New Discord Officer Up For Vote (Vanguards only)

A new officer is up for nomination to take up the responsibility of maintaining our Discord server (among other things) in CV. He is keen not only to promote interactions between members of the guild, but also to recruit more members into our fold. Going forward towards Path of Fire content, we can expect to see many fresh new faces coming into GW2 for the first time, so our hope is that many of them will discover and settle into CV as their long-term home.

You may or may not know that CV’s unwritten-yet-practised policy is that officers can only be selected after 1 year’s worth of membership in the guild. Beyond longevity, an officer of CV has to have displayed upright moral standards, unwavering dedication to the guild, attention to guild events and rules, general activeness both in-game and on the forums and a hardworking attitude that we’ll require for guild administration and other such meetings. By now you should realise that it isn’t an easy or quick task picking out the right guy/gal for the job, but we believe that it’s worth the effort because the officers of CV display the image and carry out the iconic guild culture that we have carried through our 13 years of existence.

The CV council has therefore selected Julliant to be CV’s newest Discord officer. Julliant has been in CV since early 2016. Even though he started out as an ally rank, to be with us temporarily from our old time friend Serenity’s Edge [TRE] that for a time went inactive, he’s since grown to be a prominent face during SEA hours and early NA hours, attending missions on a regular basis, leading teams into puzzles/challenges as well as PVP. And during the week, both participates and starts up groups for fractals, dungeons and such. He’s proven to be a highly responsible, helpful and patient member, who’s gone above and beyond during the setting up of CV’s new Discord server; designing pictures, formatting posts, running permissions testing, and providing advise for Discord functionality. We feel that his recommendation to promotion is both timely and practical since without prompting, he’s already been filling the role of an officer – just minus the additional permissions, why not make it official? 🙂

For those who’re voting for the first time, this is how it will work:
The poll will run till the end of this week (ie. it will officially end on the 8th of Aug – 4 days). Julliant will require 80% of all votes from full members to be voted in.

So please consider your votes very seriously, all votes are logged and final, therefore we appreciate no prank votes please. If you feel that you do not know him enough to make a fair vote, feel free to private message him in the guild or on Discord. But please do not completely withhold your vote, be it leaning towards the positive or negative, so that we will have a clear picture of the majority guild preference.

All votes are confidential, so do not feel the need to reveal your choice unless you absolutely want to.

Post here or whisper or PM any of the other officers/leaders if you have any questions concerning the poll. Better to clear your doubts before you start voting.


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