Revival of Charter Vanguard – by Jenno the Soldier

With the sun shining in all its brilliance, it was no wonder that the hall was bustling with chatter of the legendary adventurers. All around people dressed in various attire and each with their own story of heroics to be told. True there were a few more well known members, but in the Charter Vanguard, heroes looked upon each other as their equals. It had been a month or two now since the quelling of the threat posed by the Destroyers. It had taken a great amount of effort from all of the members, but in the end the guild had proven to the world that they truly were saviours of the people.

It had been much more peaceful since then, the occasional small event but no major threats. In fact, many thought that for a day and age filled with such great warriors and heroes that it was too quiet, something seemed out of balance.

Nevertheless, at the top of the great hall, the newly appointed leader of the Vanguard, Sizz Darkstar, stood talking happily with his officers who were reporting the small goings on in the world. But it was in this cheery and joyful moment that the ground vibrated slightly, and although the feeling was slight, it seemed unnatural enough to cause the majority of those gathered in the hall to stop their conversations as they glanced around with uncertainty. As the motions passed, the guild hung in some kind of suspended state for a few moments. Then, suddenly, the motions returned, only these were much more erratic, sending everyone sprawling onto the floor, only a few managing to catch themselves. But all around there was a sense of panic; it felt as thought something from the ground beneath them was going to tear its way through the solid rock.

Looking over at the gathered members he gave a strong look to three of nearest members, the two assassins and ranger nodded before sprinting off in numerous directions. It was after this that the shaking some how got worse and made everything distinguishable to the eye, for a few moments, it was impossible to tell what was going on there was too much movement, too much panic in the. Then it stopped. So suddenly, with no prior warning of ceasing, the violent motions ended.

Slowly the men and women scattered upon the floor got up and looked around, perplexed looks on the face that weren’t hidden by battered masks. The feminine voice of Talia Amira reached Sizz’s ears as a shaking whisper “could it be we’re being attacked?” The officers all looked at one another with slightly nervous glances before their gaze falls upon their leader, who stands glaring at the distant entrances of the hall. A few passing moments later, the pair of assassins from earlier returned out of breath and in response to their leader’s glare, all they could do was shake their heads. Still the tension mounted as the occupants of the hall waited for their guild mate to return. When Eziekial Stone finally did return, his face was red and flustered, and instead of declaring his announcement to the entire globe he panted something into Sizz’s ears. Immediately his eyes widened and he stepped forward. “All of you quickly gather a few survival items and head to the shore outside of the guild hall, prepare as many ships as you can for departure. It appears that the earthquake caused a huge tidal wave, and its coming this way.”

Quickly the assembled members rushed about frantically, their actions clogged with fear. It didn’t take long for the guild to be out on the docks, preparing the ships currently in port. Fortunately the members knew how to prepare ships as it was necessary, being on an island surrounded by water. And if someone were to become weary, they merely had to look into the distance and at the large blue wave heading towards them to motivate them back into action.

Finally preparations were complete, and all of the ships were out on the ocean, trying to sail away from the gigantic wave, which seemed to envelop the horizon upon its approach. Upon the deck of his ship, Sizz Darkstar was ordering around a few of the members in order to try and increase their speed. That was when he caught sight of a couple of members gazing into the sky. “Hey!” he called out bitterly, “this is no time to be slacking!”

“Erm, sir,” one of the daydreamers replied hoarsely, “what’s that?” he asked with more of an edge of nerves in his voice. Turning with a frown, Sizz looked to the sky, only to have the sun blind his vision. Raising an arm to block its rays, he came to see what his two subordinates were looking at. Whatever it was it was moving at an unimaginable pace through the sky.

His eyes widened as the realization dawned upon him, “oh… no…” were the only words that could escape his weakened mouth. And before he could say anymore, a large shadow engulfed them.

250 years later…

Even though the sun was visible, it provided no warmth for the battered traveler, as the snow drifted down to earth, covering everything it could touch, he realized how inept his furs really were in these kinds of conditions, his movements were slow, painful, clumsy and also very weak. In the distance he caught the glimpse of a shadow, focusing his eyes through the weather; he saw it was a dear. What a rare fortune, although it may not have much fat upon it, to find such a creature in this wilderness was surely a sign of his good fortune. He moved over to the nearest evergreen as quietly as possible, prepared his bow and moved to take an arrow from his quiver.

However, he discovered only an empty holder. All of his arrows had been spent. After a few moments of sorrow, the dear moved away, truly this was a sign of his misfortune. As went to move away from the tree, his knees gave way and he collapsed into the snow completely. With the energy drained from his body, there was nothing he could do to save himself. The torn blue cape with the encrusted silver bird upon it covered his body, yet it failed to insulate any of the heat. Perhaps this was truly the end. He slipped into blackness.

A few moments after the traveler passed out, a tall man moved over to the body from his spying position and looked down upon the undernourished and battered body of such a young man and a small look of emotion fell upon his face. It didn’t go with his large stature very well, but it wasn’t like anyone was around to see him. Slowly he bent down and picked up the frail body before heading out into the growing snow storm.