Our Ceremonies

Charter Vanguard has several rites of ceremony that we have passed down through the years. We hold them to maintain a sense of comradeship, accomplishment, and so that we have more reasons to party!

The ceremonies are an integral aspect of being a CV-ian. We encourage all members, new or old, to participate in as many as possible. Listed below are the various types of ceremonies that have been held over the years; including the scripts, screenshots and positionings.

Member Acceptance Ceremony

The Acceptance Ceremony is one of CV’s longest held traditions, spanning all the way to the end of 2005. It is presently not compulsory, but can be requested for just for novelty’s sake.

Ask an officer to host one for you.

Standing Format at the Upper Plaza Waypoint in the Guild Hall

Officiator: Do you promise to always respect your fellow members?

New Members: I do

Officiator: Will you always stay true to the three Ideals: Courage, Honesty, and Respect?

New Members: I will

Officiator: Do you agree to always be helpful and friendly to your Guildmates?

New Members: I must

Officiator: The members of the Charter Vanguard welcome you with open arms.

(New Members will /kneel)

Officiator: Rise my brothers and join our ranks.

Everyone: All hail the Charter!

Officer Acceptance Ceremony

The Officer Acceptance Ceremony started sometime after the Member Acceptance Ceremonies began, for the simple reason of welcoming members getting promoted into officership.

Officiator: You have proved yourself worthy to the leadership of the Charter Vanguard. But before we anoint you as an officer, you must vow to the council three things…

Member: It will be my honour to keep them.

Officiator: Will you always keep Charter Vanguard sacred and uphold its ideals?

Member: Courage, honesty and respect always.

Officiator: Will you treat all members fairly and in an unbiased manner?

Member: Nothing would please me more.

Officiator: Will you always base your judgement on the ruling of the council and not your own?

Member: United it shall be.

Officiator: And now we hereby pronounce you Officer of the Charter!

(new officer kneels and current officers surround him with a synced /goteam or /bow)

Guildie Passing Wake

CV has held wakes for members who have passed away. It is a time of respect for the fallen, and for reminiscing good times had together. We consider every member of CV as family. The passing of one is a loss for the entire guild.