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Author Topic: Caden Mullins  (Read 1512 times)

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Caden Mullins
« on: April 09, 2016, 05:02:05 PM »

Age 25

Caden grew up in the township of Claypool, living with his parents and his grandmother. Being the local herbalist his grandmother owned a small shop and Caden was often asked to help out. For a while his grandmother hoped for him to become her successor and set to teaching him the craft. But despite being quick of wit and catching on well Caden was unable to focus on his studies for long. Eventually gran gave up on trying to make the impatient boy stay inside and took on a new apprentice. Caden rejoiced in his newfound freedom and roamed the surrounding fields and forests with his friends.

As a teenager he and his friends frequently drove the townsfolk quite mad with their antics though most people found it easy to forgive the charismatic and good-natured lad and his mates.
Despite their mischief and pranks Caden and his friends were quick to help out when needed.

Having grown up in a family that revolves around caring for others Caden can't bear to see suffering and he considers helping those in need more important than upholding the law. He is generally friendly to strangers and laughs easily.

Unsure of what to do in life he's taken to travelling around. His travels lead to many adventures and he enjoyes to share stories with other travelers over a tankard of ale or around a cozy campfire.

Development during roleplay sessions:
Caden was 22 when he started traveling and eventually joined the shining blade.
During his travels with Selina, Bran and Kovenito it was revealed that Caden has a deceased younger sister by the name of Maggie. Maggie took very ill when she was little and sadly did not survive. Caden also briefly related to having once loved but the girl ran off with the butcher's boy. Caden unluckily found his new love in Selina though seeing it as impossible he refrained from making any advances in a romantic way.
After the company returned to Divinity's Reach Caden confessed to Selina that he was actually a colleague of her half-brother, having worked for the shining blade all the while he knew her. Holding Selina's opinion in high regard he left the shining blade soon after.
Though the company struggled and everyone went their own way eventually Caden continued to stick close to Selina wherever he could, feeling that if he could not have her he wanted to at least be near her and keep her safe. Eventually Caden took Selina home to visit there and the truth about Caden's feelings came out. Caden is 25 at this point.
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Re: Caden Mullins
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2017, 06:28:56 AM »
People connected to Caden:

Mullins Family:

Liam Mullins (deceased) x Meri Mullins
                                       |_ Ethan Mullins x Molly Mullins
                                       |                         |_ Caden Mullins
                                       |                         |_ Maggie Mullins (deceased at age 4)
                                       |_ Joanna Mullins (Resides in Divinity's Reach as a priestess of Grenth)
                                       |_ Yvon Harper x Ben Harper (The family resides in Triskell Quay)
                                                               |_ Jenny Harper
                                                               |_ Sam Harper   

Daisy - The packbull the Mullinses in Claypool keep to help with transporting goods.                                     

People in Claypool:

Joanna Hughes - Meri's new apprentice. She went to Lake Doric to help the injured Seraph. The family frequently sends supplies her way.
Mrs Green - Old widow that passed away the night after Caden and Selina arrived in Claypool.
Els - Mrs Green's granddaughter.
Melinda Horton - Caden's first sweetheart however she preferred Jack over Caden.
Jack Horton - Butcher's son. He married Melinda.
Welkin - Old fisherman
Jamie - Tailor
Mylia - Innkeeper (&owner) At the Apple and the Arrow inn
Medicha - Jeweler
Trish & Trinity Barnett - Ranchers (sisters)
Lucas - Little boy that pops up around town but avoids people
Keagon - Lucas' father. He used to be a Seraph but got fired when he got into gambling and couldn't pay his debts, the wife ran away and he had to take care of Lucas on his own.

Caden's old friends:
Jeremy - He's now a seraph guard.
Eric - Els' brother.
Tom - Moved away.
Jake - Joined the bandits in the northern caves.
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