Membership call for CV! – by Chronical Song

Summary bugle

Come and see! Come and see!
It is CV Sept 07 Guild of the Week!
Members more than 140!
They speak only in AC!

ZOMG it was 2004 they were established!
It was beta they were in!

I want in! I want in!
Come let’s join CV!

Courage Honour and Respect!
CV is the guild to be at!


Long call

It all started, the world was new.
They called it the beta but we are real.
In the welcoming winds, the Charter Vanguard HAIL!

Now annually we celebrate
19 of May
Since 2004
CV has written our lore!

The Leech we have pwnt!
Shiro mops our floor!
Abbadon’s monument adorns our halls!
The Great Destroyer tiles our walls!

And Guild of the Week we too won!

We helped Balthazar pump his brother
We helped Grenth protect his corner
We helped Luxons kick Kanaxai
And locked Kurzicks in their childish fear of Urgoz’s puny corpse
We kicked the darkness kids to meet the Primeval Kings
And made the summit turn down their furnance

Saving the world are just little things
CV is the family

ZOMG who won the Dirty Sexy Money?!
It was Mac! He cheated at the gambling den!
Noggins’ got more lottery! Hurry hurry hurry!

More more is happening in CV!
We have beef, chicken, rice and curry!
Come join the CV family!
We number more than 140!
Come and be merry!

The Caution Pipe

ZOMG it’s CV!
The original copy!
They have been pirated!
Careful not to be cheated!

Let’s join the real deal!
Instead of lying and idea steal!