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CV 19th Anniversary pictures

View to see all the pictures taken at the party!

CV’s 19th Anniversary Party

Yes, it was on this day 19 years ago that CV was formed on a forum named Guild Wars O’gaming. Though it started out as a role playing guild, it’s since evolved through the years into a beginner-friendly guild that dabbles in a bit of everything, and boasts of an amazing community of members! Come join us to mark this special occasion when we recall old times, and enjoy a number of specially prepared games.

Another Event on Monday Nights

Bgsggk wants to run a PoF Bounty slot on Mondays. Here is the updated weekly schedule and the people in charge. Come join us for more fun!

New Events

We’re trying to set up more events down the road. This is our current schedule. Let us know if you’d be interested to join in any. All time listed is in the GMT +8 timezone.

Monday – Role-play
Tuesday – Free
Wednesday – Strikes 9.30pm
Thursday – Fractals 9.30pm
Friday – Raids & WvW 10pm
Saturday – Guild Missions followed by Strikes 11pm
Sunday – Fractals 9pm

We have a new 2nd leader!

Let us all wish Julliant a heap of congrats! Celebrate this new chapter in the guild’s history.

Skiff Racing League

10pm (19th of March)
10 Laps to race, Top 3 to win

CNY Party Pic

Thank you all for participating! Hope you had fun.

Winners are as follows
1st Sian/Poke
2nd Moon

1st Sian
2nd Poke
3rd Moon

1st Poke
2nd Sian
3rd Rose

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Cantha

Discord Server Groups

The Charter Vanguard [CV] has recently accepted Singaporeans and Friends [SAF] as its WvW wing. If you’re being added to the CV discord server group and wish to do WvW roaming with SAF, please request to be added to that guild on our Discord server (the information will be handed to you after you apply for the guild)

If you’d like to be pinged to join our raid groups, please request for the raid tag, also on the discord server. Thank you.

Twice a week Missions

For those who are new to the guild, we’re still running Guild Missions twice every week as we have been since close to the launch of GW2. The first session is Saturday 11pm (hosted by Talia.7412), and second is Sunday 9am (hosted by YSBT.7843) both timings are listed in GMT +8. Feel free to drop in! The leaders will explain the mechanics and guide you through each mission as you require.