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Author Topic: About this roleplay  (Read 1442 times)

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About this roleplay
« on: April 08, 2016, 01:12:04 AM »

Ride the Rushing Billows has been going on for quite a while now, but we're definitely happy to welcome new roleplayers if you like the story and want in. We started out as an in-game roleplay but to be able to accommodate more players (since our timeslots are a bit awkward for some) we eventually moved to the forum. At first sessions happened in a facebook chat and we're copied to the forum, but since CV's Discord server has been set up we've moved there.

Any furthering of the story happens in the rp-rtrb channel on the CV Discord Server. After wrapping up a certain part of the story all messages are copied here.

I've updated the Tales and Journals thread so you can catch up with the history of this roleplay. Additional info can be found in the threads about Selina and Caden. If you have any questions about the story so far, or about where we're headed, feel free to ask them!

If you're interested in role play and would like to participate, start a thread to post an introduction to your character, then we'll see how we can fit you into the story. Everybody is welcome, and even if you've never RPed before, this could be your time to try your hand at it. Do note some general rules stated below though, this is merely a show of courtesy. Anyone repeatedly not adhering to the rules may have to be ejected from the RP, thanks for understanding :

1. Do not make a big decision for someone else's character unless you've sought permission first.
2. No cussing (especially those words already prohibited on this forum)
3. Bearing in mind that children may come in here, romance is permitted, but not anything resembling erotic fiction.
4. If you plan on having a long conversation with another character, please arrange a time to meet up with that person on GW2 or elsewhere to hold this conversation in full, then post the gist of it here right after.
5. You may have more than one character in the story, just don't drop them suddenly for no rhyme or reason. All characters should have a good reason to enter, and exit the story.
6. Try to use abilities, skills and locales resembling what we can find in GW2 lore (with some margin for your imagination), but try not to make a habit of quick rezzes, because it cheapens the concept of death in a story.
7. To add out of character (OOC) comments to your story post, type in double brackets "((" and "))"
8. Use this thread to plan for future plots, or to consult another RPer on whether his/her character can be maneuvered in a particular way to fit your plot.

Happy writing!
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Re: Roleplay Discussion
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2016, 09:32:25 PM »
I'm just going to leave this here. Selina sang half of it, but couldn't finish it. The original lullaby is titled Wexford Lullaby, but I've tweaked it to suit this story, and to title it. The RP version of the song is of course Ride the Rushing Billows, which is taken off one line of the lyrics.

Hush, hush, my tiny child,
Too soon you’ll know the world so wild,
Yes all too soon, you will be grown,
And I’ll bide here, alone, alone.
The rushing billows you shall ride,
And the light of the North Star will be your guide,
But yet awhile, I’ll have you stay,
Hush my sweet one, my child hush.
For you shall run in meadows green,
And sport with otters all in the stream,
And you shall chase the dappled deer,
And swim with salmon in waters clear.
To pluck the small birds from the sky,
On the tail of the South Wind you shall fly,
And take the high hills for your home,
Blood of my blood, bone of my bone.
The moon must sleep beyond the tree,
So weep sweet maid of Phinney Ridge,
The sun must rise before the cross,
To dry your tears and share your loss.
The darkest hour of the starless night
Must bow to the power of the Northern light,
That heals the World and makes us whole,
Heart of my heart, soul of my soul.
And when at last your course is run,
Joy of my joy, my little one,
Beneath the sky you’ll stand alone,
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone.
Yes, you shall stand on the coal black sands,
Waters of Eastern Lands,
But now I have you at my breast,
Hush my sweet one, gently rest.