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We are an international Guild Wars 1 and 2 guild currently residing on the Henge of Denravi server. If you would like to join our family, please click here, and fill out an application form. All fields are compulsory apart from those marked with the asterix.

FYI: All new members will enter the guild as "Pending" till 7 days later when they're invited to an Acceptance Ceremony. Once attended, and the vows said, will a member be promoted to "Full". Full membership will provide maximum guild benefits. All pending members are encouraged to represent CV for as much of your time online as possible or stand to be removed.

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Weekly Events -

1000hrs GMT-5, 1500hrs GMT, 2300 SGT, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Acceptance Ceremony (TG)
1030hrs GMT-5, 1530hrs GMT, 2330hrs SGT, (Sun) 0130hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Pre-Reset)
1945hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0030hrs GMT, 0830hrs SGT, 1030hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Post-Reset)
2200hrs GMT-5, (Sun) 0300hrs GMT, 1100hrs SGT, 1200hrs GMT +10 - Convergence of Fate Role-Playing Event (Evening)

1130hrs GMT-4, 1530hrs GMT, 2330hrs SGT, (Mon) 0130hrs GMT +10 - Dungeons with Slacker
2030hrs GMT-4, (Sun) 0030hrs GMT, 0830hrs SGT, 1030hrs GMT +10 - Explore Tyria PvE Event

0800hrs GMT-5, (Wed) 1300hrs GMT, 2100hrs SGT, 2300hrs GMT +10 - TRE/CV inter-guild WvW
1030hrs GMT-5, (Wed) 1530hrs GMT, 2330hrs SGT, 0130hrs GMT +10 - Convergence of Fate Role-Playing Event (Morning)

0900hrs GMT-5, 1400hrs GMT, 2200hrs SGT, (Sat) 0000hrs GMT +10  - TRE/CV inter-guild PvE Event

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Grumpy Cat made her owner a Multi-Millionare 
Last update: Kage Rei  - December 14, 2014, 02:24:25 PM
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Last update: Kalendraf  - December 12, 2014, 10:51:20 PM

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 World Boss Chart -

World BossServerUS EST
Megadestroyer                    16:00         19:00      
Jungle Wurm16:1519:15
Shadow Behemoth16:4519:45
The Shatterer17:0020:00
Svanir Shaman17:1520:15
Modniir Ulgoth17:3020:30
Fire Elemental17:4520:45   
Karka Queen18:0021:00   
Jungle Wurm18:1521:15   
Golem Mark II18:3021:30   
Shadow Behemoth18:4521:45   
Tequatl   19:0022:00   
Svanir Shaman   19:1522:15   
Claw of Jormag19:3022:30   
Fire Elemental19:4522:45   
Evolved Jungle Wurm20:0023:00   
Jungle Wurm20:1523:15   
Taidha Covington20:3023:30   
Shadow Behemoth20:4523:45
Svanir Shaman21:150:15
Fire Elemental21:450:45
The Shatterer22:001:00
Jungle Wurm22:151:15
Modniir Ulgoth22:301:30
Shadow Behemoth22:451:45
Golem Mark II23:002:00
Svanir Shaman23:152:15
Claw of Jormag23:302:30
Fire Elemental23:452:45
The Shatterer0:003:00
Jungle Wurm0:153:15
Modniir Ulgoth0:303:30
Shadow Behemoth0:453:45
Golem Mark II1:004:00
Svanir Shaman1:154:15
Claw of Jormag1:304:30
Fire Elemental1:454:45
Taidha Covington2:005:00
Jungle Wurm2:155:15   
Megadestroyer   2:305:30   
Shadow Behemoth2:455:45   
Svanir Shaman3:156:15   
Karka Queen3:306:30   
Fire Elemental3:456:45   
The Shattererr4:00   7:00   
Jungle Wurm4:157:15   
Tequatl   4:307:30   
Shadow Behemoth4:457:45   
Modniir Ulgoth5:008:00   
Svanir Shaman5:158:15   
Evolved Jungle Wurm5:308:30   
Fire Elemental5:458:45   
Golem Mark II6:009:00   
Jungle Wurm6:159:15   
Claw of Jormag6:309:30   
Shadow Behemoth6:459:45   
Taidha Covington7:0010:00   
Jungle Wurm7:1510:15   
Fire Elemental7:4510:45   
Jungle Wurm8:1511:15   
The Shatterer8:3011:30   
Shadow Behemoth8:4511:45   
Karka Queen9:0012:00   
Svanir Shaman9:1512:15   
Modniir Ulgoth9:3012:30   
Fire Elemental9:4512:45   
Tequatl   10:0013:00   
Jungle Wurm   10:1513:15   
Golem Mark II10:3013:30   
Shadow Behemoth10:4513:45   
Evolved Jungle Wurm11:0014:00   
Svanir Shaman11:1514:15   
Claw of Jormag11:3014:30   
Fire Elemental11:4514:45   
Taidha Covington12:0015:00   
Jungle Wurm12:1515:15   
Megadestroyer   12:3015:30   
Shadow Behemoth12:4515:45   
Svanir Shaman13:1516:15   
The Shatterer13:3016:30   
Fire Elemental13:4516:45   
Modniir Ulgoth14:0017:00   
Jungle Wurm14:1517:15   
Golem Mark II14:3017:30   
Shadow Behemoth14:4517:45   
Claw of Jormag15:0018:00   
Svanir Shaman15:1518:15   
Taidha Covington15:3018:30   
Fire Elemental15:4518:45   

 Stats -

Total Members: 1147
Total Posts: 85702
Total Topics: 7689
Total Categories: 12
Total Boards: 61