her. he continued to meditate.
Tokkra opened his eyes, and rolled over onto his side to try to recall where they were and how they'd gotten there. He spotted Arben meditating on his bed, and Eryn still asleep.
As Tokkra begins to roll over the sound of a large Charr softly pierced Arbens ear, he gently opens his eyes to see Tokkra looking around the room. He whispers "good morning."
"Good morning," replied Tokkra quietly, not wanting to wake Eryn up. He rose from his bed, shook himself over and stretched.
Arben smiles over to Tokkra, and quietly gets up grabs his boots and starts to put them on.
"Do you think if i try to wake her she'll slap me?" Arben ask Tokkra "you'll be amazed how often that happens"
Tokkra grinned at the thought. He didn't understand the passive aggressive relationship that Arben had developed with Eryn, even though it seemed mostly friendly. Which gave him some relief. Arben seemed like a nice fella, he couldn't imagine anyone trying to slap him at all. Perhaps the human females were more sensitive than charr females. "I can't imagine why she would," he said honestly.
"Well here goes nothing" Arben gently smiled more nervouse than anything, he walks up to Eryns bed crouches next to it and gentle places his hand on her shoulder. "Eryn my dear..." he pauses as his nerves get him a bit."...Eryn, wake up we're getting ready to move out." he gently adds a bit of a push on her shoulder.
Stirred as he touched her and cracked open one eye to glare at him. "Do you call every girl 'my dear' or do you save that especially to get on my nerves" She asked.
"Good morning Eryn," said Tokkra as cheerfully as he could, in the hopes of deflecting the potential annoyance the warrior had against the investigator.
"Morning Tokkra" She said as she sat up straight and rubbed her eyes.
"Well if you must know, its just a polite way of calling a lady. Annoyance would be if i kissed your forehead, which i wont do for fear of you strangling me in my sleep." Arben grins "And Good morning to you too, ERYN" He made sure he pronounced her name fully and clear as he wasnt trying to start the day with Eryn annoyed by him.
"Good Morning Arben" She said as she rolled her eyes at him and reached besides the bed to grab a boot. As she swung her legs over the side she immediately put on one boot after the other.
Tokkra pulled out a map of Tyria and looked it over, tracing a path with a claw. "It seems the most straight forward route to Hoelbrek would be through the Iron Marches by way of Viper's Run. If we can get past the Pig Iron Mine, we can get through to the Rustbowl via the Forge Plains. Rustbowl ought to lead us to the Shiverpeaks."
"I'll trust your judgement Tokkra" Eryn replied as she fastened her second boot. "You know these lands best I think"
"Indeed, i agree with Eryn." Arben walks up to Tokkra and glances at the map and looks back at tokkra "Yep, you got the lead on this one T." He padded him on the shoulder as he turned around to grab his shirt.
"... Or...." Tokkra continued studying the map, "We could go south from Stonesheath into Ashford and enter into Diessa Plateau. I'd like to avoid going through the Black Citadel since I'm exiled, I'm sorry for the inconvenience."
"Don't worry about it Tokkra" Eryn gave him a small smile. "If having you as a friend means avoiding the Black Citadel, I'll happily do it."
She shrugged. "never liked the place anyway"
"No need to apologize T. i see no problems in further travels, i rather enjoy them." He puts on his shirt. "Plus i rather not go into the Citadel myself since my last case their kinda left a mess on the Factorium."
Arben looked over at Eryn and simply nodded "Yeah i agree, no offense ofcourse"
Tokkra grinned. "I appreciate it. Corrigan invited us for breakfast last night, would you like to take him up on the offer?"
"Food sounds good" Eryn said as strapped on her weapons.
"Don't forget your coat there Eryn" Arben grabbed his belongings and packed them up for later use seeing as going the route wasnt going to be as cold as they expected it atleast not for the time being. "Food does sound like the right way to start the day." he smiled
"Yeah, not wearing that yet" She said as she tied it to her pack. "If I wear it now I'll still be cold when we enter the shiverpeaks" She said with a chuckle.
Tokkra agreed. He walked to the door and poked his head out, then sniffed the air for smells of cooking. "I think it's that way," he said, pointing east.
"Must be nice to have a nose like that" Eryn said with a grin as she followed Tokkra.
"As much as it's an asset for our kind, it's a great liability as well to have it in the middle of our faces. Perhaps you've never heard the phrase 'Punch a charr in the nose?'"
"I have not no"
"Because we have as keen sensors in our noses as we do, it hurts a great deal more than it would if the noses of any other race is punched in. Our frontline warriors bear this in mind, that's why most of the armor we construct has a thicker guard across the bridge of our noses."
She covered her mouth as she yawned. "Sorry about that" She said. "I don't mean to imply you're boring or anything"
Tokkra felt a tinge of concern for Eryn. She seemed unusually tired that morning, and wasn't even able to get up on her own without Arben doing it for her. "Did you sleep well?" he asked, assuming the answer.
"Not particularly well" She said apologetically. "I need to get over this yawn fast though, don't wanna insult our host"
"Ah you learn something new every day." Arben adding while taking a mental note
"Was I snoring?" Tokkra asked, suddenly aware of himself.
"Oh no, not at all" Eryn sighed slightly. "I don't know why honestly. I normally sleep rather well, even in awkward charrsized beds"
He laughed. "Just be glad that you're adjusting to a bed that's too large for you instead of trying to squeeze in a bed that's too small for you."
"Hm yes, I really can't complain." she smiled.
"Seems like maybe your mind is your trouble, ever thought of meditations to ease the mind before sleep? I meditate before and after sleep really helps me get the day."
"My mind is fine Arben" She said with a chuckle. "But thanks for the advice"
"I say next time we settle down to rest we do a group meditation, good for the soul and whatnot" Arben smiles glad he and his companions are ready to take on a new day.
The food was spread out on a long metallic table, sprouts on one end, roasted rabbit at the other end, tuna on the side and several assortments of fried bugs in between. A very typical meal for a member of the warband, but Tokkra suddenly realised that his human companions might not appreciate it as much as he would.
"I can definitly go for some of that rabbit, hope its properly seasoned" He looks around to see whatelse the table has to offer.
Eryn shrugged "I'd rather go for a morning spar" She told Arben before she whistled through her teeth. "Now that is some breakfast"
"We can always do a quick spar to work up our appetites, we can give these guys a good show." Arben looks over to Eryn expecting a response.
"The charr don't believe in seasonings. In fact several factions of charr insist on the old ways of eating their meat raw. There is an old saying; that meat should be consumed while the blood is still warm, because a charr only as strong as the power he attains from his prey, the power that stems from its blood." He looked a little bashfully at his teammates. "I know it sounds a little barbaric... I hope this doesn't stop you from trying the rabbit though. I'm sure it'll be good nonetheless."
"The only thing stopping me from trying the rabbit is the tuna looking even better' Eryn said with a grin as she found herself a seat.
Tokkra picked up a large knife on the side of the table, and started carving pieces from the flesh of the rabbit and the tuna, for Arben and Eryn to help themselves to. There were empty metallic plates together with large sized utencils on the side for them to collect their food.
She took a place and fork and helped herself to a decent sized slice of tuna.
"No worries a meal is a meal, and i'm sure i had worst. also before seasonings exsisted this is what our forefathers did before us." Arben smiles as he takes his own seat.
"We're a little behind on the cuisine side of things," apologised Tokkra as he put a piece of roasted rabbit into his mouth. "But I kind of like my food bearing just the taste of what it's made out of."
Eryn smiled at Tokkra before taking another bite of her tuna. "Well it's not the most exciting meal I've ever eaten, but it sure tastes good"
Arben smiles as he grabs a nice peice of roasted rabbit and takes a bite. His eyes opened wide surprised that the rabbit tasted really good. he quickly ate his piece and was now curious to try the other meals on the table. "hows the tuna?" asked arben
"It's good" Eryn replied after swallowing another bite.
Corrigan came by then, putting a paw on Arben's shoulder as he stood behind. "Good morning, I hope you've had a good rest."
"It was great thank you for everything we really appreciate it, Breakfest is good aswell." He smiles as he grabs a slice of the Tuna to try it out.
"Our hunting team will be pleased to hear. Have you taken the appropriate gear for your trip to the Shiverpeaks?"
"We have, thank you so much for your kindness" Eryn chimed in.
"Much appreciated," said Tokkra. "You're welcome. Do enjoy the food. My men are training in the courtyard, I should oversee their progress. I'll wish you safe journey if I don't see you again before you leave," said Corrigan.
"Ah i can go for a little sparring match after this meal you know warm up the blood before heading on our way" Arben politly ask hoping for a good match
"Sparring..." said Corrigan. "Are you requesting to train with my men?"
"Yes, a quick friendly match if its ok with you i just love to test my skills with other its builds character ya know." Arben says as he thinks that this might be a good idea but that he has been wrong in the past.
Meanwhile Eryn just poked her food around on her plate, eating a bite every now and then while she listened to the conversation
"What you say Eryn, care to partake?" Arben ask as he noticed she was paying attnetion
"I think the legionnare and his troop might be busy, I could spar with you though Arben," suggested Tokkra. "I'd hate to disappoint..." said Corrigan. "The men are on quite a strict routine. I'd rather them not deviate from it."
"I wouldn't want to impose" Eryn said quietly.
Arben looks at Corrigan "No worries, i understand routines are good for soilders." He glances at Tokkra "That sounds like a good plan T. i promise to not hit you on your nose, scouts honor." He chuckes
Tokkra laughed lightly, "I trust you Arben."
"Again, safe travels." Corrigan gave the team a salute, and left for the courtyard. Tokkra stood up from an empty plate. "I should mention though that I'm trained in explosives, not so much in a one to one combat, but I will try my best."
Arbens eyes opens wide almost choking on his tuna "Umm lets keep this civil there T" he coughs follwed by taking a sip of his drink and finishing his last bite. "This outta be fun, but if you hurt me your carrying me."
He turns and salutes Corrigan before he steps out.
"Thank you again Corrigan" Eryn said with a wave
She chuckled at Arben. "I did suggest a spar earlier but you didn't go into it then. I'll happily kick your ass now though" She said with a grin.
"You're more than welcome to take my place," said Tokkra.
"Maybe fighting me is a less scary prospect than the big charr with explosives"
Arbens attention is cleary on Eryn at this point "Well believe it or not your scarier then Big T..." he looks at Tokkra "No offense T"
She grinned widely "Your choice then"
"None taken," grinned the charr.
Arben smiles and thinks about the decision after some thought he responds "Well I guess i can sparr once with each. what do ya say?"
"Hellion Forest is just a stone's throw from here. Could be a good place for such a thing," suggested Tokkra.
"And thats why you the lead my friend. Come battle awaits" Arben get up acting all goofy excited for a day of adventure and excersice.
"Are you done with your meal Eryn?" asked Tokkra, looking at her plate.
"Yeah, I think that slice might've been slightly too big" Eryn said with an apologetic smile.
She grabbed her pack and shield and slung them across her back. "Let us go then"
"And to the road we go." Arben get all excited as he grabs his stuff
"I'll remember to slice a little more thinly next time," Tokkra said with a smile.
The travelers left the fort, and headed westwards towards a forest that displayed beautiful hues of red and yellow. Butterflies drifted between the branches, and there was sound of moving water nearby. "Welcome to Hellion Forest," said Tokkra proudly. "One of the better forests we have in Ascalon, not tainted by the brand."
"This is a beautiful place" Eryn said as she looked around. "I believe I've been here once, but I was possibly being chased and didn't have much time to admire my surroundings" She grinned.
"This is definitly my kind of place. I love this setting the trees look beautiful." Arben looks around taking in the sight and smell.
"So Arben... shall we go barehanded? Unless you have an extra weapon, all I have on me is a rifle."
"and claws " Eryn pointed out.
"Well yeah... I'll try not to use them," Tokkra promised.
"We can go barehanded, unless you want some daggers, or my staff. We can always wrap the daggers around with some cloth. It helps for sparring done it plenty of times. We should also consider getting u a back up weapon cant just walk around with a rifle." Arben takes out some daggers from his boots and takes off the 2 daggers on his shoulder holster and a punching dagger concield on his helt buckle. He also removed his pistols on his belt. "Have your pick, also if your comtorable with pistols i have these traning pelets for the pistols, i should have some in my bag. They are from a set of bullets made in my office for different occasions."
"I don't think I need spare weapons. Like I've said, fighting isn't my forte. Barehanded is fine," he said, moving to an empty patch in the forest.
"Alrighty then." Arben takes off his shirt and gloves staying in his pants and boots he begins to stretch and walks accross from Tokkra "ready?"
"Ready as I'll ever be," he replied, and immediately lunged in Arben's direction, claws retracted.
Eryn moved a bit away from them and settled down in the grass to watch.
Arben holds his ground until Tokkra is close enough, arben quickly rolls out the way attempting to clip Tokkra with his legs as he passes him by...
Tokkra grabs onto one of Arben's legs and rolls him forward.
Arben miscaulcualted his footing getting caught in his trap he quickly tries to scrap Tokkras hand with his other foot.
Tokkra gets kicked in the side of his face with Arben's other foot. It temporarily throws him off, and he lets go off Arben's foot.
Arben rolls and catches his footing seeing Tokkra disoritaned he tried to jump on his back to put him on a choke hold however
Tokkra barely dodges the attempt, however he falls to the ground while doing so.
Arben lands on Tokkras back but with his attempt to roll out of the incoming attack he landed by his feet instead of his neck he tries to turn around
Tokkra quickly rolls off his chest and attempts to stand.
Arben attempts to kick the back of tokkras leg to bring him down again

Tokkra gets hit in the back of his leg, and lands with a thud. "Alright, you win Arben," he says, rolling onto his back. There's a smile on his face showing that he's taken no offense.

Out of breath arben laughs while on the ground. "If that doesnt give you a rush i dont know what does, im just gonna lay here for a bit if you dont mind the view is spectacular."

"Yeah, it is, isn't it?" Tokkra spreads out his arms and legs to catch some of the falling leaves, and he rolls them up in his paws.

Eryn smiled at the pair of them as they both fell over exhausted. "Think you still have some energy left Arben or should we postpone our spar to tomorrow?"

"Raincheck i think i should have streched a bit more." He looks over at Eryn try laying down and looking at the sky from here its amazing."

"Amateur" She said with a chuckle. "Tomorrow then"

"Tommorow Indeed" Arben smiles at her as he lays his head back down enjoying the sights.
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Re: Forged in Fire
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After letting the pair rest for a while Eryn got up from her spot and stretched. "We should be on our way. Hoelbrak is still a long walk off"

"Yes, let's go," Tokkra agreed and began walking.

She readjusted her backpack and followed after Tokkra

Sigrun casually looked on as her comrades began to walk once more, them proceeded to follow with her Flesh Golem in tow. She had been silent for a while, observing them and learning more about them. Her thoughts drifted back to her recipe sheets again. She would have to study them again when she got the chance.

Tokkra slowed to wait for Sigrun, and once she was close by, followed in step. "Sigrun, I feel we haven't talked in a while. How have you been doing?"

The Necromancer smiled warmly at the Charr. "I'm well, thank you. You seem to be doing well yourself."

"I am actually," replied the charr. "I haven't seen Hoelbrak, and am excited about the prospect."

Arben slowly walked behind the group slowly taking in the scene, it'd been a while since he freely enjoyed time like this, and he was taking every second in. The sweet smell in the air its natural -esque winds grazed his face as he walked. This is what life should be like, he thought to himself.

"I like to call it the Jewel of the Shiverpeaks," Sigrun said in reply. "Pure, white snow everywhere, ice sculptures, grand lodges, lots of ale and food to go around. I'm sure you'll love it."

"Were you born there?"

"It's a bit too cold for my liking" Eryn commented, mixing herself in their conversation.

Sigrun chuckled. "No, I wasn't born there but I journeyed there a fair bit as a child. Before my brother decided he wanted to be one of those cursed Sons of Svanir."

"Have you seen your brother since?" asked Tokkra, sympathetic towards Sigrun's situation.

She scoffed. "No, which is fortunate for him. Next time I see him will be his last."

"It must be tough to lose a family member like that" Eryn said.

The charr shook his head, "You don't mean that. I'm sure you're upset, but I don't think anyone ever stops loving their kin."

Arbens eyebrow raised as his attention is turned to Sigrun, he slowly lost his focus of the woods and started to pay attention. "Our greatest enemy is he whom we never see coming, that's what i was told during my training and I see it's ever more true today as it always has." Arben added.

"One thing you need to understand about Norn is this: so long as the battle was glorious and honourable, we celebrate it and their legend when they die." Sigrun frowned. "My father's battle against my brother was glorious indeed, but far from honourable. My brother cheated and used underhanded tactics to get the upper hand. All for the sake of serving Dragon."

Her grid on her staff tightened. "Jormag is not a true Spirit of the Wild, and yet Norn like my brother insist on worshipping that beast. Had he left us alone, we wouldn't have cared. Blood will be met with blood. He will pay for tearing my family apart."

"I'm sorry to hear that," mumbled the charr.

Eryn only nodded, not knowing how to say what she would like to express.

"Does your father still live?" Tokkra asked.

"No. For my brother to succeed in his initiation into the Sons of Svanir, he had to kill our father."

"I'm so sorry" Eryn finally stammered.

Tokkra furrowed his brows, he was beginning to understand Sigrun's great anger towards her brother. "That's incomprehensible..."

"I'm afraid nothing relating to dragons is very comprehensible" Eryn said softly.

"I don't blame you for your anger towards your sibling, what he did to your father even worst to your family's name is not taken lightly amongst your people this much I know. However we haven't known each other ling but I can sense that you will make your name and family proud and your brother, well he will meet his fate in battle with you and that day only the strong will prevail, you my friend already have the upper hand for your strength is honor and he seems to lack that there of."

They passed by Bloodfin lake and took a turn into the Ascalon ruins. Emerging from what used to be the Toppled Wall, Tokkra took a step ahead of the rest. "Be careful here. Ghosts tend to haunt this particular area. They have the habit of popping up from the ground."

"I wonder if they'll ever find peace" Eryn commented as she looked around. "It's been such a long time"

"Not soon enough if you ask me." Arben added in on the talk about the ghosts "I don't know how I feel about one day just roaming Tyria once I pass, it sorta gives you the bumps thinking about it."

"I don't think that will happen, lest you have a king with an enchanted sword, willing and ready to curse your entire nation to smithereens," Tokkra continued, as he walked cautiously through the ancient rubble.

"I doubt you will, unless you plan a second foefire" said Eryn at the same time. Surprised that Eryn had practically said the same thing in different words as he, Tokkra looked at her and grinned.

"I would like to say Necromancers like myself could help with this, but..." Sigrun sighed. "Whatever magic brought these ghosts forth is not affected by necromancy."

"Yea I guess we should make sure Queen Jenah doesn't lose her mind then because this doesn't seem like my cup of tea." Arben said as he walked with one hand on his revolver. He heard something and turned around quick to see nothing, he continued to walk carefully.

Eryn grinned back at Tokkra. She really liked that charr she thought to herself as she kept a keen eye on her surroundings.

They reached a long passage that sat in darkness. A hallway of some sort that had crumbled to the ground, but still maintained some resemblance to a tunnel with braziers lining its side. Tokkra stopped at the entrance and peered in.

Arben stood behind the group giving the group his back as he kept on eye on theirs.

"Well, that looks ominous" Eryn said, drawing her sword now, just to be sure to have it ready should she need it.

A chilly cold wind blew in, bringing a thick fog with it. Tokkra spun around as he thought he heard voices in his ear.

Arben took both guns and readied them. "Yea how long till we out this place?"

Sigrun raised an eyebrow, then an idea came to her. She turned to look at her flesh golem and pointed towards the hallway. The undead minion started moving through the hallway at a brisk walk before stopping part-way.

Out of the ground a glowing cerulean apparition emerged from the ground, the eerie sound of distant screaming emitted through the visage. It moved towards the minion.

"Guess there's no avoiding a fight then" Eryn said with a sigh, taking her shield as well now, although she wondered if it'd have any effect against a ghost..

Arben turned his head to look at the group and noticed the apparition forming. "Guys I got eyes on your backs. Focus on that thing and let me know if you need me." he added as he has became more vigilant to the rest of the area.

Sigrun smirked at the sight of the ghost. She moved into the hallway, throwing a stream of dark magic towards the ghost. At the same time, her flesh golem moved to attack the ghost

"Shying away from fighting a ghost are you?" Eryn almost stuck out her tongue at him before turning her attention back to the tunnel. She readied her weapons and charged in. She'd fought ghosts once or twice before, it'd be fine, she told herself.

As soon as the flesh golem neared the ghost, eight other ghosts emerged from the ground, each with its own bone piercing cry. They rushed the golem.

"The braziers... anyone able to light a fire quickly?" asked Tokkra, suddenly a little nervous.

"Do it if you want," Sigrun called out in reply. "I can keep them busy for a bit."

Leaping onto the flesh golem, one by one like a hungered crowd, the ghosts tore at it mercilessly. From where Arben was watching, a massive bluish glow began to rise in the distance.

Crashing into the nearest ghost with her shield Eryn stepped away with a half turn and swung her sword at it, concentrating as she did. As soon as the sword passed through the ghost it lit on fire.

"Guys, there's something happening on this side." Arben couldn't break his eyes from the glow to turn around to look at the group. "GUYS!"

"Bit busy here Arben" Eryn shouted in reply. "Unless you have a quick end to 9 ghosts, I'm afraid you'll have to sort whatever is out there yourself"

Sigrun raised her staff in the air and through her left hand outward towards the group of ghosts. A magic circle appeared beneath them, flashing green for a moment before a black aura pulsed outward. The aura appeared over the ghosts' heads, causing them to wander around aimless for a few seconds as they were seemingly affected by a state of fear.

The ghosts in the center of the tunnel wandered aimlessly for a while, and as soon as the spell ended, they found themselves, and continued towards the flesh golem.

As soon as the ghost burned, another two rose in its place. Tokkra watched the ghost burn for a while as it slowly disappeared, before something clicked in his head, and he leapt towards it, attempting to draw it over to the brazier. But it was gone in mere seconds, vanished from between his paws.

Noticing what he'd been attempting Eryn frowned. "Oh!" She shouted, "Hang on Tokkra, lemme try that again"

She made a few gestures and on the floor a circle of flames appeared, surrounding her, Tokkra, Sigrun and several of the ghosts. As soon as the circle appeared all ghosts within it lit up. She raised her sword again, feeling slightly worn as she attacked the ghost in front of her. As her sword slashed through it it turned to a thin mist before disappearing, the flames that had engulfed it disappearing with it.

Out in the field, the bluish glow grew in size and bolts of energy pulsed off it.

Sigrun summoned another circle. This one generated a chilling aura, slowing the ghosts' movements while mimicking the effects of poison.

The ghosts in the center slowed, some shrieked as their lives drained from them and they fell to the ground. But as soon as they did, another two rose in each of their places.

"Arben, get in here, we need to move through, there's no end to them" Eryn shouted as more ghosts sprang up from the ground.

Sigrun frowned. "I'm inclined to agree. There's too many. We may need to make a run for it!"

Arben was suddenly forced to stop when he spotted a Legion of ghosts incoming "OH BLOODY HELL" he turned around and ran back into the corridor "WE HAVE INCOMING. TOO MUCH!" he yelled as he started shooting at the ghosts "LETS GO!"

When the circle of flames lit up, Tokkra immediately reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a wick. It was meant to attach to an explosive device, but he figured it would work here too. He jammed it as far into the fire as was possible, without singing the fur on his paws in the process, and  as soon as the wick caught fire, he hurried to the nearest brazier and lit it.

With a mighty tug, Tokkra managed to detach the flaming brazier from the wall and bring it over to his companions. "Huddle in!" he yelled over the screams that were becoming deafening.

"Gladly" Eryn shouted, moving closer to him as fast as she could, slashing through another ghost in the process.

Arben shot a bullet right threw a ghost face before sliding into the group and covering.

The legion of ghosts that Arben had pointed out began to near. They had on them sneering faces of people long past. Contorted mouths, and dark sockets where their eyes used to be. Mindless and furious...

Sigrun moved closer to Tokkra and kept her eye on the now rather large group of ghosts as they jumped on her flesh golem and tore it apart.

Tokkra held the brazier high above his head so the light from it shone far over the team. The ghosts that neared the travelers saw the light, slowed their footfall, held out their arms and shielded their eyes from it. "They fear the light," said Tokkra. "We need to light more."

"Can you get another one Tokkra? I'll hold that for you" Eryn shouted.

"It's a little heavy," Tokkra said apologetically. "Maybe Arben can help?"

"Then let's torch this place." Arben got up and started shooting "What do you need T."

"Help Eryn with the torch perhaps?" he suggested. "If you both take a different side." Tokkra began lowering the torch into Eryn's hands, assuming Arben would take the other side.

Eryn did her best to lift it, but Tokkra was right, though she hated to admit it, that thing was heavy.

Arben grabbed the other side and started to lift with all his strength. "We got..." he pasues to control his breath "...this T."

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Re: Forged in Fire
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Sigrun swiftly grabbed the brazier and held it up casually with both hands. A small smile formed on her face. "How about you guys focus on lighting the other braziers, and I'll hold onto this one. Deal?"

"Alright," Tokkra stepped out of the light quickly, and began tugging at the next brazier. The ghosts that shied away from the light took notice of the charr in the darkness, and began to swarm towards him, their arms outstretched.

"I should have a torch somewhere in my pack" Eryn said, looking around. She sheathed her sword and swung her pack forward, immediately digging around it while keeping an eye on their surroundings and staying close to Sigrun.

"Will do Sig."  Arben broke the sleeve from his shirt and grabbed his dagger and quickly wrapped it on the blade he passed it over the flame to light it up.

The next brazier took longer to break off, and by then two ghosts had climbed onto Tokkra's back. He shook his back to get them off him, but yet others approached, ready to climb onto him.

Finally her hands closed around the torch and she pulled it out. Swinging her pack back on her back she held the torch up to the brazier to light it.

The brazier finally broke loose, and the jolt sent Tokkra onto the ground. The ghosts seized on that moment, and jumped onto him. The charr growled, clutching onto the brazier with one arm and swiping desperately at the ghosts with another.

Arben grabbed the flaming dagger and used it to attack the ghost by Tokkra's. The light caused them to focus on Arben. "Big T, you need to watch your footing."

The ghosts backed off the flaming dagger, and like the parting of a river, they moved aside from the team to where Tokkra was. The charr didn't reply Arben, he only moaned, and drowsily rolled over onto his feet, still clutching the brazier tightly.

Realizing what was going on with Tokkra, Eryn ran over and used her torch to light his brazier. "You okay Tokkra?" She asked giving him a concerned look.

He nodded slowly, although as the light swam over it, it was clear that he was full of cuts of every size. The ghosts had upon them ghostly weapons that they'd used to assault the charr the moment they had the chance. "Ghosts and charr don't get along," he commented wearily.

"I don't think they get along with anyone" She replied, shoving her shoulder under his arm. "Lean on me if you must, we should keep moving." Her other hand held her torch high.

"I'll make do,"  he told Eryn, refusing the help. He couldn't possibly lean on her shoulder with the brazier in his arms. With some effort, Tokkra lifted the iron structure, just a few paces from where Sigrun held hers. The nearby ghosts backed off a few steps.

Sigrun moved towards the group. "I think two braziers should be enough to keep them off of us until we get out of here. We need to move quickly, though."

"Go, I'll stay in the back, I'll catch up. Move it." Arben adds as he lets the group take off in front.

"Don't stray too far," Tokkra warned Arben.

"I won't, Tokkra go I'll give you a head start, now go NOW."

"I'll stay with you all the same" Eryn said, taking the torch in her other hand and drawing the sword again as they kept moving forward.

Arben started to swing his flaming dagger the closer the ghosts got, stopping them from getting too close due to the dagger. "The faster we get out the better it will be. Tokkra, before you go, hand me one of those explosives," Arben screamed without turning around.

The ghosts clustered behind them. They'd mostly given up trying to pursue, knowing that the travelers had lit braziers that would hurt their eyes. But it didn't stop them from glaring angrily from the other end of the tunnel. Hearing Arben's request, Tokkra struggled with the brazier, trying to balance it on one hand and mostly not being successful. "I can't at this time Arben, I'm sorry," apologised the charr.

"Eryn grab it from his bag, I'll handle the rest."

"Is that alright Tokkra?" Eryn asked, waving her torch at some of the ghosts.

"I'd suggest not harming the ghosts," said Tokkra, although he would not stop anyone from removing the explosives from his bag. "They do tend to multiply when they 'die'."

"Lets just keep going then" Eryn shouted, rushing towards the end of the tunnel.

Tokkra quickened his footsteps as well, and soon found himself and Sigrun, under the light of the moon. Turning around, he saw the wisps of blue smoke dissipating back into the darkness.

"Well." Sigrun put down the brazier she was holding. "Looks like we're in the clear now."

"Indeed" Arben tapped Sigrun on the shoulder and slowly started to feel weak. He fell unconscious, with one of his own daggers stabbed on his back.

Tokkra lowered his own brazier with some effort. The cuts down his front were leaking blood and making a trail on the ground. Looking at it made him a little nauseous. But the thud that came with Arben falling down took the attention off himself, and he turned around in surprise.

"A-arben?" Shocked Eryn dropped her torch and stared.

"He's been stabbed," Tokkra pointed out, wondering if he shouldn't have let Arben stray as far as he did. The charr moved over, and knelt in front of Arben, his paw hovering over the blade, tempted to pull it out, but unsure at the same time. "I don't know enough about such things Eryn, what should we do?" he asked her, even though he wasn't sure if she'd know either.

"I don't know" Eryn said with a pale face. "Wish that doctor were still with us." Her hand shook as she took Arben's. She closed her other hand around his wrist to try and find a pulse.

Arben's eyes start to barely open, first seeing Eryn's face "Hey dear, I'm here..." his voice slowly grabbing strength. His eyes slowly shuts again as he tries to force them open.

"Arben, no, stay with us Arben," She called out, panic sounding in her voice. "S-sigrun, do you know what to do?"

"T-ta take it... out." Arben slowly whispered.

"I can conjure a Well of Blood to heal him, and us, but I need you to pull the dagger out first." Sigrun made a motion with her hands. "On your mark."

Tokkra closed his paw over the dagger, and waited for Sigrun's cue.

Sigrun began to mumble a small chant, making additional movements with her hands. A pale blue tinted magic circle formed beneath them.

Tokkra took that as the sign, and with a swift movement, pulled the blade out of Arben. He moved aside to let Sigrun work her magic.

Arben yelled at the top of his lungs in excruciating pain.

The circle pulsed, flashing between bright and dark again as an aura enveloped the group. Any and all external blood flow stopped as their injuries gradually healed.

Eryn held Arben's hand, still shaking.

"The spell is not strong to completely heal someone with a stab wound, but he will no longer be in danger of dying," the Necromancer commented. "He will need rest to fully recover."

"Can you carry him Tokkra?" Eryn looked at Tokkra. "We should get to safety"

Arben held on to Eryn's hand as tight as he could  while looking up at the group and slightly smiled. "I knew I could count on you guys." Arben said as loud as he could "Don't mind if I take a nap right here would ya"

"Thank you Sigrun," said Tokkra, moving over to pick Arben up, and slung him over his back.

"This will do too, I'm pretty sure I said I wouldn't ride your back again." Arben smiled as he just got comfortable.

Eryn got back to her feet to collect her dropped sword and torch. "Do you know were we could stay for the night Tokkra?"

Tokkra nodded, taking a turn towards Diessa Plateau through a crack in the Toppled Wall. The stone walls still held strong around a spherical center that opened up to the earth beneath, weathered walls surrounding them. Arched around the top, the center remained relatively sheltered from the rain and other elements.

"What, there?" Eryn gave him a frown. "Won't the ghosts find us?"

"This area isn't as dim as the tunnel, and if we keep a large camp fire going, they won't dare come near." He replied.

Arben tried to make out what they were saying but was too weak.

"One of us will have to keep watch, suppose we'll alternate between the three so Arben can rest."  She took her fur coat off her pack and placed it down on the ground in the sheltered area. "Put him down here" She told Tokkra.

Tokkra walked over to where Eryn had pointed out, and put Arben down as gently as he could. He then rose to his feet and gave Eryn a pat on the shoulder. "Maybe you should stay with him," he said, understanding that Eryn was worried. Having said so, he slowly walked away.

"I..." She took two steps after Tokkra. "A-alright, could you fetch some firewood then? You can bring my torch"

"Ee-ryn?" Arben whispered.

Tokkra stopped to nod, and continued on without turning around. He soon disappeared around the wall.

Hearing Arben she turned around "I-I'm here" She said, as she went back over to him. "What is it?"

"I... know." He whispered "It's going to be ok, I-I got your back." he added.

"I'm sure you do" She said, rolling her eyes at him in the dark. "Just have it lying down ok? I won't have you moving"
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Re: Forged in Fire
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She then sat down near Arben and relit her torch so they wouldn't be alone in the dark while Sigrun and Tokkra were out collecting wood. While she waited she set herself to writing again.

Tokkra returned after a while, carrying a heap of wood. He stopped right in front of Eryn and Arben, placed the firewood beside, and dusted off his massive paws by the wayside.

Putting her writing away Eryn got up to help Tokkra build a fire and lit it using her torch. "Thank you Tokkra"

"You're welcome," he said, hunkering down beside the growing fire, staring thoughtfully into the flames.

"Where's Sigrun?" She asked him, picking up her writing again to carefully stash everything away.

as they build the fire the smell of burning wood begins to consume Arbens nostrils, he tries to pry his eyes open and slightly sees Eryn and Tokkra sitting fire side he tries to look for sigrun but it was too blurry for him to see her. The pain was still harsh, non lethal thanks to sigrun but the pain was there taking its toll on him.

"She's at the entrance to the crevice, working on some kind of a spell to keep the ghosts away," replied Tokkra. "She really seems to know her stuff." Tokkra took a glance at Arben. "How is he?"

"Weak, though I doubt he'd admit it" She looked at Arben and got up to walk over to him, placing a hand on his forehead to check for a fever as she knelt next to him.

Arben slowly brings up his hand to meet with Eryns. "E-ryn" he pronounced with alot of his energy.

"Arben? I thought you were sleeping" She said softly. "How're you feeling?"

"I-I'm al-right, an you?" He asked nowing he was the one that truely wasn't "the others?"

"We're fine," replied Tokkra. "We're resting and Sigrun is working on some spells."

"You gave us quite the scare" Eryn said.

Arben with his eyes closed hears Tokkra voice he smiled there was something about that Charr that made him feel safe. "Big T, how can you be fine if im not fu-lly awake to keep you company" he tries to be humorous to lighten the mood.

"Shhh you should rest" Eryn told him with a frown.

Tokkra gave a smile. "I'm counting on you getting better Arben."

Arben slowly forces his open atleast for what he wanted to talk to Eryn about. "Eryn..." he attempted to whisper but didnt realize it was loud enough for Tokkra to hear. "I'm... I'm Sorry, for what... ever you been through... I... dont know how you have gone this long searching..." he lets go of her hand and slowly reaches in his pocket and brings out the old note he took from the post from Ebonhawke with his eyes waterying he hands it to Eryn repeating its content from memory. "Near-Identical twins Kian and Kara..." a tear comes down his cheek as he continues "... Born 1312, dark hair and brown eyes. I'm... So... Sorry" he closes his eyes the tears flow down his cheeks as he feels a certain pain from his heart knowing that she has been in this search for so long.

Tokkra looked questioningly at Eryn. Obviously Arben had found out something about Eryn that she'd tried to keep a secret. He wasn't sure how she'd react to it, or if he should be paying attention to it.

The paper crumpled in her hands and she froze as she realized what he was speaking about. "You... h-how...?" Unable to complete the question she simply stared at him.

He opens his eyes again to look at Eryn "The Writing...you have a very distinct handwritting."

"B-but how?" Her face was pale and she still sat there motionless, the paper crumpled in her hands. After a while she spoke up again. "You went through my things." She stated with a cold voice.

He didn't know how to respond to her accusation, mainly because he knew it was true, when she fell asleep he stayed up sewing his coat for Hoelbrek and stumbled up her bag and glanced threw it just till he saw the handwritting but it was hard to tell her that. He already felt distant from Eryn this would most likely drive a deeper wedge between them but just incase he didnt get threw the night that she should know that someone cares. "I...I..." his voice went quiet

"Well then" She finally managed to look away. "I-" She sighed. "I can't get angry at someone who was just mortally wounded. But if you do live through this, I promise to beat you up once you're well enough." She dropped the paper and got to her feet, walking a few steps away from Arben.

Arben was speechless at Eryns treat he didn't know what to say.

Finally deciding that he'd let matters lie long enough, Tokkra stood up. "Would you mind a word Eryn?"

She turned to look at Tokkra and sighed, letting her shoulders drop. "No.. I suppose not"

He took her to a corner of the crevace, that opened up into an old passage that led to nowhere. It was dark, but the light of the moon barely traced the contours of both their faces. "I hope you don't mind me speaking on behalf of a friend. Arben tends to react before he really thinks things through, but I believe his heart is in the right place."

She bit her lip and let her head hang. "I know that" She said softly. "And I know I shouldn't be... cross with him." She couldn't help the quiver in her voice. "I just... I didn't expect this to come up, n-not now, not yet"

"Is it something you don't wish to share with us? You know you don't have to. If Arben has overstepped his welcome, just let him know," he replied.

Arben tries to look around the room but the pain holds him back he just lays there hoping the pain can go away quickly

She balled her hands to fist. Determined not to cry. She promised herself she wouldn't cry over it anymore. "It's not that.... sorry" She mumbled before turning away from Tokkra.

Tokkra had tried his best not to listen to the details of the conversation that Arben and Eryn had had, in case he wasn't welcome to it, but Eryn's emotional response made him all the more curious. He bent towards her, trying to suss if she was still keen to talk. "Eryn..."

She drew in a large breath. "C-come sit by the fire. Please, I-I'll try to explain."

Tokkra nodded gratefully and followed Eryn.

She sat herself down near Arben and the fire. "A-arben I'm sorry, I was rude, I'm afraid I wasn't prepared to share that yet and I panicked." She looked at Tokkra.

Arben looks over to Eryn understanding her reason. "It's Ok Eryn i understand you have nothing to be sorry about."

She nodded silently and took another deep breath. "4 years ago my siblings went missing" She told Tokkra. "I've been trying to find them since, but I've been unable to find out anything at all so far" Her voice trembled, but still she refused to cry.

Tokkra finally began to understand what pained Eryn so much. "Why have you never told us this before?"

"I've only known you for a couple of days, and the subject is a painful one" She turned her gaze away from them, to the flames as she used her hand to quickly brush a stray tear from her cheek.

Remembering his manners, Tokkra took a washcloth from his pack and handed it to Eryn to wipe her tears.

Arben closes his eyes as his mind begins to race as to how he can help Eryn. He opens his eyes and looks over to Eryn his heart breaks with every word she says.

"Thank you" Eryn mumbled as she took the cloth. She only crumpled it up in her hands however as she continued to stare in the flames.

"I'm here for you, Eryn," said Tokkra softly. "And I'm sure by the way he went the extra mile to learn a little more about you, that Arben is too. How would you like us to help?"

"I don't know" She mumbled. I've been searching all this time. "I don't know what to do anymore."

Tokkra smiled at her. "There is a saying among the charr, perhaps the humans have something similar. It goes, 'What one cannot accomplish alone, a united brotherhood can.' My warband and I used to chant that during long drills that stretched through the day and night, the sun and the rain. It kept us strong... invincible almost, knowing that we had each other's backs."

"Lions Arch" Arben adds "We should go to Lions Arch to my office, plenty of resources we can figure it out there"

She looked at Arben. "W-would you d-do that for me?" She sniffed. Her hand squeezing around the cloth she was holding.

"Hoelbrak can always wait. I just hope Sigrun won't be too disappointed," said Tokkra with a laugh.

"Eryn... to reunite you with your family i would move mountains. and with Big T by our side those mountains wont be so heavy. Its what we were forged for"

Upon hearing that she broke into a sobbing. "I'm s-sorry" She managed to mumble in between tears.

"Don't be," replied Tokkra, looking sympathetically at Eryn. "It isn't wrong to accept help. If I didn't, I certainly wouldn't be sitting before you today."

upon seeing Eryn in tears Arben couldnt help but feel broken, he mustered all his strength to crawl closer to Eryn he hugs her tightly. "We all met for a reason."

"No no no" Eryn tried to get Arben to lie down again. "You were stabbed in the back, you need to lie down, what if the wound reopens"

"Sometimes a hug is worth a dozen stab wounds" he grabs the washcloth from her hands and wipes the tears from her face "You my sweet Eryn are worth the pain."

She sniffed as he did. "T-thank you for offering to help me, you're very kind" She stammered.

She pulled up her knees and wrapped her arms around them as she turned her focus to the fire. She was still upset, but she didn't want to talk more about it now. She was exhausted from the fight and the emotional exertion of having to share her story unprepared Eryn. After some time she let her head rest on her knees and drifted into sleep.

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Re: Forged in Fire
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Tokkra carried a sleeping Eryn from her seated position beside Arben, to a makeshift bed that he had crafted out of a pile of leaves and vines. Settling her gently upon the heap, he laid the tarp he had carried with him, over her shoulders, to shield her from the chilly night wind. He didn't like spending the night in that particular wedge, between the vicinity of the ghosts and the rest of central Ascalon, but with Arben in the condition he was in, there seemed to be little choice.

He patted Eryn on the side as he watched her sleep soundly, not even stirring as he moved her about. He figured she must be completely exhausted, and wasn't surprised at that. In certain ways Eryn reminded him of Sarah, and that made his heart heavy. It wasn't time to turn back, not yet... he wasn't sure if ever. He rose and moved away from Eryn, reluctant to let poignant memories fester.

Sigrun hadn't returned yet from her spellweaving, but he supposed soon. He walked over to where Arben still lay, and he took Eryn's place in her stead. Leaning back against the stone wall, he turned his eyes to the sliver of moonlight that crept through the bricks.

Arbens looks at Tokkra, being such a gentle and caring being. From what he has gathered there isn't much room for malice or ill intent in Tokkras heart, he was always the most calm and collected from the bunch even when the people were quick to blame him for the attack on the Vangaurd. He sees Tokkra staring to what little light is creeping threw the creveces of the old bricks almost as if he wqas lost in thought. "Whats on your mind Big T.?" He asked softly not to wake Eryn

Tokkra looked down at Arben, surprised to find him awake. "I thought you were asleep," he said quietly.

"Kinda hard to sleep with this pain on my back." He sighs "This is partially why i work the field alone, i get distracted when theres people i wanna keep safe. I go into what my team calls a Blind stance" He sits up "its just in my nature, how about you whats keeping you up?"

The charr smiled as though he was surprised Arben couldn't guess the reason why. "You, of course. And Eryn, and Sigrun, for the time she gets back. Someone has to guard the camp in the case that one of those pesky Ascalonian ghosts manage to make it through Sigrun's shield."

"Ah yes" Arben shakes his head trying to rattle his brain how he can forget the first thing about camping is look out. "ah yes, i figured Sigrun would take gaurd but she isn't back yet, must be one hella spell she chanting."

"I would assume so. We've seen what those ghosts are like, we don't want even one to break through."

"Most definitly, I have encountered ghost before but in this quanity never they really stick together here. Its sad even in death they feel the need to fight."

Tokkra nodded. "They're the incarnation of the hate of King Alderbern. I'm sure they were once well meaning people who wanted nothing more than to live quiet lives. It's unfortunate how the war to reclaim Ascalon turned into a double edged sword. We have our land back in our possession, but is it really ours? This cursed ghost infested wasteland..." he sighed, and mumbled on with his thoughts. "If man and charr could live side by side in peace..."

"The honest truth is they can, but both humans and Charr will always have those not willing to accept change which in return wont accept peace." Arben stops and glares At the flames "Its not just enough to have this whole world and share it some just want it all for themselves... Its like they can't see past there own skin, their own fur. Thats why i had to leave Divinitys Reach, it was too many Humans this humans that, I wanted a place where all races were joined as one. Which is how i ended up in Lions arch and even tho we get our rotten apple from time to time the people come together and stand strong."

A smile formed on Tokkra's face, and he looked at Arben. "I'm glad not all humans want war. We may not share the same blood, or race, but I find a kinship in you Arben. I hope it's mutual."

Arbens glance is now on Tokkra "Indeed it is my friend, Im glad our paths have crossed when they did. We were meant to meet, just like Eryn i can't help but feel as i was suppose to be at that bar when you guys walked in" A small smile forming on his face

The charr chuckled. "Somehow I don't think Eryn and myself are quite on the same scale."

"she has thicker fur then you, i assure you however her heart is just as pure as yours, mines , even sigruns. I'm just afraid of what the outcome of her missing siblings can do to her. If the outcome is horrible then im afraid it can drive her in the wrong dirrection."

"I appreciate you are concerned for me, Arben, but no need," the Norn said from behind. "How is your injury?"

Tokkra spun around in surprise. He'd expected Sigrun back for a while, but it still surprised him to hear her voice. "Sigrun! Thank you for all your work. We appear to be very safe now."

"We have better be or I would need to have a few words with my teacher," she replied, a smirk on her face.

"And thank you for the healing as well. I feel much better. I know you've done your best for Arben, but I'm wondering if there's anything else we can do to relieve the pain in his back?"

"No. Necromancy spells only serve to either bring someone back from the brink of death or revive from death. Healing minor injuries is not part of my toolkit."

Arben smiles at Sigrun "Im Feeling a bit better, thank you for saving my life, i owe you. This pain is just somethihng im gonna have to deal with till we get proper medicine or a doctor."

Tokkra turned back to Arben, "I'm sorry there's nothing I can do to help you. I hope my company will be enough." And he gave his attention back to Sigrun. "I'll continue to keep watch. I'm sure you're tired, feel free to join Eryn in sleep."

"Might be a good idea. Better rest equal better spells." She stretched,  lay down next to the fire on her back and closed her eyes.

"sleep well Sig." Arben adds as Sigrun lays. His attention now to Tokkra "Thats all i can ask for Tokkra, Thank you." Arben reaches into his bag and brings out a cloth he unravels it and a piece of bread and cheese where inside it he breaks a piece of bread and cheese and extends it to Tokkra. "Care to join me for a snack, maybe this can energize me."

Tokkra gratefully took the bread and cheese, but kept his attention on Arben. "Thank you..." and after a pregnant pause, "Arben... I... I don't really know how to pose this question to you. Just let me know if I offend, and I'll tone it down..."

"By all means Big T. dont feel shy around me." Arben breaks a piece for himself and takes a bite while waiting for Tokkras question.

"I haven't spent much time around humans, but I'm guessing the recent tension between yourself and Eryn is part and parcel of... a mating ritual... am I wrong?"

Arben begins to choke on his bread he coughs trying to keep it as low as popssible to not disturb the others who are sleeping. He catches his breath "No, not at all... I just have a thing for people in general so i might come off what people call flirty but not at all a mating thing. The tention im sure has to do with trust rather then anything else."

Tokkra widened his eyes as Arben choked. "Did I say the wrong thing?"

Arben smiles "No your fine just never looked at Eryn in a mating way, she is a beautiful individual but definitly not the mate for me." he chuckles

Tokkra gave this some thought, then continued, "How does a human select a mate then? Or do they get selected for you?"

"Well mating could be different things, a human can do the act of mating without any loyalties to the other person, but theres also mating in the case of falling in love which is more than just having a mating session its when your heart feels incomplete without the other person." Arben sratches his head "i dont know if im making sense"

"Hmm... that seems rather complicated," commented Tokkra. "And your cubs... they stay with their parents, don't they?"

"Yea the kids as humans call them stays with the parents unless something seperates them" Arben stops and thinks how he is basically giving Tokkra the bird and the bees for humans its rather odd since he never had to explain it before. "Parents tend to the care of the kids till they reach their adulthood and then they have to fend for themselves unless a few spoiled brats that stay with their parents till they milk them dry of their wealth but thats a whole different branch on the tree sort of speak"

"That's a long time to be with their parents." Tokkra wrinkled his nose at the thought, and decided to hold his tongue. "Thank you for explaining your culture to me, Arben."

"Its not a problem Big T. always fun to share customs with other curious of them" Arben smiles then takes the last bite of bread before saving the rest for a later time "I should get some rest before the trip tommorow" he yawns as he lays down "Thanks for keeping watch T. couldnt ask for a better traveler, hey who knows maybe by the time we reach my office you probably have a letter from Sarah i know that would mean the world to you."

"Certainly would. Goodnight Arben, and get better soon."

"Thank you T, Goodnight" Arbens eyes close as he rests

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Re: Forged in Fire
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A rumbling snore drifted through the makeshift campsite as Tokkra, leaned onto a wall, slouched over his belly, his rifle laying just inches from where his massive paw rested, beside his bent knees. The charr had not meant to fall asleep, but it'd ultimately conquered him anyway, in the early hours of morning.

The sound of snoring eventually woke Eryn from her sleep and slowly she sat up, looking around to take in her surroundings. It wasn't long until she realized where they were and, with one look at Tokkra, what had happened.

Arben awakens from his painful rest, he looks around the camp and notices Tokkra asleep, Eryn sitting down, and Sigrun still peacefully asleep. He sits up "Good morrow" he said softly to Eryn trying to not wake the others

Feeling a bit awkard after last nights revelations and her emotional breakdown she only nodded at him and pulled her pack towards her to dig up her waterskin. After a while of gathering her thoughts and lining them up she opened her mouth. "How's your back?" She whisperingly asked.

"It still hurts, i'm hoping that it doesnt takes too much of a toll on me while walking." He answers " Maybe we should wake the others and try to get a start on this day i wanna get far away from here as possible."

"Maybe it's better if Tokkra carries you" She glanced at the sleeping charr.

Arben giggles at the thought of being carried by Tokkra yet again. "Well lets see how much walking i could do first before giving Tokkra the burden of my weight." he smiles to not reveal the fact that he doesnt like being carried around like a naughty child.

"I think it might be best if we just went as far as the nearest safe stop and rest again. We don't want you to overdo it" She dug up some dried meat from her pack and started to chew on it while she debated whether or not to wake Tokkra up. She was half inclined to let him sleep for a few more minutes, having no idea how long he'd slept so far.

"I am sorry for delaying this venture, i should have never let my gaurd down" Arben puts his head down to think how did these ghost get the best of him.

"We were travelling towards Hoelbrak, it's not a venture that can't be delayed" She said, rather harsher than she meant it as she put her meat down on her pack, got up and walked over to Tokkra. Carefully she nudged his shoulder to wake him up.

Snorting quite suddenly, Tokkra woke with a jolt, looking about him as though lost for a moment.

"Hey" She said softly, taking a step back "Good morning"

The charr stopped to look at Eryn for a moment, and eventually collected himself. "Eryn... Arben... you're up." The thought then occurred to him that he'd fallen asleep on his duty. "I'm sorry, I must've dozed off."

"Don't worry about it, you must've been exhausted. I only wish you'd have woken me up to take over your watch" She went back to her spot and sat down again to finish her meagre breakfast.

"Good Morrow Big T. and no harm no foul, glad u got some rest." Added Arben "thanks for watching camp, its appreciated"

Tokkra yawned and stretched. "So I assume we're off to Lion's Arch today?"

"Perhaps we should just continue our way to Hoelbrak and take the asura gate there"

"That seems like the ideal plan. What you say Big T. you ever been through an asura gate?" Arben asks

He nodded. "There's one right there in the Black Citadel."

"Pity we can't go there" Eryn said with a sigh.

Tokkra grinned. "Well you can. I'll take the longer route into Hoelbrak, and meet the both of you there if it'll make things easier."

Eryn hesitated to answer. She wanted to say they'd all take the long route, but shorter travels would definitely be better for Arben. Uncertain she glanced at both of them.

"No we came together we leave together, no one will be left behind. Big Tokkra how would you like to be my prisoner?" Arben added "I know some people the Black Citadel and me taking in a prisoner is not uncommon." Arben adds

Confused Eryn stared at Arben, having no idea what he meant.

Tokkra frowned. "The charr are a proud race, they won't take kindly to other races taking a fellow charr captive, banished or not. It might lead to some trouble for you."

"As a Detective i run prisoners threw cities all the time, i can just claim Tokkra was a contract and we are just escorting him threw the city." Arben explained

"I'm fairly certain you haven't run a charr prisoner through the Black Citadel yet," replied Tokkra with a smile.

"Your banishment is so recent I think your face will be easily recognized by the guards, they might give us a lot of trouble" Eryn said, finally catching on.

"You guys are right, i guess Hoelbrek it is then" Arben looks threw his bag for his rations and eats a piece of break and cheese to hold them off till he can get a real meal.

"Besides," said Tokkra, watching Arben painfully move about. "I don't think the guards would believe that you'd be able to subdue someone as large as me in your current condition."

Eryn chuckled at that but quickly silenced herself.

Arben laughs "Could have blamed you for my current condition with Sigrun and Eryn here they would most likely assume it was a team effort to take him down."

"I was with Tokkra when he was there last" Eryn said. "They wouldn't buy it"

"They certainly aren't for negotiations."

"I don't like it Arben, but Tokkra's plan may be our best one"

"I dont like it either" Admitted Arben

"Would you like me to carry you to Hoelbrak, Arben?" offered Tokkra.

Arben shudders at the idea of being carried again "i can try to get up and try to walk." Arben answered still trying to act tough knowing well he can’t last long on his feet.

Tokkra moved forward and offered him a paw to lean on.

"Should I wake up Sigrun?" Eryn asked glancing at the norn.

Arben grabbed Tokkras paw and picked himself up feeling the sharp pain he quickly buckled but tried to keep his posture to not scare off Tokkra.

"If we're leaving now then we should," Tokkra said, and turned to Arben. "Let me help you Arben."

Eryn nodded and got up to wake up Sigrun. The norn grumbled a while before sitting up and Eryn told her they'd be leaving soon after which Sigrun set about getting ready to leave. Eryn returned to her own spot and started to pack her things, waiting for Arben to get up and away from his sleeping spot so she could get her coat back.

"Thanks Tokkra and im sorry for all the hassle." added arben as he stood by tokkra waiting for him to help him.

Leaning down, Tokkra levered Arben upon his back as he did before, and made sure Arben had a good grip before stepping away to let Eryn get her coat.

She picked up her fur coat and beat the sand and dust out of it before tying it to her pack again. "Are we set to go then?" She asked.

"Ready when you are," replied Tokkra, turning around to see Sigrun return him a thumbs up.

"Alright then. Arben have you got everything or should I carry something for you?" She asked as she swung her pack on her back.

"Yea if you dont mind carry my bag please" Arben felt bad that he was becoming a burden to the rest of the group.

"No problem" She said, swinging her shield over one shoulder and Arbens bag over the other."Let's go"

Tokkra headed off in the direction that Eryn was headed towards. They pressed on towards Wayfarer's as the temperature dropped quite suddenly, and puffs of smoke began to rise from their breaths.

"How you holding up Big T." asked Arben seeing as he felt like a burden on his back

"I'm doing fine Arben. You're not too heavy, in case you were worried about that," assured Tokkra.

"Well if it's alright wiht you I'd like a short break" Eryn said, reshifting the weight on her back. "I'd like to eat some lunch and put on my coat before we continue."

"I'm doing fine Arben. You're not too heavy, in case you were worried about that," assured Tokkra, and to Eryn. "A break sounds fine."

She nodded and found a good place to sit down and rest for a while. There she put down the packs she was carrying and let her shield lean against them. "How're you holding up Arben?" She asked as she sat down.

A breeze blew a cloud of mist across the team. It felt cold to the touch. Tokkra was careful to lower Arben gently down to the ground, before making sure he wouldn't topple over.

She shivered as the wind blew and quickly started to untie her coat from her pack and put it on.

"I'm doing good thanks" Arben disappointingly answered to Eryn "And I'm glad I'm not too much for you Big T."

Tokkra looked about and spotted a few deer, grazing idly in the distance. "Would you like some meat?"

"I would definitely not be opposed to something fresher than dried meat" Eryn said with a grin.

"That would be a perfect meal." Added Arben

Tokkra nodded, removed the rifle from his back, and took aim at one of the deers. Moving towards it slowly, he glided through light folliage to a point where he felt more confident about hitting the deer in a fatal manner. He didn't want to shoot it if it wasn't going to end its life immediately, there's nothing pleasing about watching an animal suffer more than it'd have to. It'd have to be one shot, and that one shot, be a fatal blow.

Taking a deep breath in, Tokkra watched his target still busy with its grazing, unaware of the predator that stood a distance behind it. And with one firm shot, hit the deer in the back of its head, causing it to tumble to the ground. All the other deer surrounding it were startled by the sound and bounded off immediately.

After Tokkra took his shot Eryn got up to gather some wood in the area and set about building a fire.

Tokkra picked up the carcass, placed it next to Eryn's campfire and sat by her as he waited for her to finish the job. "You have prior training in starting fires," observed Tokkra, watching the ease at which Eryn went about stacking wood and sparkling flames with the flint in her hand.

"Great shot!" Arben stated after witnessing Tokkra perfect shot he pulled out a set of daggers and started sharpening them "I have some practice in skinning i could help with removing the fur."

"I've had lots of practice" She said before leaning down to blow some more air into the fire.

Tokkra nodded at Arben, and set the carcass in reachable distance from him. "Were you once a soldier?" Tokkra asked Eryn.

"I've received training yes" Eryn answered as she sat back and watched the flames go up through and around the stacked branches.

"How did your warband respond to your decision to leave them?" he asked.

"Well, we don't call them warbands" She said, pausing. "But I'm sure they all understood my reasons for leaving. I'm certain my captain did anyway"

"Oh," said Tokkra, slightly embarassed. "What is the name for it in human terms?"

Arben begins to slice the top layer of skin on the carcass, nicely cut to not cut off too much of the edible meat. with time he manages to remove most of the top skin and begins to fillet the meat to throw over the flames to cook.

"Companies" Eryn said simply as she took out a knife and started to carve a sharp point on one of the longer sticks she brought
"Or well, I suppose that's not entirely right, I"m actually not sure how our organization compares to yours" She said with a frown.
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Re: Forged in Fire
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"How many charr make up a warband?" She asked while looking at Tokkra, stopping her carving for a bit.

"Companies..." Tokkra repeated after her, mostly to himself. He thought about the Vanguard soldiers his warband would encounter from time to time. They seemed a little less organized, but usually more jovial... or at least that was as much as he could gleam of them. They never really had any reason to spend an extended amount of time with the charr. "There are usually about twenty charr in one warband," he answered.

"Suppose that's the equivalent to a platoon then" Eryn said, returning to her carving.

"Ah..." he replied.

Arben pulls out some tubes that were packed in his bag, he cracks them open and continues to pour out some salt and peppers onto the meat. "Not much seasonings but should be enough to hold us off." He added while focusing on his culinary training.

"Here" Eryn said, handing the pointy stick to Arben before starting on a new one.

Arben grabs the stick and stabs some of the meat on it , and puts it over the flame to cook. He continues to do this until everyone has something to eat and preps a bit extra for the road ahead.

After they lunched and rested they packed up their stuff to continue their way. "Will you walk Arben?" Eryn asked.

Tokkra stood over Arben, wondering if he still needed to be carried?

"Im feel as tho i can walk for a bit i'll let you know if i need any assistance" He said while taking some minor steps to see just howe much he can tollerate

"Very well. Give me your pack again though, I'll carry that" She said, holding out her hand.

"thanks Eryn, I appreciate that" He gives her a gentle smile and hands her his backpack

Tokkra looked up towards the Shiverpeaks and pointed to a dirt path leading up a slope. "We shouldn’t be far from Hoelbrak now."

Eryn nodded as she hoisted the second pack on to her back. "Lets go then"

The team trudged on towards the dwelling of the Norn, and immediately they were greeted with smells of roasted meat and ale. The residents looked down at the travellers, watching them curiously.

Arben takes out his retractable Staff and opens it and uses for support to hold his up while he walks. He looks up the slope that leads into the Shiverpecks and instantly gets chills down his spine. "This won't be easy" he thought to himself

She glanced at Arben every so often as they walked to make sure he was alright. With the frost here the roads might be slippery here and there and she didn't want him to fall. "Do you like the big cities?" She asked Tokkra as she fell into pace next to him.

Tokkra shrugged. “They’re alright I guess. But I think I still prefer the less inhabited areas a little more,” he paused to shake the fur off his back, “And maybe a little warmer climate.”

Quinn was sitting by one of the fires in a great hall, half laying on one of the norn-sized chairs. They had a mug of ale sat next to them, and in their hands was their familiar sketchbook.

Several norn met Tokkra with a smile, and in spite of his surprise, he smiled back. Some of the young ones pointed at him, and oogled with large eyes. “Hmm... " mumbled Tokkra, confused by the attention.

"They seem impressed" Eryn told Tokkra with a smile.

“Minotaur!” A young one blurted out, and the adult norn standing close by immediately burst into laughter. “That’s a charr Freydis, not a Minotaur.” The young one's expression fell.
Tokkra grinned, and as he passed, let out a growl. The little norn straightened up in surprise, smiling back at him.

Eryn chuckled at that. "This is much better than Ebonhawke."

Tokkra leaned over to Eryn, “I might stay longer, given the chance.”

Arben chuckles seeing the reactions towards Tokkra "Big T this place seems like a nice fit for ya huh."

Sigrun smiled. She was happy to be back in Hoelbrak again, even if it was just for a short while. She nodded and smiled at the Norn she passed who acknowledged her. She glanced around as if looking for someone.

“Where is your home Sigrun?” Tokkra asked.

"Sigrun do you know where i can find a healer around these parts? i dont think i can stand this pain any longer." Arben asks Sigrun with a look in his face starting to show the pain

"Oh, my home wasn't in Hoelbrak itself. I lived in the outskirts, in a small region we call Snowden Drifts." She glanced at Arben. "We have multiple lodges surrounding this main lodge. They have shamans that can help us. I am already familiar with the Raven shamans, so let's head there. Raven's lodge is the North-most one."

Without being told, Tokkra scooped Arben up and headed in the direction that Sigrun had indicated.

She followed the others towards the Raven Lodge while looking around her, taking in all the sights. She didn't get to travel to Hoelbrak much yet and the gigantic buildings still amazed her.

Arben was caught off gaurd as he got scooped, "OH SHHOOT, you scared me a bit."

“Didn’t realise you were in so much pain. Lets get you fixed up,” replied Tokkra.

As they entered the lodge, a woman wearing blue leather attire, with a hood over her head, approached the group. Her eyes were on Sigrun. "One of Raven's favoured has returned," she said. She then glanced at Tokkra and Arben, and pointed to the right side of the lodge. "Come, bring your friend over to the fire. Raven has decided to grant his blessing to the human. We will heal his wounds."

Tokkra did as he was told, and carried Arben over, placing him next to the fire.

"Your a great friend Tokkra, I can't thank you enough" He grabbed on tight to his paw

After following them in Eryn sort of hovered towards the nearest fire though keeping her attention on the party.

While a shaman by the fire tended to Arben, the shaman who initially spoke to them approached Sigrun again. "Raven is pleased with your deeds so far." "Is he? Some days, I'm not so sure I'm worthy." The shaman smiled. "You are. He told me himself. Your constant vigil over the dead and those who would threaten their peace is dear to Raven. Few other Necromancers are a dedicated as you." "Perhaps." "When you at last acquire your weapon of legend, Raven requests that you bring a treasure to him." Sigrun nodded. As was Raven's way.

Arben has removed his shirt so the shaman can better heal his wound and in doing so revealing a lot of scars of past battles better left unspoken.

Tokkra moved to Eryn’s side as this took place. “I hope you aren’t too anxious to get on the road to search for your siblings,” he whispered to her.

Quinn, being qiunn and the slippery shadow adventurer that they were, had in fact decided that Raven's hall was the one they'd rest in. They looked up to get another look for reference for their drawing, and grinned when they saw a familiar band of travelers.

"I never stopped searching Tokkra" She said softly.

He bumped her shoulder softly with the side of his paw. “We’re holding you back..” he apologised.

"No" She sighed. "In all this time, I never managed to find one lead. I meet up with the board wardens in every town I pass, no one ever has any news. Most of them tell me to give it up by now. They either pity me or consider me mad"

“Do you carry something that belongs to them?” He asked, an idea coming to mind.

"No" She looked into the flames. "There is nothing left that belongs to them"

He frowned and lowered his head. “I’m sorry.”

They lifted themself from the chair and bounded over to Eyrn and Trokka, "Yo!"

"Oh.. hello there" Eryn said, rather suprised at Quinn's sudden appearance. "You found us then"

Tokkra turned to face the familiar Sylvari.

"Yup! You said you'd be coming through Hoelbrak and I finished my thing, so here I am."

"Plans have changed a little though, we likely won't stay here long, we're passing through to Lion's Arch." She turned to look at the shaman and Arben. "We mainly stopped to find a healer for Arben"

Arben lays there as the Healers cometinue to clean the wound to prevent any infections and future problems.

"Huh, Lion's arch? 'love that place!"

"You're welcome to come along" She said, as she started to take the backpacks off her back so she wouldn't have to carry the weight while they waited.

Arben gets up and streches feeling the pain diminish greatly from what it felt like earlier he can acually walk without an issue. "Thank you for your kind service and assitance, I thank the spirit of the Raven for the blessing it has laid upon me."

"I just might, I hear there's an airship leading out to some pretty interesting places."

"An airship huh, rather you than me" Eryn said with a chuckle

"It's a good think you are not Norn, Arben," Sigrun commented in reply, a small smirk on her face. "If you were, Raven would have requested an offering."

"What kind of offering does the Raven require?" Arben curiously asks

"It varies, though it is usually something that proves your cunning, your deed... or your shame," the shaman replied. "Such items are added to Raven's treasures."

Arben reaches into his shoulder sheath and grabs his dagger the one in which the ghost took and stabbed him with. "Well this is the blade that forced me to come for assistance its been with me for a while it indeed has brought shame to me, is this a worthy offering?" Arben likes to show his up most respect for those who assist expeciallyu those of higher power.

The shaman was quiet for a moment. When she spoke, there was a smile on her face. "Raven is impressed that you are willing to follow his teachings, despite not being Norn. You honour him with your sincerity, human." She took the dagger from his hand. "This will be placed with Raven's treasures. Raven smiles upon you this day. He expects great feats of cunning from you."

"Thank you shaman, I only wish to pay back for the assistance from the Raven whatever it is the Ravens requieres i am glad to ablige. teachings from the races of this world all have their importance. I might be Human in flesh but at heart i have a piece of all this world offers." Arben again begins to strech to relieve his back.

"Yeah, an airship. Well, one other than the ones in the Aerodome. Those ones go to also very interesting places that also tend to kill you- unless you follow a group of way better mercenaries but..." They shrugged, "that's getting way off topic."

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Re: Forged in Fire
« Reply #18 on: December 06, 2017, 05:09:16 PM »
As Eryn and Quinn talked the rest of the party joined them and together they found a place to sit down and rest. Of course, being in Hoelbrak there was Ale to be had and after a merry evening around a firepit most of them ended up sleeping there too. The following morning however Eryn woke up to find their elusive sylvari friend had disappeared once again. She rubbed her face, slightly regretting the norn ale she'd consumed and lay back down. "Ugh.."

"Morning," Sigrun said as she approached. She was smiling. "Drank too much?"

"Or ate too little" She replied. She reached out to her pack and rummaged around in it with one hand. She cursed as she couldn't find what she was looking for and slowly sat up again. Pulling the pack towards her she looked as she searched and this time quickly located her waterskin.

Tokkra was still resting peacefully, all curled up in a ball close to the firepit, arms wrapped neatly beneath his chin.

"I know I didn't eat enough," Sigrun said in reply. "Fortunately, we Norn are know for having hearty feasts, even for breakfast. I have a surprise." From behind Sigrun came another Norn woman, slightly taller and more muscular, carrying a tray filled with cooked eggs, toast, meat and lots of fruit. The woman herself had light skin like the Necromancer but her hair was white, long and tied into ponytail along with a braid on either side of her head. She wore what appeared to be metalic silver-tinted heavy armour, sharp in appearance, and a blindfold over her eyes. The newcomer placed the tray down next to the group and stood back beside Sigrun.(edited)

The smell of food tickled Tokkra's nose, and it began to twitch even before he opened his eyes. Slowly, the massive Charr stretched towards the food, his front paws raising his sleepy head off the floor.

"Hey" Eryn managed with a weak wave. "Give me a few to wake up k? Not sure I can be sociable just yet"
She then uncorked the waterskin and drank a few swigs from it.

"Fortunately for you, I'm not that sociable myself," the newcomer said in reply. She crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm just doing a favour for a friend."

Tokkra's eyes popped open just as he stopped inches from the food. He took a good look at it, then at Sigrun, the newcomer, and Eryn - still a little confused as to what he had missed.

Eryn pulled up a corner of her mouth and sort of managed a smile before she drank some water again. After several minutes of collecting herself she sighed. "That does smell good" She said nodding towards the food. "I'm Eryn, are you a friend of Sigruns?"

She nodded, but said nothing else. Sigrun continued. "This is Hildr Spiritdancer. She and I grew up together. She trained as a Warrior, but has recently accepted the calling of a Revenant."

"Nice to meet you Hildr" Eryn said, still eyeing the food. "Will you sit with us?"

"No, thank you. I have other things I need to attend to." She turned to face Sigrun. "Can I have a moment?" Sigrun nodded. "Of course."

She glanced at Arben who seemed to still be deep asleep and then at Tokkra. "Should we wake him?" She asked

The two Norn moved off to the side. Hildr was the first to speak. "You haven't achieved your goal yet, I see." Sigrun sighed. "I'm working on it. It's not easy." "I never said it was." Despite being blindfolded, she looked directly as the Necromancer. "You will succeed, eventually." Sigrun shook her head. "Even I can't be sure of that. It's an experimental process. There's no guarantee it will result in anything." "Hobbs has done his research. I have heard of many acquiring weapons of legend under his guidance." Hildr tilted her head slightly. "You did speak with him, didn't you?" "Yes." "And?" "He... had me go to several locations in the Shiverpeaks to locate old give tributes of Bloodstone Dust, then I had to locate Jotun runestone fragment and assemble them. After that, I had to bury the assembled Jotun Star at an ancient runstone at Heimdahl's Last Stand." Sigrun frowned. "I'm still not sure why exactly he had me do that." "Perhaps a test? Or it has a meaning for the weapon you are trying to acquire," Hildr suggested. "Hobbs doesn't make anyone do something like that without meaning. It must be important." "If it is, then I don't yet understand," Sigrun said in reply. "Afterwards, he gave me some recipes so I can start crafting, but they require a lot of rare reagents that are difficult to acquire." "Well, at least the journey will be worth it in the end." Sigrun sighed again. "I hope so." Hildr nodded with a smile and turned to make her leave. "Let me know if you need anything, Sigrun." The Necromancer simply nodded as she watched her friend walk away.(edited)

Tokkra nodded at Eryn.

She frowned slightly, still doubtful. "Maybe he needs his rest, after all he's been through"

"My head's still a little fuzzy," said Tokkra turning to Sigrun. "But was the healing process completed at the end?"

Sigrun turned when she heard her name. Once she took a second to register the question, she nodded. "The shamans took care of it. However, just because he's healed doesn't mean he doesn't need to rest."

"Let’s let him rest and save him some breakfast then, but we should eat while it's still warm" Eryn said.

"Thank your friend for me, will you Sigrun?"

Sigrun nodded. "I will, next time I see her. Whenever that will be."

Eryn nodded and helped herself to some of the food. "Do thank her for us"

Tokkra began to consume the food in front of him. He'd been itching to get a mouthful, but hadn't thought it polite to do so before. He couldn't remember if he'd eaten the night before... in fact he remembered very little of it. He did however remember trying a few mugs of ale that'd been recommended to him. "Eryn..." he said quietly. "How much of yesterday do you remember?"(edited)

"It's uh... all a bit vague" Eryn said with a stupid grin. "I had fun though, that Norn ale is dangerous I'd say" She said, after finishing her egg.

He raised a brow to her. "I can't remember the last time I did that."

"Are you suggesting we are a bad influence?" She asked with a snigger.

"Nooo," he shook his head. Bright sparks still lit the insides of his eyes. "I've been so set on what I needed to do... trying not to get caught... had to avoid any drinking sessions for years for fear of what I might say." He put his chin onto his paw as he considered how that chapter of his life was now over. "Hmm... I guess it doesn't really matter anymore now."

"I'm glad you have to worry less now" Eryn said softly as she took some meat from the tray.

"I am definitely more relaxed with the lot of you," he said with a grin. "I just hope I'm being useful to this team. Because it feels like I haven't contributed much."

"I don't know what we would've done with Arben if you hadn't been there" Eryn said, giving him a small smile. "Don't you worry about being useful."

"Maybe the three of you should've just gone through Black Citadel. I feel partially responsible for this mishap."

"We decided on the route we took together, no one is to blame, or we're all to blame" Eryn said with a shrug

Tokkra nodded a while. "Thank you Eryn."

She gave him a smile and finished her food. "No need"

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Re: Forged in Fire
« Reply #19 on: February 14, 2018, 09:02:04 AM »
Tokkra came back from the middle of town as he searched for Eryn. Walking through snow ridden paths to where he last saw her.

She was sitting by one of the fires in Raven's lodge scribbling away on her notebook. Fully focussed on her writing she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings at all.

"Eryn," he called, the moment he laid eyes on her.

"Hm?" She hummed as she looked up. "Oh, you're back" She said, as she closed her notebook. "Where's Sigrun?"

Imthiion had never been a fan of the cold but Hoelbrak was on his "to conquer" list and it had been there for a while. He made his way to the nearest tavern. He asked for a  small beer (didn't want to pass out just yet), paid the fee for such a beverage, walked away with his small beer in hand, and sat down near the fire.

He came close to speak a little more privately with her. "She told me that an artificer had offered to craft her a staff that she's been waiting for. She said it was an opportunity she didn't think would come so quickly for her, and one that she would have to leap on. She also said that we should go ahead on our trip without her."

"Oh" She had a puzzled look on her face for a few seconds and looked at her notebook again. "Arben left as well."

"Arben left?" Tokkra said with a start. "He's better now?"

"He said the shaman healed him sufficiently." She gave Tokkra a small smile. "He got a note and said he had to leave immediately. He promised to start searching for Kian and Kara while he was at his office though. Said he'd send word if he found anything."

Tokkra shook his face, he still couldn't believe Arben had made such a speedy recovery and had left without a word. Although he was more glad than upset that his friend was well enough to leave.  "Eryn, I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of ordering some food at the tavern. You've been working on that notebook and haven't had a chance to eat. I thought you might appreciate some lunch."

Alex has been to Hoelbrak few times already, but the magnificence of the city never failed to impress him. He was thinking about the death of Eir and the songs, that the norn wrote for her. He was impatient to listen to them... maybe they will be a great inspiration?
After the long travel in the harsh, northern weather, he only wanted a warm meal and maybe to warm his fingers with a quick song, or two, on his harp. So he entered in the nearest taver and went straight to the fire.

Imthiion took a sip of his beer as he thought about home. Oh how he missed the bowers of the Pale Tree, his friends, and Trahearne even though the two had rarely spoken to each other before his passing. He swallowed another mouthful of beer, "So many of the Firstborn have died, how long before we loose all of them?" he muttered to himself.

"How could I mind" She smiled widely at Tokkra and pulled her backpack over, carefully stashing the notebook away and closing the pack. She'd finish the rest later she told herself.(edited)

As expected, the fireplace was crouded, so instead he went to the tavern owner and  asked if he could play.
"Sure" Said the owner" But don't blame me if they start throwing stuff at you"

Tokkra smiled in response as he accompanied Eryn out into the cold, headed for the closest tavern. There were more taverns in Hoelbrak than Tokkra could ever remember seeing in the Black Citadel, but it only proved how much the Norns loved their ale.

"Did Sigrun say how long she would be?" Eryn asked as she shivered and pulled her cloak around her a little tighter. It was far too cold for her liking here in Hoelbrak and she wouldn't mind travelling to some warmer area soon.

Alex took a chair and sat near the bar. He just sat there for a moment, think what he should perform.  He then start playing a nice, soft melody.

Imthiion surveyed the room. Mainly Norn, couple of humans, and... a charr? Where is his warband? And why is he with a human, aren't relationships strenuous at the moment between the two races?

"She can't tell. It all depends on the artificer. Apparently we're talking about the most tallented artificer in Hoelbrak." Tokkra opened the door to the tavern, and the warmth from the crackling fire from within rushed out to meet them. He stepped aside for Eryn to enter, and briefly glanced around the tavern, seeing the barkeep at his counter, his wife, several norns, a sylvari and a human.... who was sitting near the bar, playing a melody on his harp.(edited)

Eager to get inside the warm tavern Eryn took a few rushed steps inside as Tokkra held the door open and then looked around. "Where do you want to sit?" She asked Tokkra as she took in her surroundings.

Imthiion opened up his scrapbook; filled with momentos from his travels: some kind of fancy rock an Asura gave him when he was in Rata Sum, a fern leaf from The Grove, a necklace made from Pact Metal that Trahearne had given him on one of their few meetings at the Priory, a painting of Ventari's Tablet, and a couple of trinkets from Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch. He sighed as the nostalgia came flooding into his mind. He drank another mouthful of his beer.(edited)

Tokkra caught the barkeep's attention, and the norn nodded at him, headed to the kitchen to get their food. "What about here?" He pointed to a table that sat squarely between the bard and the sylvari.

Aleks started to feel his fingers a little warmer. "I think I'm on the right tune" he tought "Atleast they don't have a lot of heavy stuff around."

As he moved to the seat, he gave a slight wave to the sylvari and the bard, purely out of courtesy.

"Sure" She said, sitting down  in the chair opposite Tokkra. She paid no mind to the other two however.

Imthiion noticed the charr wave to him out of the corner of his eye. he looked up at him, and smiled a little as he waved back

He saw the newly arriving human and charr and for his surprise the charr waved  at him. He've met a lot of charrs on his journeys, but none of them waved at him... they usually started to hurl a death stares and sharpen their claws.
He finished the melody and waited for a second for an applause. It never came.

They were bored. They were really bored. Quinn sighed as they walked into the tavern, absentmindedly swinging their arms about when they noticed another Sylvari seated at the bar. They smirked, and made their way over, “Nice ale, yeah?” they chimed beside him.

"Let's wake up the spirits a little, shall we?" He tought to himself. He started a little more joyuful melody, but this time he started to sing as well. A sweet melody, accompanied by his voice... and something else.

Tokkra noticed a little too late that no one had clapped for the human when he'd ended his song, and he began clapping out of the blue, felt bashful about being the only one clapping, and stopped quickly.

As he was singing, the harp started to fainthly glow in calm, blue color, and the people started to notice the song.

Imthiion turned to face the newcomer "It's a little too bitter for my liking, the nectar back in The Grove is much better" He explained

She frowned as a second sylvari passed by them. Wasn't that?.... Her line of thought was immediately distracted by Tokkra's clapping however and she gave him a surprised look.

“Try the honey mead,” they suggested, “Little more bite than nectar but about as sweet. More potent too.”

He smiled at this new information, "Maybe I will-" He turned to the bartender "-Can I have two honey meads please?" He asked, winking at the helpful sylvari

They smirked back, and gestured at their old, not yet empty mug, “No problem. You gonna finish that though?”

Managing a sheepish grin for Eryn, he explained that he found the music quite soothing. Charr music tended to involve heavy drumming.

Imthiion looked at his half empty mug and grimaced "I'm not too fond of this ale, did you want it?" He offered, trying not to sound like he was making a move on them

"It is nice" She said wiht a nod. "Say Quinn, poaching off of other people are you?" She called over to the sylvari that had just entered.

Imthiion, in his slightly drunken state, swayed in his chair to the beat of the calming music that the bard was playing

Tokkra turned around. He hadn't even noticed Quinn entering the tavern. He was surprised to keep bumping into the sylvari. It would almost seem like it wasn't a coincidence.

They took the ale and grinned, half leaning towards them, “Oh I’d love it!” They then swung their body towards the familiar voice, and called back ,”It’s not poaching if they give you permission!”

Imthiion smiled at the sylvari, somewhat confused as to what was happening and why everyone here seemed to know each other. He didn't dwell on it for too long however as his honey meads had arrived.

"Mhm sure" Eryn said with a chuckle.

"I hope you like it" Alex tought to himself  as he finished the song. "Now... how about I give you a performance you will see only once in your life?" He smirked and tuned up his harp.

They tipped their ale towards Eyrn, “Love to chat more but it’s rude to leave someone who gave you a drink!” And they flopped into a seat next to Imthi, “So, fellow planting, what’s your name?”

Imthiion was taken aback by the term planting, "That is the first time I have ever been called 'planting', my name's Imthiion and yours?" He enquired

"It's also rude to leave without saying bye" Eryn retorted.

The moment his fingers touched the strings and the song began, the harp gtarted glowing and a light purple, almost invisible substance started pouring from the harp. It enveloped the tavern, but no one really noticed it.
The melody became slightly louder

“Quinn!” They smirked again and offered their hand, “And really?-“ they looked back, “I DIDNT MEAN TO SORRY” and back towards Imthi, “I guess I spend my time around more snarky flesh filled people than you do.”

Quinn paused, and tilted their head at the shift in shades of her vision, mesmerrrrr OF COURSE THE BARD WAS A MESMER

The barkeep came back with their food. There was an assortment of meats and muffins.

Imthiion studied the loud sylvari in front of him. "So Quinn, why choose to be soundless?" He asked in the most polite tone he could manage without sounding condesending or patronising

"Oh, this looks amazing" Eryn exclaimed, seeing the food before her made her realize how hungry she was. The barkeep had barely turned his back or she grabbed one of the muffins and took a large bite out of it.

“Why arnt you?”

"I wasn't sure what you were hungry for, so I just got a variety of them." On second consideration... "Might have ordered slightly too much food."

He was caught offgaurd by this question. This wasn't how he thought this would pan out. "I- Uh- Ventari's teachings are good words to live by" he stammered(edited)

“What do those have to do with the dream?”

"Maybe Quinn and their friend would like to join us." Eryn suggested as she munched on the muffin.
"Dis is good though" She said with a half full mouth.

Tokkra agreed and stood up, walking over to the two sylvari.

"I thought being Soundless meant rejecting the Dream and Ventari's tablet" was the best Imthiion could come up with

“Then you’ve not talked to a whole lot of soundless have ya? It’s more about getting to pick what you wanna follow rather than Mom picking for you.”

Alex looked around himself. Most of the customers were already feeling the music and were gathering around him... especially those he was targeting from the moment he came in. Now and then "aaaah" and "oooh" could be heard by the impressed audience. Very soon his song will end and he finally be able to warm himself properly. Atleast the magic should work for atleast 30 seconds after the song is over.

He contemplated that for a moment, "Huh, i never thought of it that way"  He mumbled, "But if the Dream isn't bad why reject it?" He queried further, curious about this whole Soundless thing.

For a while, the massive charr stood over the two sylvari, not wanting to intrude on their conversation.

Quinn moved their head closer to Imthi’s “DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE YELL IN YOUR EAR?”
“That’s why.”

Imthiion almost fell out of his chair at the sudden loud noise in his ear, "That isn't how the Dream works though. It's an emphatic feeling, not telepathy" He explained whilst trying to regain his balance and composure

The charr flinched when Quinn yelled at the newcomer. There'd been a lot of yelling in his warband, but he'd gotten used to his new team's quieter conversations.

The soning stoped. Alex put away his harp and the purple mist started evaporating. He quickly and silently moved to the already empry fireplace. "Nobody noticed... good" he tought.

“Yeah, it’s a feeling, a feeling you can’t get rid unless you go soundless. It drowns people.” They turned their head up and back to the Charr, “Oh hi and sorry for startling you.”

He doesn't really like using the harp in this way, but when it comes to "life threatening" situations like those, that was the easiest way to avoid a fight. The fire was burning playfully and he started feeling his toes.

"Don't worry about me," said Tokkra sheepishly. "I... I was just about to invite the both of you to our table. I may have ordered too much food, it would be nice to share."

Their eyes widened, and they grabbed Imthi’s hand with their free hand. Quinn was no longer soundless. “You bet.” They stood up, and tugged on Imthi to join

Imthiion opened his mouth to rebutt what Quinn had just said but then he noticed the Charr hovering nearby, "Food? You had my interest but not you have my attention. What's your name by the way? I'm Imthiion" He held out his hand for the Charr to shake

The charr reached out a large paw. "My name is Tokkra, my companion's name is Eryn. It is good to meet you."

Eryn gave him a short wave before stuffing another muffin into her mouth.

He was surprised by how soft the Charr's paw was, "It's good to meet you too-" He squeezed Quinns hand lightly, "-Now, you said there was food?" he asked.

He nodded. "Over here," he said, motioning to his table. He noticed then that the human had stopped singing and was sitting in a corner. "Will you join us too?" he asked.

Quinn had already started walking towards the table, trying to drag Imthi along.

Imthiion almost falls over due to Quinn's tugging "By the Tree, Quinn calm down the food will still be there if we go a little bit slower!" He exclaimed as he tried to regain his balance.

They sighed, and let go of Imthi’s hand, “Yeah but it won’t be as warm.” They disappeared in a falling of smoke, easily recognizable as Shadow stepping. They reappeared by Eyrn, “Thanks for the invite,” they said with a small smirk, sitting down next to her. They frowned slightly after, “And sorry for leaving so suddenly. There was an airship to Elona that I remembered I was trying to catch but I missed it”

Alex looked carefully at the charr: "Are sure? I can't really pay for the food"

The Charr grinned a toothy grin, motioning towards the seat beside him. "The food is all paid for. Please come to join us."

"I hope you won't run into any trouble over missing it" Eryn said, looking at Quinn with a slight frown.

Alex tought for a second and stood up. "The name is Alex" he said, reaching his arm.
"Thank you for the hospitality"

Tokkra met the arm with his own paw, holding onto that arm gently before letting it go. "You sang well..." he said.

Alex grinned: "Thank you. Honestly I was trying to warm my fingers."
He looked the charr from head to toe. It was rather unusual for a charr to be so friendly, especially with humans. "Gotta keep alerted" he tought, not that he could really do anything if things escaleted.

Tokkra motioned towards Alex's harp. "You've practised that for long?"

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Re: Forged in Fire
« Reply #20 on: February 14, 2018, 09:13:13 AM »
He turned to the others near the table. The sylvari were already in a deep conversation, almost not caring for their surroundings. The human girl was stuffing her face with the food, but her eyes seemed sad and tired.
"Yes, for few years now, but I am far from being like really good with it."
"What brings you to Hoelbrak? Isn't it quite far from the Black Citadel?"

"It's a long story," replied Tokkra, absently turning towards Eryn. "But I came here with friends. It's just a stop over before we head to Lion's Arch."

When Quinn didn't answer straight away Eryn helped herself to another bun and grinned at Tokkra.

"You're far from Divinity's Reach yourself, what brings you to Hoelbrak?" asked Tokkra.

"I'll bet it isn't the sunny weather out here" Eryn said with a chuckle.

"I am here, because of the death of Eir Stegalking. The norns will surely have songs for her and I would really like to hear them."

"Ah..." said the Charr. He had heard of the norn that Alex spoke of, but he knew little more than she was important to the Pacts. "Did you know her... as a person?"

"That's why I am here. I need to know more about her, in order to let her live forever."

"So" Eryn looked at him. "You travel around and collect songs?"

Alex laughed softly. "Not really. What I do is collecting memories. After that I give them emotions and turn them into songs."

"Who have you written songs about?" asked the Charr.

"Oh... no one really famous. They already have enough songs. I usually focus on deeds other than just slaying a dragon. There are many people among the common folk who deserve their names and spirits to be remembered."

"Eir is really famous though"

"That is true. But people need to know more about her"

Quinn had held a hand up as they’d already stuffed far too much food into their mouth. They sighed once managing to clear it enough to talk, “Nah, I’m fine. Also! Eir’s on the Priory entrance exam under Tyrian heroes and history.”
“Considered free Questions according to the test guide...” they sighed, and grimaced, “But they said the same things about the entrance itself and yet”

Alex laughed. "It sounds like the Priory loves studying people as objects."

“Yes. Well? Also no. Eir is a legendary hero a part of Destiny’s Edge, a group which has had notable literary works written about their adventures. She’s also become a cultural idea, and by studying her and her transition from person to hero to legend we have a live example of how Norn culture works.”

Alex stared at the sylvari.
"Reading for someone isn't the same as feeling the emotion of the person in the situation. That's what I am trying to give the people. There's more than bravery or sadness, or happiness"

"I'm not sure how I feel about studying other people like that. It's all a bit strange I think" Eryn said after finishing her bun.
"At least you're in the priory, I hear the order of whispers is even worse" She told Quinn.

Quinn coughed, “I mean.”
“Yes, the Order of jazzhands is way worse than the Priory. And I’m not in the either of them.” They looked to the side, and muttered, “though not for lack of trying”

Alex looked at the people around the table. "If you are that interested, I guess I can sing you some of my own compositions. Unfortunately I don't have anything else to pay you with for the food"

Eryn frowned at Quinns response first and then burst out in laughter. "Jazzhands? Really?"

Tokkra raised a brow at Quinn's response, then he nodded to Alex. "What would you sing of?"

Alex thought for a second."How about a gorgeous place that I visited a long time ago. It was near Mount Maelstorm, but I do not know the name of the region. It was like it came out of a dream. I tried to find it again, but I couldn't. There is no singing, but the melody is enough to experience how I felt when I was there."

Tokkra smiled and nodded, "I'd love to hear that"

Alex took out his harp, tuned it a little and started playing. The harp responded immediately, the melody was light and soft as a summer breeze. Something invisible surrounded the table and the people near it. The tunes were simple, but the emotion could be felt through the magic of the harp.

Tokkra finished up the rest of his food, and leaned his head on the sides of his arms, getting lulled gently by the music. He felt his eyes closing.

Alex started to vision the place. The beautiful waterfall, the peacful meadows, the bright blue sky. The silence that was the master of the place, soft and rich. He could hear his own heart, while resting on the soft grass, breathing the sweet smell of the flowers. Truly a place of magnificence.
He looked up to see the reaction of the others. It seems that the charr, Tokkra he believe was his name, was ready to take a nap. He couln't tell what they were remembering, but it seems that they were pleased by the music. Or that's what he was hoping for.

Eryn wasn't quite sure what to make of Alex. There was something strange to him, she decided. But even she had to admit that he played rather well and did not dare to speak through the music. Silently she finished her meal as she listened.

Alex finished his song. He put the harp back in his backpack. He looked around and noticed that the girl, sitting next to Tokkra was looking at him. "I believe that we didn't have the chance to introduce ourselves" he said to her. "My name is Alex. And you are...?"

Right then, the low rumble of a horn cut through the crisp air outside. Many in the bar perked up and turned towards the sound.

"Eryn" she said until she was interrupted by the loud sound. "What's that?"

Tokkra looked up sleepily.

"Keg Brawl," said the barkeep as he walked by. "Down at Lake Mourn."

"Wanna take a look? I can watch norn fighting all day" Alex laughed.

"Can't say I've seen a keg brawl before, but I've vaguely heard of it," replied Tokkra as he yawned.

"It might be a little dangerous, though, you never know when something heavier  than inspiration might hit you"(edited)

"Sounds dangerous, must be fun" Eryn got up. "Let's go then"

Rising heavily with his arms pressed against the table, Tokkra rose to follow after Eryn and Alex

She grabbed her coat and after checking if the rest was on board as well she swung it over her shoulders and left the inn they were at. Outside she was met with freezing cold and as she started walking towards the rumbling sounds she wrapped her coat around herself a little tighter.

Tokkra hurried after her. The gently falling snow nestled onto his thick fur. He figured he must not feel the cold as much as the other two humans. The snow tickled a little though, and with a hard shake, he got most of the flecks off him.

Alex was excited. Brawling norn always brings joy to him. Before leaving, he grabbed his drink. Atleast he won't be that cold.

After a short walk they arrived at a large lake that seemed to have completely frozen over.  At the edge stood a large statue with several elder norn around it. The far end of the lake seemed to be their destination. Kegs could be seen hurtling through the air and the sounds had gotten louder too now.

"Even though keg brawls are quite common around here, they always manage to gather quite a lot of participants and even more viewers" Alex explained. "I think that I wanna participate this time... at least I will be able to warm myself. You two wanna join?" He asked.

"I'll watch" Eryn said with a snicker. "I don't match up to these norn anyway"

"I don't know what to do, but if you'll explain then I'm game to give it a try," said the charr.

Alex grinned "It's easy. Do you see all those kegs over there? The point is to get as many of the kegs to your teams location. The team with most kegs wins. Those are the official rules, however no one is really here for that... you will see. I suggest to enter the second round. Untill then, just enjoy this match... it will be over soon"

"Don't get hurt" Eryn said, "I don't think I'll be able to carry you"

"Don't worry. We are quite tough. Also it's a good exercise."

Quinn snickered, smiling at Eyrn. They’d been quiet, but... “I’ll play if you do.”

Tokkra nodded as they approached Hrothbeir's Rest, that overlooked the spectacle. The norns were already gathered, and would begin the challenge at any time. They hunched over, giving the opposing team menacing looks. And as soon as the whistle sounded, they were off!

Looking at the brawling norn Eryn frowned. "I think not" She said to Quinn.

"Just a word of cau.." Alex started right when a keg exploded before them."Well... just keep your heads up for something like this"

Quinn crosses their arms, a smirk brewing on their face, “Come now, it’s a good way to compensate for eating all that food.”

"Oi stick, you calling me fat?" Eryn asked with a grin

Tokkra was startled by the explosion, but as soon as the surprise wore off, he threw his head back and laughed.

Quinn shrugged, “I’m saying you could be”

"Oh shut it" she replied. "I don't get to eat food that good, that often, let me live a little"

Quinn laughed and nodded, “Amen to that.”
“But,” they smirked, ”You could live a little more if you played Kegbrawl.”

The norn on both teams tackled each other with much ferocity, as they worked towards a win. The clashes were so rough, that the travelers could feel the vibrations on the ground where they stood.

"Amusing, isn't it?" Alex asked the others grinning "they should finish soon"

“It’s great. I like taking one and then running along the edge of the arena. Though I normally only play when they allow magic...” they snickered, “then shadow stepping isn’t cheating.” Their eyes widened, “You do have to be extra careful of portals though.”

"Yeaaaap, I think I'll be just fine here, watching" Eryn said

"Come on! It's fun. Plus you don't really have to fight... the main goal is scoring more points"

The battle ended with a final exploding keg, thrown into the goal area. And the winning team roared victoriously as they pumped their fists in the air. "It looks like they're done," Tokkra observed.

"Then let's go and sign up! I hope this round will be with less restrictions"

Getting to his feet, Tokkra followed Alex to get registered.

"I'll make sure to cheer you on" Eryn called after them, staying at her spot, a relatively safe distance from the brawlers.

Alex waved at Eryn and Quinn "Come on you two, this round is without any restrictions"

Quinn crossed their legs, and tilted their head, “See I want to, but I also want to do it with Eryn.”

"Don't be silly, go on without me" Eryn said, pushing Quinn towards Alex with one hand.

Tokkra stopped to smile at the scene. He'd never seen Eryn so bashful

They stumbled forwards, their posture not very stable. They spun back towards Eyrn, “Nope not going unless you do”

"I see that you are ready for it! I might as well just sign you up." Alex laughed
"Let's have a little competition. The one with the least score will treat the rest."

"Go on Quinn, no point in sitting around here for me"

"Come on... or you are buying" Alex shouted to Eryn

"I ain't got money to buy" Eryn replied

"Eeeh...alright then. You two stay there and freeze, we're gonna have some fun" Alex turned to Tokkra "Let's go. I am still up for the competition, or you are too afraid to lose to a mere human?" Alex grinned to the charr.

Tokkra shrugged. "I'm just here for the fun and explosions," he said with a grin.

"You guys have fun" Eryn called after them with a wave. "Don't go gettin yourselves hurt"

"It will be alright. What's the worst that can happen?" Alex waved while entering the arena.

Imthiion stood, arms crossed across his chest, grinning as the others were deciding who would -essentially- be the first to get pummelled into the ice. “I’ll-“ his voice cracked from disuse. he cleared his throat and tried again, “I’ll stay here and provide aid if and when one of you injure yourself”. An ominously cold wind billowed through, piercing his evergreen coat as if he weren’t wearing it at all. “This won’t end well...” he muttered as he brought his collar as far up his face as it would go -which happened to be just below his nose but above his mouth- and pulled his coat tightly to his chest.

The moment the start signal was given, kegs started to fly around like crazy. Portals began to open here and there, magical missiles flying everywhere and many people who just brawled barehanded.
Alex rushed to the middle and grabbed two kegs. Avoiding the flying objects and missiles, he was able to deliver the kegs to his team's spot.
Then he saw two huge norn charging at him. He quickly pulled wish harp and his fingers flashed on its strings. The norns stopped the moment the spell hit them. They jiggled for a second before they fell on the ground.

Initially, Tokkra merely remained defensive, dodging kegs, elbows and massive tackles from the norn that shook the ground as they hit. He observed the movements of his opponents, the ebb and flow of competitors dashing past in both directions. There was a pattern to this... a highly disorganized pattern, but one nonetheless. The most action happened around the pile of kegs, with the norn  having the advantage because of their size. Tokkra, though almost as large as a norn, figured he would keep away from the crowd. Instead, he waited for the first norn to grab a keg and dash out into the center. All at once, Tokkra dived for the norn's weakest spot, his knees. The norn buckled, toppled, and the charr stole the keg from him, dashing away on his hind legs.

As her friends brawled with the norn Eryn found a stray keg to sit on, at a safe distance away from the playing field. For a while she watched the brawl, cheering the group on every time one of them made a move on a keg.