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We are an international Guild Wars guild currently residing on the Henge of Denravi server.
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FYI: All new members  are encouraged to register on this forum and introduce yourselves. Once you do, you will be promoted to "Vanguard" level, which will allow you full access to guild facilities and decision making elements. At any time, you may request for an Acceptance Ceremony, in order to be more acquainted with the guild and its members. All members are encouraged to represent CV for as much of your time online as possible or stand to be removed.

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Weekly Events -

1000hrs GMT-5, 1500hrs GMT, 2300hrs SGT, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Morning)
1130hrs GMT-5, 1630hrs GMT, 0030hrs SGT, (Sun) 0230hrs GMT +10 - WvW Mission & More
1900hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0000hrs GMT, 0800hrs SGT, 1000hrs GMT +10 - Raids (Contact: Nakaido.4517)
2000hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT, 0900hrs SGT, 1100hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Evening)

Daily reset: Missions reset time
0900hrs GMT-5, 1400 hrs GMT, 2200hrs SGT , 0000hrs GMT +10 (Mon) - Key Run

0830hrs GMT-5, 1330 hrs GMT, 2130hrs SGT , 2330hrs GMT +10 - WvW Run
1200hrs GMT-5, 1700hrs GMT, 0100hrs SGT (Wed), 0300hrs GMT +10 - T4 fractals + recs (Contact: Sister Saxifrage.7361)

0830hrs GMT-5, 1330 hrs GMT, 2130hrs SGT , 2330hrs GMT +10 - SEA PvE Run

0830hrs GMT-5, 1330hrs GMT, 2130hrs SGT, 2330hrs GMT +10 - SEA Fun Run

NOTE: GMT-5 = Central US. Adjust +1 for EST, -1 for MST, -2 PTZ

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