Zyr Tareniel has now his own published novel

Halftoe, a.k.a Daniel Gillis, one of the contributors of the Fire of the Covenant series, and creator of the beloved character Zyr Tareniel, has recently published the book featuring two of his characters; Zyr and Firah.

Originally the story made mention of Orr, Tyria and other familiar GW1 locations, but Half had to change them in order not to infringe on Anet copyrights. It’s pretty exciting nonetheless, especially for people who love the character and are familiar with the FotC – and for Sizz who lent his voice to the character in the video series.

Click here to view it in Amazon

CV Guild Emblem Contest

The Guild Emblem Contest is now also a CV contest! Post your entries before August 1, and possibly stand to win something fun from CV! You can go on then to send your entry to Anet, but why run for 1 competition when you can run for 2 competitions at once?! There would be 2x the chances to win something.

  • Just note that each person can submit up to 3 emblems, or variations of an emblem, no more than that.
  • The emblem should abide by guild standards of decency (ie. no naked people or butts please)
  • Post your designs in jpg, gif, or png, and other than requiring a minimum of 100x100px, max 900x900px
  • Your emblem can be of any form, shape and art style (even kindergarden-ish stick figure style)
  • The winner will be decided via popular vote – no bribing allowed.
  • To enter, simply make a post in this thread with the word “ENTRY – ” followed by the title of your emblem.
  • Commenting is allowed in this thread.

Below are several examples to give you inspiration. Remember that the emblem can literally look like anything, don’t limit yourself:

Cosplay Catcher

We all love cosplay, how much more cosplay on our favourite game?

Many thanks to Biggiez and Mokuren for providing and sourcing these screenshots.

CV Arena

We have a sparkly new private arena, thanks to the kind donations of the guild BP!

It’s titled “CV Arena”, and the password is in the Message of the Day. Enjoy!