Lore of CV – by Chronical Song

Held firm in steady ink
Hearts ready for unity
Dated 19 May 2004 by the free
Astral Deathseeker set forth the first decree!

Scribe-less to begin
The Charter Vanguard Lore travels through the winds
Shattering Charr forces bringing ruin
Alongside brave dwarves battling their darkened kins
Smiting the unbelonging unholies
And enemies of enemies unnamed
So we captured the tales of heros and heroines
Who subdued the evil Lich

And sadness came
When it was Astral’s turn to leave
In the silence of the falling autumn leaf
His mantle was Uber’s creed

RIOT there was!
As leaders disagree
Matters at hands minds on paths divide
Fire of the Covenant from CV
A bleeding heart tanking foreign enemies

A sleathy poison found its way
Uber’s armour did gave way
In his name he called in solumn oath he swear
Fezz be the next leader be!


The word was loud
The word was clear
CV now has Fezz our leader dear!

And came word of Canthan calls
For heros to come forth!

With TRTL CV hailed
LUXONS! LUXONS! CV hails our new alliegence!
Kurzicks came and Kurzicks felled
Through the Jade Seas we stood well
Giving colours to the dull artists’s dwell
As we took their enemies they can’t quell

But with darkness TRTL dealt
CV had to fight the darken spawning well

Other guild came to CV’s call
Together Freespirits of the Jade Sea we form!

Heros and heroines realigned
Luxons stromed forth with our might!
FS grew fast and well
CV chosen as its helm

All for Fezz to roll 1
On a game of leader dice
Lowest gets the leader’s helm
Left Fezz choking wordless help

2 years FS an even hand dealt
2 years FS the force of light was felt
2 years FS love and family housed
2 years FS Halls made merry with laughter and free ale

Then came a mumbling through the winds
Autumn browns the golden leaves
As the last leaf came to join the heap
Members of CV gathered to cast their opinions speak

Time has come for CV new
Hall of CV needs new floors
For this FS cannot keep
CV transforming into a new pheonix

As CV hosts debates
News from Arenanet came!
Guild of the Week is CV!


With a solumn heart we bade goodbye
FS, our beloved allies

Came forth the new Pheonix was CV!
A truimphant guild and scribes with halls of mahogany

And called to Fezz’s studies was Sizz
For a quiet moment of thesis
For Fezz has his armour hanged
Leaving CV with Sizz’s silken hands

Wandering Halls of endless corridors
Fezz roams and visits his beloved men

Quiet was Sizz the even hand
Planning the move to Guild Wars 2

All Hail CV
All Hail Sizz

All Hail CV
The loving GW family