A Guild Wars Guild

Established in 2004



and Respect

We have fought the fight. We have weathered the storm. We have not been swayed from our course. We have stood tall in the face of all opposition. We have held true to the Standard. We are the Charter Vanguard!

200+ members from all parts of the world!

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T1 Fractals

Feel free to contact Nakaido.4517 ingame for any questions!


January: Guildhall Scavenger Hunt

High time for another contest! This time you get a scavenger hunt through the guildhall. Below you will receive the first clue. This clue will lead you to a locationRead More >

Contribute to the Renovation

If you haven’t yet noticed the changes around the hall, do take a quick trip down to see all the recent additions contributed by Mokuren and Julliant. Both who dedicatedRead More >