CV Guild Emblem Contest

The Guild Emblem Contest is now also a CV contest! Post your entries before August 1, and possibly stand to win something fun from CV! You can go on then to send your entry to Anet, but why run for 1 competition when you can run for 2 competitions at once?! There would be 2x the chances to win something.

  • Just note that each person can submit up to 3 emblems, or variations of an emblem, no more than that.
  • The emblem should abide by guild standards of decency (ie. no naked people or butts please)
  • Post your designs in jpg, gif, or png, and other than requiring a minimum of 100x100px, max 900x900px
  • Your emblem can be of any form, shape and art style (even kindergarden-ish stick figure style)
  • The winner will be decided via popular vote – no bribing allowed.
  • To enter, simply make a post in this thread with the word “ENTRY – ” followed by the title of your emblem.
  • Commenting is allowed in this thread.

Below are several examples to give you inspiration. Remember that the emblem can literally look like anything, don’t limit yourself:

Cosplay Catcher

We all love cosplay, how much more cosplay on our favourite game?

Many thanks to Biggiez and Mokuren for providing and sourcing these screenshots.

CV Arena

We have a sparkly new private arena, thanks to the kind donations of the guild BP!

It’s titled “CV Arena”, and the password is in the Message of the Day. Enjoy!