Song of Sorrow – by Halftoe

The heavens and earth, singing as one
All else was silent as the resting stone
The song carried low as it had once begun.
It lifted high; how it had grown.

The music was beyond the sweetest note
It drifted and mingled through the void between
Chaos and order, which was a narrow moat.
It maintained and weaved the tranquil scene.

Two sisters, one tranquil and pure Llian of light
Stood apart and drifted gaily with the song.
Though they parted, tender Aeris of enchanting night
Failed not to chant her sweet music along.

Llian ascended upward, till she was afar,
Aeris sang out to her from the land below.
Yet when Llian and her song fled to the star,
All of chaos spilled out to oer’throw-

The marvelous song which Aeris spun.
Llian stretched her white arms wide
And heavenly rain began to run
And chase from her fingers and glide-

Through the heavens to her sisters aid.
Alas, Aeris sang out in awful despair,
As chaos swarmed her oe’r in a vicious raid
And ground her voice to the earth, sweet Aeris fair.

Weeping her tears, the heavenly kin did cast
Her sorrows vast upon the chaos wave.
The frenzied horde was consumed at last
Swept violently into a restless grave.

Now lone and high the notes Llian intones,
A lament for her kin, for a song anew.
Alas, Aeris is silent, within the earth alone.
The melody broken shall never be sung by two.

Yet e’re so often, from within the land
A haunting whisper echoes of a forgotten tune.
It enchants the listening heart for it is grand
Yet, it never reaches Llian upon the moon