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We are using Discord as our primary voice chat communication tool.

Follow the link here to download and install. Look for the direct link to the CV channel in the message of the day, or PM one of our officers/leaders for the link. Change your nickname to one that reflects your display name in-game, then inform the officer/leader to get you tagged as a CVian to enjoy access to the other channels.

The Henge of Denravi Teamspeak server is our secondary voice chat communication tool.

You may download TS from here. Use www.hengeofdenravi.com as the address to enter, no password required. Inform a leader to get yourself tagged as [CV] before you can access all the channels.

Post here if you're having trouble getting in.
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1000hrs GMT-5, 1500hrs GMT, 2300hrs SGT, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Morning)
1130hrs GMT-5, 1630hrs GMT, 0030hrs SGT, (Sun) 0230hrs GMT +10 - WvW Mission & More
2000hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT, 0900hrs SGT, 1100hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Evening)
2100hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0200hrs GMT, 1000hrs SGT, 1200hrs GMT +10 - NA Raid (Contact: Tyrannos.3167)

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0130hrs GMT-5, 0630hrs GMT, 1430hrs SGT, 1630hrs GMT +10 - SEA Raid (Contact: iziero.3924)

0800hrs GMT-5, 1300hrs GMT, 2100hrs SGT,  2300hrs GMT +10 - SEA Raid (Contact: Maoism.9302)

1000hrs GMT-5, 1500hrs GMT, 2300hrs SGT, (Thurs) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Role-Playing Event (Forged in Fire)

0930hrs GMT-5, 1430hrs GMT, 2230hrs SGT, 0030hrs GMT +10 - PoF Bounties

0800hrs GMT-5, 1300hrs GMT, 2100hrs SGT,  2300hrs GMT +10 - SEA Raid (Contact: Maoism.9302)

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