CV Unlocks the LP Hall

New Ceremony Location

The Acceptance Ceremonies are held near the Upper Plaza Waypoint in the Guild Hall.
Just press “G” and click “Guild Hall”. If you don’t have the Upper Plaza Waypoint, head north, use the jump pad and head up a flight of stairs.


In Regards to HoT


In regards to the new functional purposes stemming from Heart of Thorns expansion,
the CV Council has got together and written down a new list of rules and plans for
the future to cater to the guild’s growing needs.

Click here to read all about it.

NOTE: All guildies, pending and full, should be apprised of what is in this thread. Thank you very much.

Charter Vanguard RolePlay


Love Tyrian Lore? Enjoy Story-telling? Have an Epic Tale to tell?

Running Three Times a Week
Join the Charter Vanguard Role-Play teams today!

Beginners are welcome. Coaching will be provided.

Start Time and Contact for each session below:
Mondays – 11:30am EST – Venia Tulip
(The members of CV rally on for amazing adventures!)
Fridays – 11:30am EST – Mokuren
(The tale of 4 people, unwittingly tied together as their stories unfold)
Saturdays – 10:00pm EST – Mellatine
(A band of travellers find their way together, and together they discover new places)

View the Individual RolePlay Sections Here

CV’s Superhero Pick

TONY STARK OF TYRIA has emerged as The Winner Of the Superhero Contest

Congrats Laz!

Here is his tale:

I’m not from around here, so I don’t expect you to follow much of this, but by the looks of it, you all know the gist of how things like this work out. Saving the world, blowing up the bad guys, and then all of a sudden Morgen Le Fay shows up in fishnets and a top-hat before tossing you into a portal. Apparently a portal to here.

So next thing I know I’m hip deep in some rat’s lab, programming JARVIS into a golem and talking to those way-gate gentlemen trying to remake the portal for me to get home. And… you know… save the world, like I do.

But you folks seem to know how to party, so while JARVIS works on the rodent, I’m here to rup shoulders with the heroes of THIS realm! Maybe yall can hop in like Thor does on his magical space bridge.

Zyr Tareniel has now his own published novel

Halftoe, a.k.a Daniel Gillis, one of the contributors of the Fire of the Covenant series, and creator of the beloved character Zyr Tareniel, has recently published the book featuring two of his characters; Zyr and Firah.

Originally the story made mention of Orr, Tyria and other familiar GW1 locations, but Half had to change them in order not to infringe on Anet copyrights. It’s pretty exciting nonetheless, especially for people who love the character and are familiar with the FotC – and for Sizz who lent his voice to the character in the video series.

Click here to view it in Amazon