Our Rules

General Rules

  • Have some common courtesy; avoid doing things that could offend others.
  • Avoid getting into serious discussion about politics and religion, or other such sensitive subjects on the guild chat or public areas of the forum. Controversial topics may be discussed and debated in the Aristotle’s Podium. Notify any officer if you would like to take part.
  • Refrain from using abusive language; refrain from cussing.
  • Do not spam, this includes the forums, in-game chat, and Team Speak.
  • Do not beg for gold. But if an exchange occurs, you are expected to return what you owe in the soonest time possible.
  • Be helpful to your guildmates; you don’t have to drop what you are doing, but try not to ignore every request for help.
  • No man should be an island, we expect you to actively seek friendships as we will seek yours.

Joining/Leaving Rules

  • You must give relevant displayname.id and location information to an officer directly, or through the posting of an application form in order to be invited.
  • If you feel that your time has come to leave CV it’s preferable that you should notify an officer and state the reason why.
  • You are encouraged to represent the guild for the majority of your gaming time, even if you aren’t on the same server.
  • You may be removed from the guild if you are more than three months in-active, but you can return at any time by contacting an officer, or dropping us a re-application form.

Ranking System and Rights
Each invite starts out at “Friend” rank. “Member” rank can be achieved by attending an in-game social event such as CV weekly missions, organized raid/fractal groups, role play, or chit-chat sessions. The idea is to be “seen” by the officers so we can tell that you’re actively taking steps to participate in the guild. “Vanguard” rank can only be achieved by registering on the CV forum, and introducing yourself.

  • Friend – upon entry (no rights except to use the guild chat)
  • Member – has attended a social event/guild event (rights to the guild bank)
  • Vanguard – a member who also has a forum account (able to view inner sanctum on the forum, CV’s customized builds, private discussions and participate in guild votes)
  • Officers – selected by council, must be Vanguard level, have a good track record, and be on HoD
  • Leaders – selected by previous leader

Expected Etiquette

  • CVians must not exploit glitches or corpse dance in PvP and WvW.
  • CVians must refrain from begging for materials in the building of another guild’s hall.
  • Decoration rights have only been granted to Officers. If you’d like to request a particular placement, you may request of the relevant people. However do note that they have the right to deny your request.
  • The Treasure Trove (in the Guild Bank) has been allocated to hold materials for crafting that is to be used for the upgrade of the guild hall. Please do not use it for personal reasons.
  • All officers MUST be on the home server of CV. Pending and Full members need not, but attention to the first rule in this section is most important.

General Game Behavior

  • Do not participate in any form of theft or scamming, anyone found to be partaking in these activies, towards guild members or others, will be forever removed from the guild.
  • Always remember that you are representing CV, your actions will determine how others see CV.

Forum Rules

  • The guild tab is only to be used by those members who have been fully accepted, do not help others get it in their signature.
  • Be respectful to your fellow guildies, and adhere to the guild rules as outlines of what you should or should not post to prevent offending others.
  • Use a maximum of 130×130 for your avvies, and keep sigs at a maximum of 500×200. Anything larger will be requested to be removed.
  • Do not reveal information from threads in ‘members only’ forums to pending members, strangers or friends from other guilds. All information posted there is private, and require your confidence.
  • If you have a suggestion for improvement either in the guild or on the forums, post in the Pigeon Hole (available only to full members).

Officers to Contact

  • If you are at, any point in time, unsure of anything concerning guild rules and guild policies, please feel free to contact any officer, and we will endeavor to aid you to the best of our ability.
  • If you find something going on in CV questionable, feel free to report it. As officers, we’d far rather you come to us and air your grievances than just try to ‘forget it’ or handle it yourself in a way that may just cause more issues. However, to be fair and thorough, we also ask that you screenshot anything and everything relevant, if possible. This makes it so we’re not going on anyone’s word alone, and there’s firm evidence.
  • For greater convenience, we encourage you to add in-game, all officers to your friends list.

Additional Comments

  • If there is someone (officer or not) asking you not to do something, do one of two things, if not both. 1) Check the rules to see if they are correct about CV rules. 2) If they continue to ask you to stop, unless it’s purely outrageous, it is probably best you stop and contact an officer about it asap. If you feel you’ve been wronged, as the person being asked to stop, or the person asking others to cease, screen the conversation, and PM any officer concerning the issue.
  • All member applications to the post of officer will be rejected. New officers are decided and voted upon by the members of council through long periods of observation in regards to the qualities we are searching for. If a member is selected for officer, he will be invited to be the subject of a member poll, which will then determine whether the rest of the guild agrees with the decision.