A Guild Wars Guild

Established in 2004



and Respect

We have fought the fight. We have weathered the storm. We have not been swayed from our course. We have stood tall in the face of all opposition. We have held true to the Standard. We are the Charter Vanguard!

300+ members, a large portion from south east asia!

Latest Blog Posts

CV 19th Anniversary pictures

View http://cv.englishmist.com/?page_id=145 to see all the pictures taken at the party!

CV’s 19th Anniversary Party

Yes, it was on this day 19 years ago that CV was formed on a forum named Guild Wars O’gaming. Though it started out as a role playing guild, it’sRead More >

Another Event on Monday Nights

Bgsggk wants to run a PoF Bounty slot on Mondays. Here is the updated weekly schedule and the people in charge. Come join us for more fun!

New Events

We’re trying to set up more events down the road. This is our current schedule. Let us know if you’d be interested to join in any. All time listed isRead More >