Our History

19 May 2004

Several forum friends gather to discuss their excitement for the upcoming MMO shown during 2004’s E3 for Everyone titled Guild Wars, they decide to name themselves the Charter Vanguard.

29th Oct 2004

Charter Vanguard [CV] the guild, which had grown significantly since its first ad, is first created in-game with Astral Deathseer as its leader. About this time, the guild also finds a new home in official fansite Guild Wars Ogaming where its members begin to host several forum role-plays that they might participate in in-between alpha and beta tryouts.

28 Apr 2005

Guild Wars is launched, and CV emerges with Uthar Lanx in the forefront as its guild leader, and a website designed by officer Vlad Money. Unfortunately, a portion of CV had grown to expect a larger emphasis on role-play vs linear gameplay, and thus decide not to purchase the game.

June 2005

About this time leadership is handed to CV’s 3rd leader Uber X. Officers at this point are Halftoe, Fezz, Vlad Money, Harith, and Tool Oiad.

Aug 2005

An argument breaks out between several officers and members that ends in a split into a second guild, The Covenant [CoV]. Disheartened at the then ailing guild of slightly more than ten, Uber disappears leaving a surprise for PvP officer Fezz, who logs in one day to find himself the 4th leader of CV. Being a generally quiet person, Fezz finds little faith in his leadership from the guild. But he strives nonetheless to save his beloved guild.

8 Nov 2005

[CoV] activity fades and its remaining members decide to merge with CV once more. Fezz promotes ex-members of CoV Devabriel and Aiden Drake, new webmaster Talia and PvPer Zach to officership.

12 Nov 2005

CV has its first Acceptance Ceremony in its Wizards Hall.

Dec 2005

Zach quickly grows impatient with CV’s state of PvP, and decides to leave with 9 other members to form their own guild [Fate], ambitious to climb the GW PvP ladder.

Feb 2006

For the first time, members get a chance to satisfy a voting quota that would qualify new potential officer Sizz for Zach’s former spot. The quota is filled and Sizz is promoted.

Mar 2006

Factions is around the corner, and three new officers; Nuva, Tibbs and Saul, are promoted to facilitate a quickly growing guild. [Fate] breaks apart, and some of its members return to CV.

18 Apr 2006

CV has a meeting with prospective allies Heroes of Talia [HoT], and Order of the Silent Whispers [Shhh]. A deal is forged – an alliance is formed between leader [Shhh], later renamed Pirates of the Tortuga Concord [Trtl], and members HoT, CV, Knights of Darkness [KoD] and God’s Chosen [GC] at the launch of Factions.

21 May 2006

Trtl turns into a faction farming alliance which doesn’t sit well with many. Members HoT, CV, KoD and GC decide to leave to create a new alliance named Free Spirits of the Jade Sea [FS], joined by smaller guilds Tyrian Explorers League [TEL] and The Forgotten Dragons [TFD] that had previously applied to Trtl. Strider and Anne are promoted to officer.

28 June 2006

The Samurai Pizza Cats [MEOW] join the FS alliance.

11 Aug 2006

CV launches the pilot episode of Fire of the Covenant, a dramatization of its long running forum role play, acted and voice acted by members of CV and FS. FotC eventually stretches into two 13 and 12 episode seasons that prove a hit on YouTube.

28 Aug 2006

The Twilight Wardens [TxW] (guild created by former member of CV) join the FS alliance. Due to disagreements concerning the AC rules, MEOW leaves the alliance.

6 Sept 2006

Relentless Fury [FuRy] merges with CV.

15 Oct 2006

Pirates of the Searing [YoHo] (guild created by former member of HoT) applies. An internal dispute erupts over their entry, initiating the departure of KoD.

7 Jan 2007

The Shadow Knights of Hades [SKH] joins the alliance. TxW disbands suddenly, and its members merge with CV.

24 Feb 2007

The Myth of Phoenix [Myth] joins the alliance.

5 Mar 2007

Aequitas Deis [AD] joins the alliance.

24 Apr 2007

Ogaming is sold to another company and CV gets news that its GW forum may soon be no more, so CV moves to a private server, and copies over thousands of posts from Ogaming for the sake of memory.

28 Apr 2007

Keepers of Truth [KoT] merges with CV.

19 May 2007

CV celebrates its 3rd birthday. The Ascolan Lords [tal] joins the alliance.

15 June 2007

Member Erdian passes away and a wake is held in his honor.

30 June 2007

Cain is promoted to officer.

31 Aug 2007

Leoneri is promoted to officer.

12 Sept 2007

CV is awarded GotW on the official site, and its memberbase goes above 100 and into a waiting list.

13 Oct 2007

CV decides to leave FS and form a private alliance of two CV guilds, taking in all who are on the waiting list into CV2 Fire of the Covenant.

6 Oct 2007

Tyr is promoted to officer.

6 Jan 2008

Missy is promoted to officer.

25 Jan 2008

After nearly 3 years of leadership, Fezz decides to hand it over to CV’s 5th leader Sizz.

2 Feb 2008

Mac is promoted to officer.

19 May 2008

CV celebrates its 4th birthday.

24 May 2008

Cole is promoted to officer.

1 June 2008

Ancient Shaolin Guardians [ASG] merges with CV.

3 July 2008

Member Eziekial Stone (Josh) passes away, and a wake is held in his honor.

25 July 2008

Atom and Sean are promoted to officer.

20 Oct2008

CV3 Chartered Vacation is set up for
more than 1mth inactives.

2 Feb 2009

Zakuro and Drunkpuppy are promoted to officer.

19 May 2009

CV celebrates its 5th birthday

12 June 2009

CV joins the Legion of Phoenix alliance

24 Aug 2009

LION guild joins the Legion of Phoenix alliance

11 Sept 2009

WUP guild joins the Legion of Phoenix alliance

15 Dec 2009

Guildies in CV2 are reinvited into CV1

19 May 2010

CV celebrates its 6th birthday

5 Jan 2011

CV’s new website is launched

22 Feb 2011

Legion of Phoenix alliance decides it’s time to expand. A ad is placed on Guru that returns a greater response than expected

1 Mar 2011

The Sacred Vanguard [SaV] and We Made Mallyx Tap [Out] guilds are added to the alliance

27 Mar 2011

You Sure Bout That is promoted to officership

3 Apr 2011

Reign of Judgement [RoJ] guild is added to the alliance

9 Apr 2011

Legion of Phoenix website and forum is launched

14 May 2011

The first Legion of Phoenix welcoming party is launched

11 June 2011

CV celebrates its 7th Birthday

29 April 2012

CV enters the first GW2 beta

19 May 2012

CV turns 8

29 June 2012

Sizz steps down after 4 years of faithful service, handing the power over to Talia, CV’s 6th leader. Talia nominates YSBT to share leadership with her. He makes CV’s 7th leader.

2nd July 2012

Stu the Adventurer is nominated into officership.

9 July 2012

CV aligns itself with the Kurzicks, and leaves the Legion of Phoenix alliance for the Everlasting Sacred Path alliance.

22 July 2012

CV’s forum is revamped

2 Aug 2012

Jenno gets nominated into officership. His primary field will be in WvW.

25 Aug 2012

Headstart for Guild Wars 2 begins, and so does the Charter Vanguard’s GW2 wing.

1 Sept 2012

CV has its first GW2 Acceptance Ceremony at Minister Wii’s Mansion.

15 Sept 2012

The first Celestial Enclave alliance meet up happens at Ascalon Settlement, Gendarran Fields.

19 Sept 2012

Ember becomes CV’s first Oceanic officer. His primary field will be in sPvP.

17 Oct 2012

Icy Tribune is promoted to be CV’s PvE/Dungeon officer.

31 Oct 2012

ESP moves out of HoD server, and CV begins to consolidate leaders of allied guilds into the roster for better communication.

On the same day, NZ guild Elysian Fields [ElsF] merges into CV, boosting its Oceanic presence.

30 Nov 2012

HoD has its very first HoD Guilds meeting in Snow Leopard’s Lodge, Hoelbrak. And it’s met with a large attendance of members of various guilds. Its focus revolves hugely around WvW, and some on PvE. It shows great promise, and guilds are excited about the future of the server.

7 Jan 2013

Goalie and Aurorae Eagle are nominated to be CV’s first WvW Captains, with the ability to control the spending of influence within WvW.

3 Feb 2013

Server transfer fees come in.
Icy Tribune steps down as officer.

7 Feb 2013

Stu steps down as officer.

17 Feb 2013

Skar and Kovenito are nominated as CV’s newest PvE officers, Skar covering NA hours and Kov covering Asian hours.

23rd April 2013

An updated introduction video for CV is filmed and uploaded.

19th May 2013

CV celebrates its 9th birthday.

10th June 2013

Goalie celebrates his birthday with the guild.

8th July 2013

CV switches over to the usage of Teamspeak, to join with the other many guilds on HoD.

28th Aug 2013

CV Celebrates GW2’s first anniversary.

30 Aug 2013

Alphabets is promoted as CV’s WvW Captain.

7 Sept 2013

King Slacker is nominated as CV’s WvW Officer while Jenno is transferred to Administrations.

28 November 2013

Empirical is nominated as CV’s PvP Officer.

29 March 2014

Yuuki Soulstace is promoted as CV’s WvW Captain.

17 May 2014

CV Celebrates its 10th Birthday with a 13 hour long party.

4 Jun 2014

Live Role Playing sessions are revived

22 Feb 2015

Elyan is promoted to officer and Jenno steps down.

25 Oct 2015

CV claims its very first hall, and it’s the Gilded Hollow hall.

27 Dec 2015

Lazarus Calrisian is elected as the new NA PvE officer, and Venia is transferred to RP.

3 Feb 2016

King Slacker steps down as officer.

15 Jan 2016

Raid Team 1 is set up

15 Jan 2016

Raid Team 2 is set up

2 Apr 2016

CV unlocks its second hall, and it’s the Lost Precipice hall. Acceptance Ceremonies are moved to the Upper Plaza Waypoint.
Aurelia is elected as the new NA Maguuma officer, and Lazarus is transferred to Raids.

14 May 2016

CV Celebrates its 12th Birthday

19 Nov 2016

Moa and Mokuren get promoted to officership

17 Dec 2016

CV Celebrates Wintersday

6 Mar 2017

Friday Night WvW is set up

29 Mar 2017

Lazarus and Aurelia step down as officers

22 Apr 2017

Sister gets promoted to officership

7 June 2017

Zagerus gets promoted to officership

18 July 2017

CV starts up a private Discord server

9 Aug 2017

Julliant gets promoted to officership

12 Aug 2017

Expansion 2 Path of Fire preview weekend

26 Aug 2017

King Slacker is reinstated and Zagerus steps down

12 Sept 2017

CV Sets up thrice a week Raids

22 Sept 2017

Path of Fire is launched

5 Oct 2017

Goalie Begins Running Weekly CV Bounties