Conspiracy Contest

Second monthly contest \o/

July 2nd is also known as world UFO day. A day on which we consider the possibilities of alien life and whether or not we may have already encountered extraterrestrials. Of course opinions about this differ a great deal and a leap into the world of conspiracy theories is easily made. For this contest I would like you to consider this in the context of our in-game world of Tyria.
Submit your wildest Tyrian conspiracy theory and try to back it up (if you can) with some sort of evidence. This can be anything from an in-game item that seems to point in that direction to an npc comment or a snippet of lore from the wiki or books. You can be serious about it and dive in to lore, or you can have a bit of fun and come up with something completely crazy. All options are open, I’ll even allow entries involving speculations about possible expansion plots (hence the spoiler warning)

Please submit your entries before Sunday the 23rd of July 6pm GMT Make sure your entry post starts with ENTRY: and the name of your entry.

After closing the contest a poll will be up listing all entries and all guildies will be able to vote for their favourite entry. The poll will be open until Sunday the 30th of July 6pm GMT, after which the entry with most votes will be declared the winner.

The winner will be receiving a nice gift and infinite fame of course. ^^ Good luck all \o/ I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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