Use of the Guild Bank


Hey everyone!

With the recent influx of new guildmembers we figured now would be a good time to remind everyone of the use of the guildbank.

As you can see the guildbank consists of three tabs. We’ve used each tab for a specific goal.

1st tab: Guild Stash

This tab contains the guilds funds. Any money you may want to donate should go into this tab. The items in this tab are meant to go towards the contests and guild events CV organizes.

2nd tab: Treasure Trove
This tab is meant for all items relating to WvW and scribing. You’re welcome to donate anything that can help those causes. Please do not withdraw anything without asking the consent of an officer.

3rd tab: Deep Cave
All items in this tab are meant to help out our guildies. If you’re new to the game, levelling a new toon or just not too high in funds this tab may help you get ahead. If there’s anything in this tab that you may use you’re welcome to do so. Be respectful of other guildies when withdrawing however, leave some for the rest. If you’re friend ranked within the guild please contact an officer and ask them to withdraw it for you.

Of course donations to the guild are always welcome! If you’re unsure of where to put something you can also send it to one of the officers stating that it’s a donation to the guild.

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