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T1 Fractals

Feel free to contact Nakaido.4517 ingame for any questions!


January: Guildhall Scavenger Hunt

High time for another contest! This time you get a scavenger hunt through the guildhall. Below you will receive the first clue.
This clue will lead you to a location inside the guildhall where you will find clue 2, this clue will send you to the next location and so on.
Clue 10 is the final location. This contains a riddle rather than a location hint.
(Now I know yall will run to google with it, but I’d like for you to at least try to solve it yourself <3) Please record the clues you find as you go along so I can later see you got them all instead of accidentally bumping into clue 10.

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Contribute to the Renovation

If you haven’t yet noticed the changes around the hall, do take a quick trip down to see all the recent additions contributed by Mokuren and Julliant. Both who dedicated hours, materials and gold into scribing all our new decorations, and are still in the process of adding more!

The big merry wintersday hunt!

Hi there everyone! The holidays are upon us already. In the spirit of giving, every guildmember who finds the hidden wintersday tree in the guildhall will receive a gift. (Which kind of makes this less of a competition but who cares, we all win \o/)

The rules are simple:

1. Each guild member may ask me 1 question, which I will answer with either yes or no, so think carefully about how you word your question.
2. Questions may be asked either in this thread or on discord. There has been a special channel set up for this for the duration of the hunt. I will not copy the info from one to the other, so make sure to check both.
3. All participants will be able to read all asked questions (and answers), so make sure you check all to narrow down your search, and prevent you from asking a question that’s already been asked before.
4. The more people participate, the further you’ll be able to narrow down your search, so get others involved in asking questions.
5. Search for the tree alone. If you’ve found it, keep it’s location a secret.
6. If you’ve found the tree, take a screenshot of yourself next to it and pm it to me either here or on discord. (make sure to have your minimap visible so I can see where you are)
7. Do not post your pictures here.
8. The first three to find it will receive the biggest gift

Click here to view the tree

October: Halloween Costume Contest VOTING!!

October: Halloween Costume Contest VOTING!!

Would you all please vote to help us decide on a winner. The poll will be up for 1 week.

Event Timer

There’s a new Event Timer up on the forum portal. Scroll all the way down and you will see it.

Shoutout on

The part that mentions the Charter Vanguard starts at about 33:48

We’ll Be Staying in LP Hall

The POLL has just ended! It was an extremely tight race, but Lost Precipice has won by 2 votes, so it’s offical – we will be staying!

Since we’ll be here for a while, I’ve taken the liberty to draw us up a Guild Hall Decor Map so you know where all the hidden gems are in the hall. Hours upon hours have been spent by various officers, putting things together. So hope you’ll use this map and enjoy your little tour of CV’s Lost Precipice hall!

Halloween Celebration

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