Ashes & Steel / Rebirth – by Halftoe

Like the ashes which hallow the fallen and lost,
The departed have exacted a grievious cost,
Yet from the ashes breaks forth anew-
All the true in heart who struggled through.

Despair and grief are all in the past,
Our ranks have been refined at last.
The pheonix is emerging from the dust
The valiant remnant will hold the trust.

Be strong, be true to the ideal.
Cast your heart to the fire; tis’ forged in steel.
Decide now to bond and be one,
Or blow away with the ashes, descend with the sun.

The three, Truth, Honor, and Loyalty
battling for one false glory
They were not prepared
to see their own horror story

Through lies and deception
the enemy did prevail
Salt in the would because
it was illusion and betrayal

Honor, Truth, and Loyalty
the few to survive
But what of the many
the thousands who died?

Massacred without mercy
slaughtered without compassion
Our mistress moon
now pale faced and ashen

Vengeance, now to the three
a most consuming affair
Death will come swiftly
to the enemy unaware