A Guild Wars Guild

Established in 2004



and Respect

We have fought the fight. We have weathered the storm. We have not been swayed from our course. We have stood tall in the face of all opposition. We have held true to the Standard. We are the Charter Vanguard!

200+ members from all parts of the world!

Latest Blog Posts

Member/Officer Ceremony on the 19th of August

Come join us for a time to mingle with your fellow guildies and officers! Participate in a special member ceremony (if you haven’t already) We’ll also be anointing both ZagerusRead More >

18-20 Aug WvW and PvP

In the upcoming weeks, Anet be giving you more details on elite specializations, mounts, and the story you’ll experience as you explore the Crystal Desert. This week’s focus is onRead More >

Play For Free

SIGN UP AND PLAY FOR FREE. Get your friends to create an account, download the Guild Wars 2 streaming client, and begin their journey for free. CLICK HERE TO SIGNRead More >

New Discord Officer Up For Vote (Vanguards only)

A new officer is up for nomination to take up the responsibility of maintaining our Discord server (among other things) in CV. He is keen not only to promote interactionsRead More >