A Guild Wars Guild

Established in 2004



and Respect

We have fought the fight. We have weathered the storm. We have not been swayed from our course. We have stood tall in the face of all opposition. We have held true to the Standard. We are the Charter Vanguard!

200+ members from all parts of the world!

Latest Blog Posts

Raid Officer Recommendation

A new officer is up for nomination to take up the responsibility of running raid events in CV! Click here to find out who it is (Must be a memberRead More >

June: Ocean Contest

Starting this June Mokuren will be hosting a new contest every month. Find out more about the first contest here. Good luck everyone!

Organizing Raids

Hello CV, Many people in the guild have expressed interest in creating a group to delve into raid content. I personally have great interest in such a group coming intoRead More >

13th Birthday Photos

Thank you for making CV’s 13th Birthday such a special one!