September: Pirate Contest

Ahoy scallywags,

Avast ye! One o’ me favourite days be comin’ up this month. Th’ 19th it’ll be good ol natter like a pirate day! O’ course I wouldna pass on th’ chance t’ incorporate this into one o’ me monthly forum contests.

This month I wants all ye land lubbers t’ dress yer character up as a pirate, hook up wit’ an in-game pirate ‘n tell ‘im yer best pirate joke.

loot a screenshot o’ yer undertakin’. This can be either one shot that incorporates th’ whole thin’, or a series o’ shots, comic book style.

Submit yer entries in this thread afore Sunday th’ 24th o’ September 6pm GMT
Make sure yer entry post starts wit’ ENTRY: ‘n th’ name o’ yer entry.

Aft closin’ th’ contest a poll will be up listin’ all entries ‘n all guildies will be able t’ vote fer thar favourite entry. Th’ poll will be open ’til Sunday th’ 1st o’ October 6pm GMT, aft which th’ entry wit’ most votes will be declared th’ winner.

Th’ winners will be receivin’ some shiny booty ‘n infinite fame o’ course. Good luck scallywags! I can nah wait t’ see wha’ ye come up wit’!

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