Today, CV celebrates the birthday of: Odysseus
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Ally Rank
If you are a leader of a guild that would like to share events and members for dungeons or WvW with CV, simply speak to one of us stating your guild name, tag, size and timezones so we can invite you into the guild to be tagged as an ally. But maximum two representatives per guild, please. Looking forward to having you with us!
CV's Weekly Schedule
This is our weekly schedule. Come join us for some guildie fun!

1100hrs GMT-4, 1500hrs GMT, 2300 SGT, (Sun) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Acceptance Ceremony (DR)
1130hrs GMT-4, 1530hrs GMT, 2330hrs SGT, (Sun) 0130hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Pre-Reset)
2045hrs GMT-4, (Sun) 0030hrs GMT, 0830hrs SGT, 1030hrs GMT +10 - Guild Missions (Post-Reset)

1100hrs GMT-4, 1500hrs GMT, 2300hrs SGT, (Mon) 0100hrs GMT +10 - Explore Tyria
1700hrs GMT-4, 2100hrs GMT, 0500hrs SGT, (Mon) 0700hrs GMT +10 - Tequati Encounter (Sparkfly)

2130hrs GMT-4, (Wed) 0130hrs GMT, 0930hrs SGT, 1130hrs GMT +10 - sPvP Round-Robin Tourney

2130hrs GMT-4, (Thu) 0130hrs GMT, 0930hrs SGT, 1130hrs GMT +10 - sPvP Round-Robin Tourney

2200hrs GMT-4, (Fri) 0200hrs GMT, 1000hrs SGT, 1200hrs GMT +10 - Roaming WvW

1000hrs GMT-4, 1400hrs GMT, 2200hrs SGT, (Sat) 0000hrs GMT +10  - Dungeons CoF p1, p2 or SE p1, p3
1500hrs GMT-4, 1900hrs GMT, (Sat) 0300hrs SGT, 0500hrs GMT +10 - Tequati Encounter (Sparkfly)
CV's choice of Server
CV is situated on the Henge of Denravi server. The webpage is at

We are also using HoD's TS3 server. Details are here.

CV's World Clock
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