The big merry wintersday hunt!

Hi there everyone! The holidays are upon us already. In the spirit of giving, every guildmember who finds the hidden wintersday tree in the guildhall will receive a gift. (Which kind of makes this less of a competition but who cares, we all win \o/)

The rules are simple:

1. Each guild member may ask me 1 question, which I will answer with either yes or no, so think carefully about how you word your question.
2. Questions may be asked either in this thread or on discord. There has been a special channel set up for this for the duration of the hunt. I will not copy the info from one to the other, so make sure to check both.
3. All participants will be able to read all asked questions (and answers), so make sure you check all to narrow down your search, and prevent you from asking a question that’s already been asked before.
4. The more people participate, the further you’ll be able to narrow down your search, so get others involved in asking questions.
5. Search for the tree alone. If you’ve found it, keep it’s location a secret.
6. If you’ve found the tree, take a screenshot of yourself next to it and pm it to me either here or on discord. (make sure to have your minimap visible so I can see where you are)
7. Do not post your pictures here.
8. The first three to find it will receive the biggest gift

Click here to view the tree

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