Fire of the Covenant

FotC is short for the Fire of the Covenant, a forum role-play that has lasted the length of CV’s existence. Carefully put together by various members of CV over the years, it evolved into an epic tale, bearing the essence of all in CV who had contributed.

In August 2006, the pilot video of a scripted version of the series was filmed, and aired. Starring the collective talents of the members of CV and its allies, it soon grew into thirteen episodes in the first season, and twelve more in the second.

In June 2010, it even gained its own comic series, that spanned 3 graphic chapters, illustrated to act as a sequel to the video series.

Listed below are the scripts dedicated to the FotC video series. Two of the seasons were made, two remain strictly in script format. Following this series is the comic series that follows Keryn Wolfkin into the heart of the north.

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