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Forum Usage Tips

  • Make sure your avatar and signatures are updated and not broken. CV forum has provided a list of customized avatars from GW1 and 2 for your usage if you don't have one of your own. Read this post to find out the recommended size for both.
  • If you are unsure of which topics you haven't read, and want to be kept abreast of the newer threads, simply scroll up to the top of the page and select the link "Show unread posts since last visit." which will be located next to your avatar (should you have one).
  • BBCode such as smilies can be suppressed by using the [nobbc] tag. This is most common so far in the GW2 Applications forum where we have 8) show up a lot.
  • News posts on the Portal may be accompanied by a forum topic- if such exists, there will be an icon at the top right of the news post that looks like .
  • If you're not sure the purpose for a certain section or subsection of the forum, look at the stickies to find the "Manual". There should be one on each area.
  • Events usually come with a "Register" button on the top of the post. While most events don't require registration, it's nonetheless a good habit to get yourself committed to a specific event, just in case the spaces are limited.
  • Check the forum everyday, and make sure you're acquainted with the Calendar so you know what's going on with the guild through the week, and what you need to do to take part in some guild fun.
  • The Shoutbox requires an F5 (page refresh) to view any new comments.
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1000hrs GMT-5, 1500hrs GMT, 2300hrs SGT, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Morning)
1130hrs GMT-5, 1630hrs GMT, 0030hrs SGT, (Sun) 0230hrs GMT +10 - WvW Mission & More
1900hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0000hrs GMT, 0800hrs SGT, 1000hrs GMT +10 - Raids (Contact: Nakaido.4517)
2000hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT, 0900hrs SGT, 1100hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Evening)

Daily reset: Missions reset time
0900hrs GMT-5, 1400 hrs GMT, 2200hrs SGT , 0000hrs GMT +10 (Mon) - Key Run

0830hrs GMT-5, 1330 hrs GMT, 2130hrs SGT , 2330hrs GMT +10 - WvW Run
1200hrs GMT-5, 1700hrs GMT, 0100hrs SGT (Wed), 0300hrs GMT +10 - T4 fractals + recs (Contact: Sister Saxifrage.7361)

0830hrs GMT-5, 1330 hrs GMT, 2130hrs SGT , 2330hrs GMT +10 - SEA PvE Run

0830hrs GMT-5, 1330hrs GMT, 2130hrs SGT, 2330hrs GMT +10 - SEA Fun Run

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